Private Movies 37: Porn In the City

New director Macondo delivers a hardcore charged version of “Sex in the City” in the city of lovers, Paris, starring the hottest ladies from Europe!

Starring: Diana Gold, Lucy Lee, Anetta Keys, Seline, and Vanessa May

Running Length: ~1 hour 52 minutes

The movie is presented in anamorphic widescreen with the video encoded in MPEG-2 at around 5-6 Mbps and the audio encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192kbps. The scene are well-lit and there’s no drowning out or color saturation. However, the sound is muffled because of echoing effects especially during Diana Gold’s scene.

Included in the special features are interviews with the talent. The interview format for the combined Lucy Lee and Vanessa May is very distracting as it tries to be stylish with the two stars constrained in rectangular borders separately. The next interview has the lovely Angel Dark not looking so lovely without the makeup, but at least she gives an entertaining, especially when we find out that she’s a speed demon! The last interview is with Diana Gold, but there’s nothing to learn from it. The 4 BTS shows the antics of the production crew. For example the boom mic operator is having a little too much fun with the mic using it to grope one of the gals! Other than that, it’s the standard features like cast profile and trailers.

“Porn in the City” starts with Lucy shopping through the Parisian streets like the Champs D’Elysee before meeting her gal pals to dish out their sexual fantasies and experiences just like in HBO’s “Sex in the City.”

In total there are five scenes, which range from girl/girl, threesomes, and one-on-action. Diana starts the movie off retelling her fantasy encounter being ravished by two motorcyclists after talking to her mom on the phone while driving her SUV out to an abandoned warehouse. The scene to me was formulaic and it just doesn’t look like Diana was into the scene. Although, she does the requisite nasty dp before she receives their loads on her ass on her face!

Despite the lukewarm first scene, Lucy Lee turns up the notch with her scorching scene where she plays a sexy lawyer who is about to close a property deal with a reputed crime boss. Lucy Lee is all business with the boss, but the boss wants an extra assurance that he can trust her. This leads to a very steamy and intense blowjob session before the full-on hard anal, which ends with a nice facial finish!

The next scene stars the lovely Anetta Keys who has one of the world’s greatest tanned bodies and it doesn’t matter if she has an annoying tattoo on her back because she’s that hot! The occasional meat-eater turns vegetarian in this scene where she serves up a great lesbian scene with Angel Dark after wondering down some stairs into a ‘research facility’. Angel Dark really makes the scene worth since she actually looks like she’s enjoying the scene and getting off from it.

Before the ladies part ways from the bar, Seline, a Judith Fox clone, is complaining about her lack of a love life and she confesses to her girlfriends that she had a kinky fantasy where she’s fucked by two men. There’s a good deal of action, but it didn’t give the same sort of satisfaction as Lucy Lee’s.

Soon, Lucy Lee is walking to meet her gangster boyfriend from scene two before the secret police kidnap her and interrogate her at the jail cell. The male detective tries to break her down with threats, but she doesn’t budge. Vanessa May uses her female touch with Lucy by putting latex gloves before fingering Lucy’s pussy. Lucy’s outraged by the abuse of power, but it doesn’t get any better as the detective jerks off until he shoves his dick into Lucy’s sexy mouth. Vanessa May joins into the fray and soon the women are taking turns sucking and getting fucked in the ass before he dumps his load on them! It’s a hot scene with great chemistry among the three and it’s another scorching Vanessa May performance.

In summary, the DVD has its moments, but it doesn’t compete with other features from Private. I found that there was something lacking in Diana Gold’s and Seline’s scenes. I expected more from a spoof on “Sex and the City” as it just doesn’t have the same qualities as the mainstream original.


Exclusive Interview: August!

august-s.jpgThe SoCal gal with the perfect combination of German and Mexican genes has been an outstanding fixture in the adult film industry for almost seven years performing hot scenes like her recent scorcher in Jules Jordan’s Ass Worship X! Given that the average career in porn is less than a year, it’s amazing that she has lasted this long without suffering from burnout? What’s her secret . . . find out in my exclusive interview with August!

