Magma Film’s Abgezockt & Flachgelegt

Magma Film’s Abgezockt & Flachgelegt is an interesting video complete with three music videos with one being very catchy. Unfortunately, the sex scenes aren’t that memorable. If you want to see something different in the world of adult videos as in 80’s electropop music sequences, then this is definitely worth checking out.

Running Length: ~1 hour 37 minutes

Starring: Jasmine Gold, Ashley, Susa, Rita, and Cindy

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is good. In terms of audio, the sex sounds, vocals, and dialogue come in clear and crisp. This is a surprise, but there are German subtitles, which is unheard of for standard Magma Film releases.

The extras include several trailers and a nice slideshow accompanied by some catchy, yet kitschy song from one of the music sequences!

The blonde Victoria wakes up and freshens herself before going to work at the hospital. Once at the clinic, she strips down to her panties and then puts her ehem work clothes on.

Meanwhile, Belinda the medical assistant brings the patient into the x-ray for some fun. She gropes him and when he’s on the exam table, she starts to suck his dick. They move onto the ultrasound where she pretends to use the equipment on him before resuming the fellatio. The scene progresses into much more than foreplay with standard vaginal fucking until he jizzes on her tummy.

Then, a blonde Susan breaks into a singing session while she lightly plays with herself. However, the highlight of the scene is not the solo, but the entertaining 80s electropop music.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s grandmother just signed her last will and testament which states that Victoria will receive a hefty sum of the inheritance. She entrusts to her younger relative, but on the way to the courier, the guy has some fun with the maid. This is a pretty standard sex scene and it’s really not worth watching. Plus, the money shot looks like it was blown.

Now, Belinda and Victoria are back at the clinic. Belinda’s helping her friend out setting up the IV lines. Things get hot and heavy between the two and a decent sapphic session ensues.

Then, we get back to Susan who’s taken her hubby back. It doesn’t take long between the two to engage in some active foreplay for both sides. This leads to the decent sex, especially when she’s in the reverse cowgirl position where we get to see her perfectly shaped boobs move from each thrust. In the end, he pulls out and jizzes on her body.

The next scene has the doctor working late nights seeing a special patient named Paris Vanilla. She’s a MILF blonde who follows the doctor downstairs to his examination room. The scene breaks into a music video when he interviews her and is pretty entertaining. Other than that, it’s basically another standard sex scene starting with foreplay and onto the intercourse. In the end, he jizzes on her mouth.

The penultimate scene stars Victoria who gets accosted by a guy in her home. But, things settle down as she brings him into her room. Again, this is another decent scene and it ends with him cumming on her tummy.

The last scene is another music video themed one starring the Sushihat Dolls starring Viktoria, Belinda, and Paris Vanilla. I would have liked to see Susan, but ho well. It starts off R-rated, but it becomex X-rated when the ladies take turn on sucking cock with Belinda giving some good deepthroat. Then, the ladies take turns getting fucked hard, but Belinda gets most of the airtime. In the end, Paris Vanilla takes the cumshot to her face.

What can I say about Magma Film’s Abgezockt & Flachgelegt? Let’s just say it’s interesting because of the music videos, but the sex scenes aren’t memorable. Plus, there was poor cast list information. Because of these reasons, this DVD deserves is a RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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