Jules Jordan’s Facial Demolition

facial_demolition-dvd-thumb-copyJules Jordan’s Facial Demolition is heavy on the bukkake action as the title implies. It’s ashame that Jules Jordan hasn’t released a second volume. As compared to the Feeding Frenzy series, this is slightly edgier. This DVD is more on the lines of Jonni Darkko’s Wet Food line, which is one of the best in the genre. Don’t miss out on Tiffany Mynx’s, Kaylynn’s, and Courtney’s scenes! This DVD is not to be missed!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 26 minutes (Disc 1:~1 hours and 58 minutes; Disc 2:~1 hour and 28 minutes)

Starring: Kaylynn, Tiffany Mynx, Veronica Lynn, Luci Thai, Julea London, Jasmine Byrne, Courtney Cumzz, Mya Luana, Mary Jane, and Nautica Thorn

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, some of the fleshtones had a red-orange hue to them, especially in Kaylynn’s, Julea’s, and Luci’s scenes. Also, it becomes apparent in Courtney’s scene when the light floods the camera giving the skin an orange tone. The audio is a different story since all the sex sounds including the spitting and gagging came in clear without distortion.

The extras include an entertaining ~34 minute BTS, cumshot recap, a photo gallery, cast list, biography, and six trailers. There’s a lot to like about the BTS, especially if you want to see the post-bukkake reactions that somehow destroy the fantasy, but it’s all in good fun! Needless to say, it’s definitely worth watching.

Kaylynn, the tall legged brunette, with a nice firm ass writes down “fuck my face” on a piece of later. Needless to say, this is blatant foreshadowing for things to come, literally! She’s been one of Jules Jordan’s favorites for several years and I don’t blame him. She’s wearing sexy clothes accentuating her tight buttcheeks. After the camera tease, she’s surrounded by four guys anxiously waiting for the blowbang to start. While she’s giving wet head, she uses her hands to pleasure the other cocks. There’s light choking involved throughout the scene. She gets into a more comfortable position from her knees to lying on her back. While the guys play with her fun bags, they start to face-fuck her. Although she may not have the skills of a Bobbi Bliss, she certainly knows her way around cock. Her mascara-smeared face gets covered with population pudding, especially when the last guy paints her face with a monster facial. Although she doesn’t open her cum-covered eyes like some nastier starlets occasionally do like Courtney Cumzz, it’s a great scene because she is enthusiastic throughout.

Next up is a living porn legend, Tiffany Mynx, performing a steamy blowbang session. She looks slutty as usual with her black fishnet top and matching bottom wear. The camera captures the tease session before she gets more comfortable and exposes her plump breasts for the five guys to grope. She’s the center of attention as the five cocks jockey for position to have the opportunity to penetrate her veteran mouth of hers. The guys disperse in the big living room so each guy can have alone time with Tiffany’s mouth built for deep-throating and mouth-fucking! After the one-on-one oral, they go back into the circle jerk formation. In between the sucking, she lets them titfuck her breasts. As a reward for her fellatio performance, they douse her face with loads of population pudding of bukkake proportions! This is yet another great and memorable scene from Tiffany Mynx!

Jules Jordan is known for his soft spot for Asians, especially Little Brown Fuck Machines from the Philippines. Veronica Lynn suits his fancy to a perfect T. She’s wearing a sexy two piece and poses seductively for the camera. Unlike the other two scenes that had upwards of five meat puppets, this one has two for her to work on. Although this isn’t a full-blown blowbang, Veronica Lynn puts her mouth to good use with giving great head. The best part is when she’s on her back and getting throatfucked. She tries going balls-deep on his cock, but her little throat of hers just cannot do it, but her attempt is greatly appreciated. In the end, she takes two creamy facials on her pretty Asian face of hers.

The director keeps up the Asian theme with the big breasted and DSL-equipped Luci Thai. She’s yet another starlet that Jules Jordan loves to shoot. The video starts with lingering shots of Luci’s see through top and matching underwear. For the time being she covers up her underwear with a form-fitting polka-dotted fabric. She walks in her high heels into the kitchen where she exposes her natural breasts. Soon, she gets down on the floor and sucks on two cocks. In this scene, she doesn’t look like she’s as enthusiastic as in other videos. In fact, it doesn’t look like she’s giving a 100% of her effort. Despite the lukewarm fellatio in this scene, at least her pretty face never fails to get the best out of her partners since they mess up her face with monster facials. She has no fear opening up her cum-soaked eyes for the camera while performing post-coital head! Needless to say, Luci Thai is a great finisher!