Prior to her entry into porn, August worked in an optician’s office where she toiled throughout the day earning meager wages. Waking up early and beating the morning traffic took a toll on her and even though she was getting by, she wondered if there was something more to life.

One day, she answered an advertisement requesting for lingerie models. But, after taking test shoots, the agent told her the nitty-gritty details of the job announcement . . . it was actually for hardcore. She took the plunge and the rest is history!

However, getting into porn and making an impact is not as easy as it seems as August admits she was ripped off at the beginning of her career like most fledgling starlets, but it’s a rite of passage. She learned from this mistake and has successfully navigated the treacherous porn environment from avoiding ‘snakes in the grass’, the ‘wrong crowd’, substance abusers, and others who like to dictate or control. Unlike talent who become pigeonholed into a ‘porn’ niche like a 10-man gangbang or dual anal, she likes to do a variety of work so she isn’t termed as being a ‘nasty girl.’ Also, she has avoided the gossip mill as she believes it’s better to ‘keep your mouth shut’ and let your performances do the talking.

As August had commented, you need to have a sturdy and strong mind to survive in the industry in order to set your own standards of comfortability, which aren’t dictated by industry’s demands. Her secret to her continued presence in the industry is taking breaks in between. August comments when she’s on vacation, she finds out that studios always inquire when she’ll be free for the next shoot. By taking breaks, she maintains her popularity among studios and decreases the possibility that a studio will tire of her. The final effect is that she has a steady stream of work since she prevents overexposure of her image as well as keeping her talent fee at a constant average level unlike the more recent talents that charge exorbitant fees.

When asked about the companies and directors she likes to work with, it’s without a doubt Jules Jordan. Although she likes doing gonzo movies because she mentions that ‘you are in and out in a couple of hours’ as opposed to features where most of the time ‘you are waiting on the set and having to deal with delays’. This is not to mean that she doesn’t like to do features because she admits that acting has the intrinsic value of being fulfilling. She prefers working for well established companies and directors that know what they are doing instead of ‘upstarts’ that don’t have a wealth of experience, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that she would turn down such an opportunity as she has worked with HushHush Entertainment and Gina Lynn Productions.

You may wonder that with all her popularity among fans and studios . . . why hasn’t she landed an exclusive contract with an A-list studio? She answers quite frankly that although she has been approached by companies, she has an issue with authority as she prefers to have some level of control of her everyday activities. Although, she sees the generalized advantages of having a contract such as having a set schedule and having high fees for feature dancing, there are disadvantages of always being watched by your ‘handlers’ and having to do frenetic store signings as stated in a contract. For, she’s not ready to make concessions. However, the only company that she would ever consider being an exclusive contract star is with Wicked Pictures.

In the years she has been in the industry, there have been a couple of key changes she has observed . . . one being High-Definition and the other is the health of talent. For the last two years, High-Definition has been hyped up as being the future of porn! But, many a pornstar have voiced their opinion against high-def, especially in gonzo. August acknowleges that HD is ‘ok when it comes to features,’ but shouldn’t be used for gonzo films as it ‘takes away from the perfect fantasy’ since it shows the flaws of women whether it’s wrinkles or cellulite. The industry has also made strides in protecting the health of talent. August recalls that when she first entered the industry, HIV tests [ELISA and Western Blot] were the only mandatory tests. Since then, tests for other STDs like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea have been included. She admits that it would be better if the STD testing would be expanded to include testing for HSV-1, HSV-2, and HPV, but she doesn’t see this happening in the near future like she doesn’t see a union for pornstars happening in the near future although she would be in favor of one.

When asked whether porn has gone mainstream, she responded with an emphatic ‘YES’! She proves her point by discussing how soft-core porn has infiltrated HBO and Cinemax slots. August strongly points out that ‘porn whether you like it or not is in your face everyday.’ Although porn has made strides in mainstream, August would prefer making more strides.

