Elegant Angel’s Hard Bodies

Hard Bodies is a Sam No directed video for Elegant Angel. Read on to find out if this sporty-themed video is worth buying!

Running Length: ~2 hours 32 minutes

Starring: Asa Akira, Lexi Swallow, Kristina Rose, Nicole Aniston, and Dana DeArmond

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-6 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the lighting and composition is top notch as with most premium Elegant Angel titles directed by Sam No and William H. In terms of audio quality, the sex sounds, brief spoken dialogue, and music come in clear without distortion.

The extras include a decent 14 min BTS, cumshot recap, photo gallery, and trailers.

First up is the current A-list pornstar, Asa Akira, who’s tearing up the adult industry after flying low under the radar for a couple of years. She’s running across the urban sprawl of what is Los Angeles wearing skimpy running gear. Finally, she stops her exercise when she pulls into an abandoned warehouse and sprays herself with liquid. Soon, she wastes no time getting into her birthday suit all the while gyrating and teasing the camera! She’s paired up with the intense-looking Nacho Vidal. It shouldn’t be any surprise there will be some choking and some rough sex ahead, but nothing close to Evil Angel level. Anyway, he starts things off with rug-licking before he gets orally serviced by the Asian cutie. This leads to the hot and sweaty sex in multiple positions. She gets fucked in the standing position while she holds onto to a warehouse pole. But, the best portion is when she’s on top and shakes her rump up and down the lucky dude’s meat stick. After all the sucking and fucking, he pulls out from the missionary position and sprays his population pudding on her face and chin. It’s somewhat of a misfire because most of the jizz lands on her neck and chin, but Nacho is ever the gentleman and scoops the jizz into her mouth for her to swallow. The scene ends with Nacho kissing Asa Akira’s recently jizz-covered mouth.

Next up is the blonde Lexi Swallow who has the 1980s exercise outfit down to a “T” with the silver swimsuit, pink leggings, and hoop bracelets. After the decent outdoor tease, she goes indoors where she shows off her assets while doing light weightlifting. Finally, her meat puppet enters the scene and he wastes no time eating her out. She returns the favor with enthusiastic and wet head. Then, the sex starts and continues in several different positions. The sex doesn’t seem as steamy as Akira’s scene. Anyway, Lexi finishes it strong by taking an open-mouthed facial before swallowing.

The intensity returns to a higher level with Kristina Rose. Before all the sex, we get to see a nicely done tease starting out with only seeing her silhouette gyrating. Finally, we get to see her in a translucent on her tight clothing while she’s lifting some 2lb weights. She pours some liquid on her clothing and we get to see her naughty bits through the fabric. Finally, she strips down all the way. Nacho Vidal wastes no time eating her out and using his fingers to get her bottom holes moist and dilated for imminent fucking. It doesn’t take too long before he’s fucking her ass like there’s no tomorrow. Kristina handles the rough sex without hassle. For a very brief moment, she performs ass-to-mouth. There’s about 95% anal and 5% vaginal sex in this scene. Nacho ups the kinky sex by not only choking her partner, but making her partner suck her own toes while he fucks her ass in the missionary position. After the acrobatic anal sex, he dumps his load on her chest and pretty face.

The penultimate scene stars the front box cover model Nicole Aniston. She’s a blonde with piercing eyes wearing a blue monokini. Nicole definitely fits into the Playboy-type mold. She performs squat thrusts and other sporty maneuvers before she strips down to her birthday suit. We get to see her sweaty body going through the motions of weight lifting and doing more squats. The scene switches indoors where the hardcore action starts. She’s paired up with Erik Everhard. After the kissing and decent foreplay, her pussy gets hammered in multiple positions. It’s not as exciting as Asa’s, but it’s more intense than Lexi Swallow’s scene. However, unlike Lexi’s cum-swallowing finale, Nicole isn’t as adventurous since she doesn’t swallow the jizz.

Finally, Dana DeArmond finishes the video getting hammered in her ass. Before that happens though, we get shots of her decent body while she uses the gym equipment such as the elliptical. Although her looks may have deteriorated a bit, she still proves to be a great performer as this scene suggests. Anyway, we get to see her birthday suit covered in oil spray droplets. Her French partner enters the scene and after kissing things soon turn up x-rated with the cunnilingus and fellatio. This leads to the hard fucking, primarily of the anal type. Dana DeArmond takes the anal like a champ. In the end, she takes a very messy facial and she is all too willing to provide some exceptional post-coital head!

In summary, Elegant Angel’s Hard Bodies is a solid release with two exceptional scenes from Asa Akira and Kristina Rose. While I wasn’t too enthralled by the kinky portions of the scenes such as the choking, the brunt of these scenes were just too good to pass up. The two scenes that could have been better were Lexi’s and Nicole’s while Dana’s scene was good, but not great. In the end, this DVD deserves a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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