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Say it ain’t so: Marilyn Chambers dead at age 56!

mc-copyLOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Porn icon Marilyn Chambers was found dead in her Los Angeles home Sunday night, but investigators do not suspect foul play, according to a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman.

Chambers began her career in 1970 as a model for Ivory Snow soap, and starred two years later in the porn classic “Behind the Green Door.” Continue reading

Gov. Sarah Palin: A HOT Potential VP in-the-running!

Governor Palin is one of the hottest politicians out there and in my opinion would definitely help McCain’s chances! No wonder she has one of the highest ratings as governor in ANY state! She brings GILF to a whole new meaning and level!

Why Apple iPhone 2 sucks. . .

Unless if you are a hermit, I am sure you have heard the media hype surrounding the iPhone 2. It’s a lot of hype for nothing. I have been a loyal Apple fan and have tracked the progress of Apple’s latest darling reading engadget and gizmodo. But, lately, I don’t think this phone is worth it even if you have a high disposable income to support the phone plan. It’s too bad that Apple, in the US, had to sell its soul to AT&T for the US exclusive because otherwise it would have been best to have made this an UNLOCKED phone thereby circumventing the jailbroken method! Then, I wouldn’t mind paying $$$ for it. As it stands, it’s just a novelty and there are plenty of good phones out there like the Nokia N95 and the Sony Ericsson SEX phone, which you can buy with the freedom to use on any GSM line. AND the optical keyboard stillĀ sucks!

If you have ever needed inspiration, then check this site out!

If you have ever needed inspiration to get through the long-haul for whatever task you have at hand . . . check out this flash-movie . . . it’s therapeautic!

“One extra degree makes all the difference!”

Penelope Cruz’s scandalous kiss with her sister . . . NOT!

The sisters star in their brother’s music video and it does appear that they are kissing each other, but that is NOT the case. Penelope Cruz kisses the other girl that you see somewhere at the beginning of the video.

So much has been reported incorrectly regarding this . . . just look for yourself and you’ll see that Penelope doesn’t kiss her sister. Enjoy!