Although August is in the business of making fantasies, it’s just an illusion. With that in mind, she has admitted she has days when she has experienced unwanted attention, which she candidly recalls a recent Best Buy encounter. At the store, there was a man staring at her . . . who probably knew she was ‘August’ even though she was in normal clothes without any makeup. The scenario escalated when he was waiting for her at the parking lot, but luckily it didn’t go any further. It’s this kind of attention that freaks out talent in the industry, but it goes with the territory as it is true with mainstream Hollywood celebrities.

Since August is in her mid 20s, it’s around that time where she has to put her life in perspective. She’s content at the progress and success she has made in porn and acknowledges that retirement is ‘creeping up’. Although this may happen at some point in the near future, she has several back-up plans available to her like returning to the optical field, or becoming a make-up artist, or feature dancing. She admits that she cannot imagine being in any other industry other than porn because it’s fulfilling that she’s able to ‘fill a void in someone’s life’ whether it’s a lonely single person or whether it’s a couple that needs to rekindle the fire again!


FAVORITE MOVIE: There’s too many to choose from! I’ve done over 400 films!

FAVORITE MAINSTREAM MOVIE: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

FAVORITE CITY: Los Angeles, duh!


WILDEST PLACE(S) YOU HAD SEX: 1)In a movie theater when I was 16, I had full-on sex! 2)It just happened recently in a car, hehe!

Annette is Slutwoman!

The Mason-directed movie should leave haters converting into lovers of her work. Known for her extreme edginess and willing to push her talent’s sexuality, she’s a controversial director in the world of porn. It may seem ironic in itself that in Slutwoman, Mason has managed to keep her hard edge, but at the same softening up. You may wonder how she’s able to do this? In between the edgy scene, Mason stylizes Annette Schwarz’s interview like one of those “Real World” MTV confessions, but without the crass superficiality attached to it. Specifically, we get to see Annette’s ‘Geist’ or in English soul or spirit. She may be one slutty girl, but there’s more to it to this Rheinisches Mädchen!

Starring: Annette Schwarz and Sandra Romain

Running Length: ~3 hours 38 minutes

The movie is encoded in MPEG-2 running at a respectable 3.5-4.0 Mbps with the audio encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 in the standard 192 Kbps. There are no instances where the audio is either too loud or too faint and there is no background noise during the important interview segments. The visual aspect is top notch with good lighting in the scenes providing us with a clear picture of the action at hand.

For the extras, there is an 8+ minute behind-the-scenes where we get to see Annette and we gain more of her perspectives and believes. There’s a great moment when Mason, right before the Sandra and Annette scene, where she tells her star if the scene gets too rough just let her know. In the background, Sandra Romain has a smug expression and you can tell that Sandra is going to test the great Annette on how nasty and depraved can she be!

Without going into a 2,000 word essay describing all the sexual acts and how it ends, I’ll give a brief, but succinct description. Mason bucks the trend of making cookie-cutter type scenes in favor of very heated and intense scenes that may be too much for even hardcore fans. There’s a total of five scenes with one scene having a two-part blowbang, which is very intense.

The movie starts and ends with scenes of submission and domination. The first scene has Annette dressed up as sex slave waiting for her owner. He’s just returned to his LA home and finds her begging for his attention like a dog to his master. He has her perform all sexual acts before he gives her his milk, which he thoughtfully deposits in her dog pan. The last scene has one of the sluttiest women around, Sandra Romain, trying to break Annette down sexually as well as verbally. This is a heated lesbian scene, which may be too extreme for viewers as it contains spitting into the eye and goes as far as pseudo fisting with 4 out of the 5 digits in at the same time!

