Digital Playground’s The Substitute (Blu-ray)

Digital Playground’s The Substitute is a decent Blu-ray release with an all-star European cast headed by Cindy Hope, but the real treat is the brunette Raven Alexis. She’s very enthusiastic in both of her scenes and definitely heats up the blue screen. This is a fun title with some decent acting. 

Starring: Raven Alexis, Cindy Hope, Madison Parker, Jessica Moore, and Diamond Foxxx

Running Length: ~1 hour 38 minutes

The video is presented in MPEG-4 AVC and is encoded at a bitrate ranging from 18-20 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 5.1 at 640 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is somewhat claustrophobic with too many closeups where the entire action isn’t seen. Furthermore, the colors sometimes seem oversaturated with a tinge of blue hue. In terms of audio quality, the sex sounds and dialogue come in clear and crisp.

The extras are pretty much standard fair with a mediocre ~11 minute BTS, a decent slideshow, and several trailers. I guess gone are the days of extras scene in earlier releases like the Pirates series.

The British principal decides to attenuate the academic punishment on the Cindy Hope and Madison Parker. After he lets them back into their classes, he briefs Raven Alexis, the substitute sexual education teacher, about her duties.

Meanwhile, the students gossip about the new substitute until she enters the room. Raven has that semi-goth look to her and it’s apparent she’s the heir apparent to Stoya. Even on the first day, she engages in one-on-one interaction when she pulls aside one of her male students after class. Things get real x-rated when she finds out that the guy is a allegedly a version. Raven goes to work on his tool and shows off her sloppy cockgobbler skills. He helps her out of her top and sucks on her titties before going down on her and sampling her wonderland. Once she’s all wet down there, he fucks her hard in several positions including missionary. Finally, he cums in her mouth. She’s not done yet because she swallows the sperm whole!

Diamond Foxxx pulls one of her underperforming students aside from class and asks him point blank what’s happening. He spills the beans and tells her straight to her face that he cannot concentrate because all he sees is her tits and ass. Before she knows it, he pulls his cock out and shoves Diamond’s face onto it! He returns the favor by tasting her bottom lips before fucking her tits. Once she’s adequately lubricated, he fucks her senselessly in several different positions before jizzing on her face.

The blonde veteran Euro-pornstar sets her sight at one of the jocks at the school. She’s in her birthday suit sitting next to the lockers when her crush enters the room. After some small talk, she gets what she wants and it doesn’t take long before she has her lips locked onto his fuck stick. She’s more than a decent fuck and the lucky guy gets to give her the ole’ one-two in several different positions before he jizzes on her mounds creating a protein pearl necklace!

Raven Alexis savors the role of the hot teacher to her French student. She gives some personalized attention to the lucky Frenchmen. Before she knows it, she’s sucking on his schlong like there’s no tomorrow. I have to say that Raven definitely looks like she’s enjoying every moment getting plowed by DED!the Frenchman. In the end, he launches a monster facial, which lands on her eyelashes. Raven shows that the jizz isn’t a problem and opens up her eyes while giving great post-coital head.

Finally, the two European ladies Cindy Hope and Madison Parker just escaped from detention and decide to pay the principal a little visit. The principal decides to play their little game of tease and asks what Raven, the past substitute, taught them. Before he knows it, the ladies take turns hustling his tongue and then some! Soon, the ladies take turns jockeying to suck his cock. This leads to the torrid threesome where he jams up their love-holes with cockmeat. He seems to have more fun with the sexy brunette Madison Parker. He thanks their efforts by rewarding them with a sizable facial!

In summary, Digital Playground’s The Substitute is a nice release with a great cast starting with Digital Playground starlet Raven Alexis backed up by several stunners from overseas like Madison Parker and Cindy Hope. This plot-based release has decent acting to go along with some good scenes. This releases has enough to receive a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended!

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