321525Antonio Adamo of Daring Media Group tries his hands in suspense porno by ripping off elements of CSI and Hostel. CSI:X 1 an extremely watchable video not only because of the good sex scenes, but because the story is engaging. Some of the dubbed dialogue is just gibberish, but most of it is central to the plot. As for the sex scenes, don’t miss out on Renata Black’s or Caty Cambell’s scenes.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 38 minutes

Starring: Viva Style, Renata Black, Alona, Caty Cambell, Jennifer Love, Cayenne Klein, Juliette Shyn, Josette Most, and Asha Bliss

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the image is soft as Antonio Adamo likes to use filters giving his productions a polished look. There were no pixellation problems or other issues encountered. As far as the audio is concerned, the sex sounds, the dubbed dialogue, and music came in clear without any distortion. Furthermore, the audio is available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian while the subtitles are available in Dutch, Portuguese, and Greek.

The extras include six trailers, a competent photo gallery, and an average ~1 hour and 4 minute BTS. The BTS is not really interesting since it looks like most of it is filler material and there aren’t really any formal interviews with the stars. I did like the brief moments with Alona and Renata Black though. Maybe if the BTS had some sort of direction and order, it would have been better but it’s not memorable at all.

Renata Black, the silky brunette from Kendo’s Twisted Minds, small talks Alona, who looks like a better version of Sarah Shine. The ladies have a grand time at the bar drinking cocktails. They exit the bar and they go somewhere private to know each other intimately. The two share romantic kisses each other before the scene turns into a full-blown sapphic love-making session. Alona goes down on Renata with intensity and it definitely doesn’t look mechanical. Soon, a guy interrupts them transforming the scene to a threesome. The ladies kiss one another until they take turns blowing him. Alona hides the salami in her bare pussy as she rides him in the reverse cowgirl and doggie positions. That’s just the warm up for him since he fucks the other lady, Renata, in the pussy and in her tight ass. She has no trouble taking him balls deep in her ass in the reverse cowgirl position. Alona takes the backseat with a support role performing ATOGM. In the end, Alona receives a facial, which she shares with Renata.

The blonde Viva Style plays an interrogator in the CSI-X unit. She’s disgusted about the way the murder suspect treats women. After she and her partner get a confession out of him, her partner tells her that not all men treat women like that. Those words are apparently turn her on and soon she has her thighs wide open for the impending cunnilingus. He’s not really into it and it looks like another day at the office for him. Meanwhile, the CSI:X head watches the sex from the other room. He cannot watch any longer and decides to join them making it a threesome. Viva is all too willing to lend her mouth for his cock. She does a good job concentrating on sucking dick while she gets fucked in her pussy and then subsequently in her ass. Although she doesn’t take the double penetration, she gets railed in the ass thoroughly. In the end, she takes a facial and a dispersed cumshot that lands on her chest and her pussy.

The investigative team travels to Slovakia where they will collaborate with the Slovak authorities. The plot further unfurls and it takes the Hostel plot to a whole new level with the wealthy bidding on unsuspecting tourists. Unfortunately for the three American co-eds traveling in Slovakia, they become the next target.

One of the Americans, Cayenne Klein, gets abducted and awakes only to find her restrained to a chair in a dark and dusky room where she gets seduced by the criminal. He works his way down to her pussy and dines away before she returns the favor. This leads to the thorough and hard vaginal sex until he unleashes a load on her pussy and buttcheeks.

The Gil Grissom character is busy analyzing a sample under the microscope when he is questioned by Sara Sidle(Josette Most) why he doesn’t fancy her. Josette Most is a brunette who looks very attractive with her conservative hairdo. Anwyay, he makes up an excuse and decides to give her his full attention and then some. Soon, she drops down and sucks his cock. After the foreplay, he fucks her pussy in several positions including reverse cowgirl. Finally, he jerks off onto her pretty face.

Juliette Shyn meets the mysterious Renata Black, who invited the Americans to Slovakia. At first, it looks like Renata would not show up at the pool, but she sneaks up from behind her. Juliette is smitten by the surprise and after kissing, she goes down on Renata. The sapphic lovemaking session continues with the appearance of a dildo when they fuck each other with it until they exhausted.

The remaining American gets abducted and finds herself gagged and bound by Asha Bliss. Meanwhile, Cayenne Klein finds herself in a sticky situation suspended upside down as what happened in one of the Hostel volumes. As for Juliette Shyn, she’s Renata’s project since she’s let off the hook now oblivious as to Renata and her sick colleague’s history.

Meanwhile, Caty Combell calls the CSI:X team that she’s found where the American co-eds are, but unfortunately for her call goes straight to voicemail. Instead of waiting for backup, Caty goes at it alone and she gets captured by henchmen where she meets the mastermind behind the whole criminal operation. Before they do away with her, he has his henchmen have some fun with her. Caty Combell is a stunning blonde who gives up her holes even taking a double penetration before taking two facials complete with post-coital head!

In the end, the CSI:X team gets a voicemail alert from Caty Cambell. To be continued!

In summary, CSI-X 1 borrows heavily from mainstream entertainment like Hostel and CSI. Although it’s clearly a rip-off from these, the video is entertaining to watch. The plot needs a little tightening up for more clarity. The sex is varied with some scenes being vaginal-only, but there’s a fair share of anal and double penetration. Renata’s scenes as well as Caty’s scene were standouts in this video. This DVD deserves a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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