Elegant Angel’s Anal Workout (Blu-ray)

Anal Workout is an all-anal POV extravaganza! See if the video is worth the upgrade to Blu-ray!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 58 minutes

Starring: Asa Akira, Liza del Sierra, Jada Stevens, Holly Michaels, and Gia Dimarco

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in VC-1 at 10-11 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital at 256 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is top-notch and it rivals Elegant Angel films directed by Mason or William H. It’s surprising since this video was directed by Grazer. In terms of audio, the spoken dialogue, sex sounds, and music come in clear and crisp without distortion.

The extras include a good ~34 minute BTS, a cumshot recap, photo gallery, and trailers. The BTS is definitely worth watching, especially for the Asa and Jada interviews.

First up is super-hot A-lister Asa Akira. The red-hot asian keeps her legs and ass limber by performing exercises like the squat thrust. There’s good techno-music to accompany the exercise tease sequence. After the entertaining outdoor sequence, the scene switches indoors where a good majority of the scene is shot in extreme POV! Before the anal fucking occurs, Asa performs some booty rumpin’ action! Who says Asian ladies don’t have great asses! This leads to her playing with her ass until the very lucky guy enters the scene! Asa gives up all her orifices for the thorough one-on-one session! Needless to say Asa gets pushed to the limit! However, I didn’t care for the rough sex including Asa choking herself and when the guy slapped her face. The anal sex is captured really well and the lucky guy literally goes balls deep inside of her. At one point, a sex toy enters the scene and she uses it to simulate a double penetration. In between the sex, she performs great fellatio! In the end, he fucks her pussy in the missionary position until he dumps his load on her pubes, chest, and mouth! This scene sets the standard for the rest of the Blu-ray!

Next up is Liza del Sierra. The Euro-brunette just doesn’t do it for me . . . perhaps its her big eyes. Anyway, she teases the camera by doing some stretches. However, the tease sequence isn’t as good as Asa’s. Afterwards, she stretches out her asshole with a sex toy before her meat puppet enters the scene. Liza sure knows how to suck cock as the foreplay sequence suggests. It doesn’t look like there’s any vaginal fucking because he goes straight to fucking her asshole in multiple positions. In between the anal sex, she performs ass-to-mouth. After all the thorough anal sex, he dumps his population pudding into her warm mouth.

Jada Stevens brings back the sexual intensity in the third scene. She’s wearing tight yellow shirts to match her tight blue shirt. Jada plays some basketball and we get to see her in all her glory as she moves around the court. Her perky tits and ass curves covered by the thin clothes are more apparent as the tease sequence continues. The scene switches to indoors where she takes off her shorts to reveal a buttplug! After gyrating her hips and ass for the camera she gets down to business of sucking cock! Wow, Jada Stevens is a blow-hard, literally speaking! She definitely deserves to be in a blowjob-only flick such as Suck It Dry with her wet fellatio skills. The foreplay leads to the intercourse. Both her bottom holes get worked hard. At one point, Jada looks like she has multiple orgasms because her labia quiver. There’s plenty more fucking and taste-testing in between positions. There’s great intensity throughout the scene. Finally, she finishes off with exceptional head until he jerks off onto pretty face! This was an exceptional scene!

The penultimate scene stars the front cover star Holly Michaels. She’s in the gym throwing some punches getting a good sweat going. We get nice views of her ass-cheeks through her translucent undies. There are plenty of cleavage shots showing off her natural breasts. After the good tease, the scene gets more debauched when she pulls out a dildo and starts deepthroating it! Finally, she takes the deep sausage injection and rides it like there’s no tomorrow. In between the intercourse, she finally displays her fellatio talents on real cock. Holly is the most active when she’s on top. The scene hits a crescendo when Holly takes it up the ass for the first time on camera! He doesn’t let of fucking her ass in several positions including spoon. Finally, the scene ends with him jizzing on her lovely face and wet tongue!

Finally, the busty brunette Gia DeMarco ends the Blu-ray on a good note. The tattoo-laden pornstar looks too plasticky along the likes of an Angelina Valentine. Anyway, she’s outdoors stretching while in skin-tight panties, a tight top, and sporty leggings. There’s not much of a workout as in Asa’s, Jada’s or Holly’s scenes. However, she makes up for it when she gets fucked hard. When indoors, she strips down to her birthday suit and uses her fingers and dildo to dilate her asshole. After prepping for the inevitable, she wastes no time getting fucked in the ass in multiple positions. There’s plenty of anal, but the sexual chemistry doesn’t match Asa’s or Jada’s. In the end, she sucks and jerks him off resulting in cum flowing down her hands instead of her face.

In summary, Elegant Angel’s Anal Workout Blu-ray is a good release. There are exceptional scenes from both Asa Akira and Jada Stevens. Holly’s isn’t quite up there, but it is a good scene nonetheless. I think perhaps the greatest letdown was Liza del Sierra. Surely, someone else could have been casted. Anyway, this Blu-ray deserves a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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