Julea London had the makings of being the next big star, but despite being in a couple high-end Jules Jordan productions, it never transpired. If I had to describe her, then she would be a cross between a Sierra Sinn and a Jasmine Byrne, who were both solid performers. One would think that her cameo a couple years back during a Jay Leno’s Jay-walking skit would have increased her popularity. Oh well! Anyway, she’s wearing a kinky suit akin to a school uniform complete with tie. The tease doesn’t develop in this scene because she goes straight to sucking two cocks. It’s too bad she never gained popularity because she had great deep throating skills as this scene proves. Also, they make good use of her mouth by throat-fucking it before they shoot two monster loads on her face that land in her nostrils and her eyes. Despite the barrage of jizz, she gathers the chutzpah to open her cum-soaked eyes for the camera!

Disc one ends with the DSL-equipped Latina Jasmine Byrne. At her peak, Jasmine was as popular or even more popular than a Jenna Haze. Like most starlets from 2004, she gained popularity and lots of exposure with then gonzo powerhouse, Red Light District. She’s done everything from gangbangs including DP and anal, so this three-man blowbang is a cinch for this pro! Jasmine Byrne is all made up wearing a white coat and pink garters that attached to her white stockings! Once she sits on the leopard printed bed, the guys cannot help to grope her. It doesn’t take long before they drop their pants so she can use her lips to good use. One of the guys briefly licks her pussy before the blowbang is in full session. She sucks cock with a certain tenacity and it definitely shows throughout the scene. The Latina firecracker even performs deep throat before being throatfucked as they line up on the bed waiting to receive great head from the sex phreak! They reward her with three monster facials that make it difficult for her to perform post-coital head since she cannot see. Well, that’s okay because the guys get closer to her face so she doesn’t have to apply too much effort!

The second disc starts with a bang thanks to Courtney Cumzz superhuman cocksucking efforts. The native West Virginian who has traveled the world wears a bright yellow jumpsuit that was made famous by Uma Thurman. In the scene, she has a toy fire chief helmet to match with her jumpsuit. Unbeknownst to her, they are going to put out the flames of her hotness with their stream of jizz! Anyway, it doesn’t take too long before she becomes the center of attention for the circle jerk. She goes to work on their hoses and has great technique throughout, especially if you like fellatio on the wet side. Courtney shows off her technique when the meat puppets line up in a queue for the personalized one-on-one fellatio before they resume the circle jerk blowbang session. The scorching scene ends with the five guys shooting their loads on her lovely face! She turns up the nasty factor when she opens up her eyes despite plenty of cum from the eye lashes. In the end, there’s a thick string of jizz that defies gravity for a second or two attached to her chin as she smiles for the camera!

For all you Asian lovers out there, Jules Jordan adds the oral services of another DSL-equipped Asian Mya Luana. She’s wearing a classy pink teddy and matching underwear. There’s a certain vibe she presents since she seems to be in control despite being throat-fucked and giving wet head. Unlike the other two other Asians on the DVD, she doesn’t have caked-on makeup. If you like Asian ladies with the natural look and natural curves giving good head, then this is the scene for you. Although she only has two cocks to suck, apparently she knows what buttons to push because she gets two very massive facials! Unfortunately, she doesn’t perform post-coital head nor does she open her cum-stained eyes! She’s one step below nasty unlike Courtney Cumzz who literally fits the description to a perfect T!

The penultimate scene stars Mexican-American Mary Jane. This hot little number packs a sexual punch that belies her innocent smiling eyes. Unlike the other scenes, Mary Jane delivers some cock-teasing dick hardening dirty talk to Jules Jordan as she poses seductively in her two-piece polka dot suit. This leads to the imminent fellatio, which she is expertly skilled in. She uses a lot of saliva as the trail of spit drips from her chin to her pierced A-cup breasts. Anyway, others may find her aural sounds over the top, but to me it isn’t distracting at all. After the throatfucking and bouts of deep throating, she receives two very stick popshots on her face including her eyes. This doesn’t stop her from giving post-coital head despite the visual impediments!

Last up is yet another Asian crowd pleaser, the big breasted Nautica Thorn. She’s in the masquerade mood since she’s wearing an eyemask, which makes her look like an adult version of the Catwoman. There’s a tinge of fetish domination with the inclusion of the whip. There’s good buildup of intensity throughout the tease, which ultimately leads to the fellatio. Unlike the other scenes, there’s actual intercourse dispersed throughout the scene. That’s a good thing because Nautica fellatio skills cannot match the skills of a Tiffany Mynx or a Courtney Cumzz. In the end, she receives three messy facials!

In summary, Jules Jordan assembled a great cast in this primarily blowbang/bukkake venture! There’s a good balance of women from different backgrounds like Asian, Latin, and White, which should please most viewers! Don’t miss out the smokin’ hot performances from Courtney Cumzz, Tiffany Mynx, and Kaylynn. This DVD deserves a solid Highly Recommended, but if you love Blowbang/Bukkake DVDs, then this DVD is instantly upgraded to an INSTANT CLASSIC, so what are you waiting for . . . Go out and buy it!

RATING: Highly recommended

For a detailed scene-by-scene breakdown, click HERE!

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