If you haven’t known by now, Annette Schwarz, had been a household name in Germany with her performances from the very hardcore München production house, John Thompson GGG Films, where she first exhibited her skill at deepthroating several inches of live ‘bratwurst’ without so much resistance and taking it up the arse before getting doused with ounces of cum! So, I haven’t seen any American productions that come close to her german bukkake scenes until the two-part blowbang in ‘Slutwoman’. For Annette, it looks like a cakewalk deepthroating dicks and the best thing is she doesn’t discriminate by race as she gives great head and deepthroat to all spectrums of color. Furthermore, there is some great humor contained in the intense blowbang when Mason asks how their dicks taste . . . at one point she says salty and when she blows the Asian guy, Annette tells Mason he tastes like Asian and then Mason quips by saying it probably is ‘spicy’! At the end of both parts, she gets her fair share of cum, but she literally receives a cum dousing, which would make John Thompson even proud. For shock value, Annette walks out of the warehouse and onto one of the streets in Canoga Park while the cum becomes to liquefy and drip down her face!

The other two scenes fall into the norm of gonzo porn. One scene’s scenario is a blind date fuck where she fucks a guy and his friend. The two brothas fuck her hard and by scene’s end, even a sex dynamo like Annette is tired by the wild sex. The other scene has her fucking in a deserted loft and it’s a great scene ending in a well-placed facial!

In summary, the lady from a small village next to the Rhein has done some good in her profession. Furthermore, Mason balances her edginess with the interview scenes that give the viewer time to recover for the next mindblowing scene. For Annette, porn is an outlet for her ‘Angst’ and ‘Sex-Traume’. In addition, people may treat pornstars as what they are, but at least we get to see that Annette is just like any other girl discussing how relationships usually progress . . . from fucking like bunnies everyday to fucking once a week. You just don’t get to see the ‘human’ side of porn, especially when it feels real instead of something artificial. Don’t be fooled by the glamourous box cover because this DVD is ALL hardcore and then some! This is definitely not a couples movie, so you should definitely steer away from it. But, if you are a hardcore porn viewer, then this will satisfy you! Dank Gott für Annette!


Interview with the Director: Jazmin Jones


The Brits are coming, the Brits are coming!

Although the UK is known for influencing fashion to music from Burberry to Blur, Jazmin Media has picked up where Steve Perry left off in rejuvenating the UK adult film industry bringing her own sense of style, which has been influenced by over 15 years working in mainstream film and TV. With already three films under the company’s belt, Jazmin Jones & Marcus Lawson’s films have created a slick and polished style combined with contemporary erotic music without diluting its hardcore soul.

Unlike Steve Perry‘s UK gonzo-style, Jazmin is redefining the ‘erotic experience’ in a largely male-dominated industry by emphasizing style and substance through the use of top-tier European models in hardcore vignette storylines. Jazmin Media was initially established as a ‘creative challenge’ and neither of them envisaged it becoming the successful company it has become.

With the company’s alliance with Ninn Worx_SR, it has successfully brought this new style of UK erotica to the other side of the pond. Get ready for the second wave of the Brit Invasion into adult films!

Click here!

Interview with the Director: Robby D.


One of the busiest people in the business juggling all hats from director to lead cameraman, Robby D., has risen through the ranks of gonzo minion to a prime-time player in the world of porn.

His entry into porn demonstrates how persistence and a bit of luck pays off. Like most pornophiles, he was a really big fan of the early gonzo serials like John Stagliano’s “Buttman” and Seymour Butt’s movies that combined good sex with humor. At 24 years old, Robby D., worked in construction living much of a subsistent life and spending most of his income at the brick and mortar porn store. At that time, most of the porn was quite boring too Robby D. and thought he could make a better porn.

His chance finally came when a family friend gave him a business contact in the adult industry, which started the whole chain of events. But, how was an average worker going to sound ‘legit’? After paying for a post office box in Long Beach, California, he had the courage to call the company. The phone conversation went well, but in closing the interviewer asked him the $10,000 question, what was favorite porn series, which he replied with the Venom series. Apparently, this was Robby D.’s lucky break since the man on the line was intimately connected with the series.

