Elegant Angel’s Lush 1

Elegant Angel’s all-girl line Club 59 debuts the first volume of the Lush series. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hit the ground running at full speed; rather, has some bumps in the road. The biggest fault of this DVD is that the girl/girl pairings are consistent scene-by-scene. Despite that, there are some highlights on this DVD such as Jelena Jensen and Isabella Sky.

Running Length: ~3 hours

Starring: Riley Jensen, Melanie Rios, Ash Hollwood, Breanne Benson, Faye Reagan, Ella Milano, Jelena Jensen, and Isabella Sky

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is on par with all of Elegant Angel’s recent releases, especially the ones directed by either Mason or William H. In terms of audio, the dialogue and sex sounds come in clear and crisp without distortion.

The extras include a good ~42 minute lesbian scene starring Celeste Star and Isabella Redd as well as a standard photo gallery. I’m not sure why this scene was not in the main feature since it was better than at least one of the main scenes.

Riley Jensen is an attractive mediterranean-looking sweetheart with a horrid tattoo on her left arm. She tells the cameraman her first time with a woman and answers some more intimate questions. Melanie Rios isn’t as attractive as Riley and she also gets the interview treatment. The girl/girl action starts off at a controlled pace without any over-the-top action. In fact, Riley Jensen is definitely the jewel in the scene, especially when she gets finger-fucked. Melanie Rios definitely takes the back seat in this scene and it would have been nice if Riley had a comparable partner. In any case, this is a good scene to start the DVD.

Next up is Ash Hollwood is a stereotypical pornstar blonde with not-so pornish neck length hair and baby blue eyes. She retells her first time with a woman as does her busty partner Breanne Benson. Breanne Benson is definitely the better-looking of the two, especially if you like the Kim Kardashian type. It’s apparent from the get-go that Breanne Benson is the dominant one in the scene. It’s too bad that she has a full-body tattoo on her back, but oh well. Anyway, Breanne looks at ease going veggie on Ash who pales in comparison when it comes to the cunningus portion. Throughout the scenes, there’s plenty of oral, fingerfucking, and pussy-rubbing. It’s a decent scene, but could have been better if Breanne was given a better choice than Ash.

The lesbian pairings keep on getting worse with the freckle-faced redhead Faye Reagan with a not so nice-loooking Ella Milano. After they both get interviewed separately, the ladies go to work on each other. The porn veteran Faye Reagan handles herself quite nicely and leads the way. The action is somewhat decent with plenty of lesbian action sans the toys, which is definitely a warm welcome compared to videos with too much sex toy action. Anyway, the ladies sit side by side and play with themselves until they climax.

Finally, the video gets back on track with the hottest pairing on the DVD with the busty brunette Jelena Jensen and Isabella Sky. It’s too bad that the rest of the pairings couldn’t be as perfect as these two were. Jelena Jensen takes point, but Isabella is no slouch either. There’s plenty of finger-fucking moreso than the oral sex, but oh well. Despite that, there seems to be good chemistry between the hotties. Easily, this is the best scene on the video.

In summary, Elegant Angel’s foray into the lesbian genre with Club 59’s Lush Volume 1 is a hit or miss with more misses than hits. The scene that saved this movie from being a complete wash out was the one with Jelena Jensen and Isabella Sky. This DVD is a solid RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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