Tom Byron’s Big Ass Fixation 4

BigAssFixation4FRTTom Byron’s Big Ass Fixation 4 is a decent movie, but it just doesn’t have the firepower to compete with other titles in the Big Ass genre like Elegant Angel’s award winning series Big Wet Asses. The only scene that shines is Ava Rose’s. However, taken as a whole, the DVD is pretty much forgettable.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 11 minutes

Starring: Ava Rose, Austin Taylor, Miss Lady, Leenuh Rae, Sara, and Lisa

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. The image quality is on par with current Tom Byron picture releases meaning that the composition and lighting is top notch. In terns of audio, sometimes the dialogue during the interviews is a bit drowned out, but this is not an issue for the sex sounds.

The extras include an average photo gallery, four trailers, and a ~29 minute BTS is at best average except for Ava’s moments. Specifically, the BTS cameraman chats Ava up while she shows off her curves!

Ava Rose, a former contract star of Adam & Eve, has now been a free agent for awhile. In that time span, she’s put on some seriously major curves, especially her ass. I’m not into big asses, but to each his own. After the tease session outside, the real action happens inside. The camera captures a nice POV style blowjob and she definitely has skills in the fluteplaying department. He returns the favor by sticking his face up her pussy from behind. Then, she continues with the enthusiastic head before she hops on his dick and rides away. The sex continues in the doggie position where he gets a nice rhythm going. After several more positions, he plasters her ass with loads of population pudding.

Next up is Austin Taylor, a curvacious blonde, who fits the stripper stereotype complete with tattoos. She shows off her white bubble butt for the camera before Tom interviews her from behind the camera. Soon, he becomes more active and puts his face between her ass cheeks and licks away. She returns the favor with a decent blowjob before he pounds her pussy. After several minutes, he pulls out from the doggie position and manages to cover her cheeks with jizz.

I’m not sure why Miss Lady was included because she doesn’t particularly have the requisite big ass. Also, she’s not that attractive and could probably pass as a tranny. Needless to say, this scene is skippable. For those who care, he cover her buttcheeks with jizz.

The penultimate scene stars Leenuh Rae teases the camera by showing off her assets. After the outdoor tease, Tom Byron interviews her indoors. For a young woman, she has a couple fat folds that are a turn off. The braces don’t help her either. Anyway, the scene begins with average head, which Tom Byron returns the favor with cunnilingus. This leads to the lukewarm intercourse that ends with jizz blast on her buttcheeks.

Last up is Sara and Lisa posing for the cameras showing off their asses covered by skin-tight denims. Anyway, they get down on their knees and expose their buxom tits while taking turns blowing him. Soon, they gives up their pussies for some good old fashioned fucking. Only Lisa takes it up the ass and Tom Byron loves every moment of poking her in the poop chute. Sara isn’t to be upstaged since she performs ass-to-other-girl’s-mouth. In the end, he jizzes all over Lisa’s ass!

In summary, Tom Byron’s Big Ass Fixation 4 is an attempt to copy the success of Elegant Angel’s Big Wet Asses series. Sadly, the quality of the scenes don’t match up with its rival. Most of the scenes were at best average except for Ava’s scene, which happens to be the best on the DVD. Because of this, the DVD is definitely a RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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