However, things would not be so easy as he soon found out with all the logistical nightmares from booking talent and to shooting photographs. After wrapping up his first production in which he performed and directed, he forgot to take photographs for the boxcover, which proved to be a major oversight! Needless to say, Robby D., learned from his mistake!

Throughout the years, Robby D. perfected his style and finally showed his creative juices in 1998 with the new line “Action Sports Sex.” Although working for Vivid and Vivid Raw was very stressful and hectic, he appreciated the on-the-job of experience, which honed his work. Soon, he would be at the helm of one of Vivid Raw’s other series, ‘Watcher.’ Soon, his work caught the attention of other companies like Digital Playground.

At Digital Playground, Robby D. showed and continues to show his versatility juggling duties as principal camera man for DP’s features as well as headlining the company’s journey into gonzo-land. He was given the opportunity to direct a production in his own style of humor and hardcore sex as he was given control of ‘Jack’s Playground’ and its many spin-offs. Furthermore, his help with the camerwork for ‘Pirates’ netted the company several industry accolades. Because of his success, Robby D. was given an opportunity to create his production company, Handheld Pictures, which provided another creative outlet for Robby D. aside from his responsibilities with Digital Playground.

Robby D. is tuned in with porn consumer’s views and even acknowledges that some consumers have given him pointers to improve upon. This is proven by the fact that he’s active on popular industry boards. It’s good to see that all this success has not inflated his ego as he is a down-to-earth director who is an extremely hard worker.

Recently, he has experimented with different styles in his work like in his series ‘Control’, which is often misinterpreted. ‘Control’ was meant to be a series with no formula and no roles . . . the porn’s equivalent to Seinfeld. Specifically, ‘Control’ was about having control of a television . . . surfing through channels . . . and it wasn’t supposed to be about fetish and domination at all.

When asked about his favorite pornstar he likes to film . . . it is without a doubt Shay Jordan. He’s impressed about her natural look as well as how she’s actually enjoying the scenes even at one point having six orgasms! Other talent that he loves to film include Rebeca Linares, Sammy Cruz, Brianna Love, Whitney Stevens, to name a few.

Although Robby D. has too many favorite scenes, he mentioned that Sammy Cruz’s scene in ‘Ass Addiction 2’ was very memorable. He admits that the entire idea, which is the adult version of the folk-tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood,’ came from his perverted mind. Robby D. is not afraid to push the barrier and it’s shown in his videos for Handheld Pictures.

His recent series, ‘Babysitters’ has garnered critical praise among reviews on different sites. But, arguably his upcoming series based on the ‘Invisible Man’ will no doubt push the limits on porn since the whole premise of the serie is what a person could do if they were invisible.

Like most porn films currently, his films are shot in HD, but downgraded for optimal standard definition. He does not worry with the tech jargon as he lets Joone, DP’s founder, decide on that. For Robby D., it’s all about shooting the hottest gonzo porn with the sexiest ladies in the business!

Aside from talent being late to the shoot or giving diva-like tantrums, there really is nothing that turns off Robby D. He is extremely grateful for the experience he has gained from his days at working at other companies, which ultimately landed him where he is today with Digital Playground.

The former 24-year-old construction worker has come a long way from being a ‘fan’ to becoming one of the top directors in porn. All this success hasn’t made him laxed, but rather he has always something to prove and something to improve upon . . . a pornographer’s work is never done!

FAVORITE DIRECTORS: Tony and Ridley Scott

FAVORITE MOVIES: Blade Runner and Braveheart


 written by: kobiata

Debbie Does Dallas . . . Again! Review (Blu-ray)


The Paul Thomas directed feature is the first North American adult film released on Blu-ray. Vivid as they did with the regular DVD format several years ago takes the plunge on this cutting-edge technology. After several weeks of delays, DDDA was finally released.  Continue reading