Daring Media’s Street Walkers (PAL)

321535Daring Media’s Macondo has made an exceptional gonzo video, Street Walkers. Not only is the hot and sweaty sex captured well, the ladies are attractive as well. Don’t miss out on Priva’s, Melissa Black’s, and Mahe’s scenes since they are explosive!

Starring: Priva, Melissa Black, Mahe, Megane, and Sarah

Running Length: ~2 hours and 8 minutes

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are accurate in all the scene except for Mahe’s where there’s a bluish tint to the entire scene. This may have been caused by visual filters. There are no pixelations are visual noise noticed. In terms of the audio, it comes in clear and crisp without any distortion. The audio is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian while the subtitles are available in Dutch, Greek, and Portuguese.

The extras include five trailers, a photogallery, and a decent ~8 minute BTS. There are candid moments with all the ladies, but mostly with Megane and Priva. Furthermore, the Frenchwoman, Megane, does an impromptu interview talking about herself.

Two guys are out whoremongering on the streets of Prague until they spot Priva on an isolated street. After negotiating the transaction, she goes back to their flat. Priva shows who’s boss when she pushes them into their flat and she takes off her jacket revealing her sexy top. Then she takes off her very short jeanskirt to reveal her tight and tanned ass. She gets down on her knees and locks her lip on cock while she uses her other hand to stroke the other guy. She alternates between the two cocks. After the foreplay, she takes a standing pussy penetration while getting throatfucked. After the acrobatic fucking, the sex takes place on much stabler ground where she takes a hard reverse cowgirl position. In the very same position, she takes the ass-stretching anal while the other guy forces his cock into her mouth. One of they guys gets slap happy and slaps that tight ass of hers. There’s no double penetration, but that’s okay because she does a stellar job. In the end, she takes two cumshot that glaze her really tight brown ass of hers.

The guys take their whoremongering online and order up the decent-looking blonde Melissa Black. The blonde arrives wearing fishnet stockings, a black skirt, a translucent black top showing off her pink bras. She performs a quick striptease resulting in her being in her birthday suit plus fishnet stockings. Soon, she gets throatfucked. After the foreplay, she hops on his cock in the reverse cowgirl position while she stuffs her mouth with cock! Melissa is a pro since she can still suck a mean cock while taking it hard in the pussy. Although there’s no double penetration, they fuck her ass hard. They take turns fucking her holes and she even performs ass-to-mouth! There’s a couple moments where the camera captures her gaping ass. By scene’s end, they are all sweaty from the sex. Things get acrobatic when she does a cheerleader maneuver with one leg in the air as she gets pummeled. Finally, she receives a facial and an anal creampie!

The three whoremongerers spot Mahe on the street and stop their truck. After negotiating, she agrees to hop inside the car. When they arrive at the flat, she strips down to her birthday suit. They don’t waste time fucking her from behind or getting pleasure from her dick-sucking-lips. They get her more comfortable when she’s on all fours on the bed as they thrust into her pussy and mouth. She’s a great fuck and the three take advantageous of this. After the thorough and hard vaginal fucking, she takes it up the ass. Even though she doesn’t become double penetrated nor does she become air tight, she is such an energetic that her intensity definitely makes what the scene what it is. Finally, she takes a couple of jizz loads on her ass cheek and one facial! This is a hot and sweaty scene that should provide plenty of enjoyment.

Two guys are on the prowl in their SUV and they spot the French tart, Megane, wandering the streets of Prague. The Keri Sable look-a-like wears a sexy red top and a black miniskirt. They negotiate the deal and the three head back to the flat to have some fun. Megane shows who’s boss with her extended strip tease session. She toys with their minds by gyrating her ass near their faces and only giving brief head before they have enough with the tease and fuck her brains out. Although she’s not as active in the fellatio aspect, she gives both her bottom holes to them, but not at the same time. Unlike the other ladies on the video, she performs double vaginal until both cum inside her! She’s not done yet because she licks the residual jizz that landed on the guy’s chest.

Sara coaxes the whoremonger into having another fling. He reluctantly agrees and the they venture back to his flat. Sara is an average blonde who gets fucked hard on the kitchen table and on the ground. She not only gives up her pussy, but she gives up her ass for some hard fucking. In the end, he cums inside her ass. I think this was the weakest scene out of all of them, but that’s not saying much because on the whole this video contains high octane sex!

In summary, Macondo’s Street Walkers is an exceptional DVD complete with a great-looking cast performing in great sex scenes. In fact, four out of the five scenes are excellent with only the last scene being above average. Priva, Melissa Black, and Mahe deserve extra kudos for their performances. This DVD deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly Recommended

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