Harmony’s Young Harlots: Finishing School (Blu-ray)

Gazzman’s Young Harlots: Finishing School is one the best volumes in the series because of the hot and sweaty sex combined with a good cast and excellent production quality from the lighting to the camera angles! Although the Blu-ray version is not a big improvement visually to the DVD version, it is still definitely worth watching again and again, especially for Jenny Baby’s scene!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 3 minutes

Starring: Sunny Jay, Nataly, Satin Bloom, Jenna Lovely, Rihanna, Viktoria, and Jenny Baby

The Blu-ray is presented in widescreen 1080i and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at 10-12 Mbps with a lower/upper limit of 7/13Mbps while the audio is encoded in the Dolby Digital 2.0 at 256 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition are both done well, but for some reason there really isn’t a drastic improvement from its DVD counterpart. In terms of audio, the dialogue and sex sounds come in clear without distortion.

The extras include the following: Bedroom Gymnastics with Jenny Baby (~4 min.), Rihanna Brown Interview (~3 min.), Rihanna Brown Tease (~6 min.), Jenna Lovely Tease (~9 min), cumshot recap, a good HD photo gallery, and four trailers. The Jenny Baby sequence as well as the Jenna Lovely tease are worth watching. It’s too bad that Jenna Lovely isn’t that great looking, but her solo scene is definitely worth watching because she really gets into it. I was somewhat disappointed with Rihanna’s bonus segments as they flat for me.

The scheming horny entrepreneurs open up a so-called finishing school where they get their pick of spoiled and rich horny sluts to fuck. The main businessman has a gimp brother who happens to be the creepy janitor who gets first dibs on the pretty brunette Sunny Jay. The innocent-looking Sunny Jay is wearing a not-so-conservative dress when she wanders down the basement only to be accosted by the janitor. At first, she’s creeped out by him going down on her before he sticks his wiener into her. It looks as if it will be only a one-on-one scene, but turns into a threesome when the businessman brother wants a piece of her. Soon, the scene is in full swing when the pretty Sunny has a dick in her mouth and cock up her pussy. This progresses to the anal and the subsequent double penetration. Needless to say, the action is intense throughout. In the end, she takes a messy facial and an anal creampie. She’s not done yet as she gives post-coital head. One part that is disturbing is that her ass looks as if it’s showing early signs of rectal prolapse, especially when she uses her rectal muscles to squeeze out the jizz.

Another spoiled enrollee, the brunette Nataly, just arrived at the finishing school only to be groped by the headmaster/businessman on the guise of him inspecting her uniform. After the foreplay, which includes some great fellatio and carpetmunching, he fucks her hard in several positions. Finally, he pulls out of her and covers her pubes with plenty of jizz. This is a good scene since it was obvious there was chemistry between the two.

The finishing school begins to fill up nicely as we get to see several more ladies arriving. Next up is another pretty brunette Satin Bloom. The camera follows her as she undresses out of her skimpy uniform and falls quickly to sleep. Soon, a perverted guy enters her room unannounced and starts to grope her before he puts his schlong on her face. This quickly wakes her up from slumber, but instead of being afraid, the dick in her face becomes a welcome surprise as she gives head. After the great foreplay, he alternates between fucking her pussy and ass. She shows her nasty streak by performing ass-to-mouth. After the thorough bottom-hole fucking, he pulls out of her pussy and gets off a nice load that lands on her pubes.

The horny businessman/headmaster starts this day off by dressing into his academic uniform or so it seems until the camera pans down to see the average Euro-blonde Jenna Lovely sucking him. After the decent fellatio, he plows her ass hard and fast. This is a pure anal scene without any vaginal fucking. After the thorough anal spelunkering, he makes a mess out of her face with a sizable dose population pudding!

The penultimate scene stars the brunette Romanian cutie, Rihanna Brown sharing the spotlight with Viktoria. The scene starts with the two ladies intimately getting to know each other with sloppy kisses and the uses of a glass dildo. It doesn’t take too long before the ladies assume the 69 position. The headmaster and his friend interrupt the sapphic session and soon the ladies busy their mouths with cock. This leads to the all-vaginal fucking. One of the guys cannot hold his load and cums after only several minutes of fucking. Then, the scene continues and actually progresses to a four person daisy chain clusterfuck. The action is intense, which results in hot and sweaty sex. In the end, Rihanna takes a creampie while Viktoria receives a healthy amount of jizz on her buttcheek.!

Finally, the brunette Jenny Baby has broken the rules and the headmaster along with his two buddies will teach her a lesson. First, she performs grade A fellatio before they get at her bottom holes. It doesn’t take too long before she takes a double penetration in several positions progressing to her being airtight. It’s hard to believe that such a petite lady could take them all at the same time, but she manages to do so. In the end, she takes a messy facial and two cumshots to her jizz. For added effect, the last guy that pops on her pussy inserts his cum-soaked dick into her ass a couple of times! By scene’s end, it’s safe to say that she learned her lesson!

In summary, Young Harlots: Finishing School is one of the better volumes in this series. The video could have cut some of the risque situations such as in scene one with the janitor grabbing Sunny Jay and in scene three where the man gropes Satin Bloom while she’s sleeping. Despite these questionable issues, the sex is hot and sweaty and most importantly, the sex is captured extremely well by Gazznan. Although I expected the Blu-ray version to be clearer and more than it turned out to be, the Blu-ray version receives a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

RATING: Highly recommended

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