Digital Playground’s Home Work (Blu-ray)

Digital Playground’s Robby D. directed production Home Work has a decent plot and some great sex scenes involving the hot blonde Franziska Facella and Tori Black just to name a few. If you like fun scenes where the ladies don’t seem mechanical and actually seem like they are enjoying themselves then look no further! Home Work, on Blu-ray, is definitely worth picking up!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 41 minutes

Starring: Franziska Facella, Jesse Jane, Kerry Louise, Vanessa Leon, and Tori Black

The video is presented in widescreen HD 1080p and is encoded in H.264 with a bitrate averaging 20 Mbps with a upper/lower limit of 13/22 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 5.1 with a bitrate of 640 Kbps. The lighting and composition is top notch with exceptional color tones without oversaturation. In terms of the audio, the sex sounds, music, and dialogue came in clear without distortion.

The extras include a decent ~10 minute HD BTS, seven HD trailers, and a photo gallery. Compared to the BTS from the Smiths, this BTS falls just a little short. However, if you like to see more of Jesse Jane and company in candid moments, then the BTS may suit you.

The platinum blonde Franziska Facella starts things off right when she interrupts her piano session and instead diddles herself silly by using her fingers, imagination, and a doodle of a cock. There’s something so authentic in how she makes her bare pussy purr with her fingers. It was definitely an unexpected scene that worked wonders.

Meanwhile, Jesse Jane and her beau engage in extracurricular activities in the bedroom. She finds a stash of porno magazines to get both of them in the mood. It doesn’t take too long before he feels her up. This leads to Jesse helping her partner out of his briefs before sucking him off like there’s no tomorrow! She even lets him throat fuck her for several seconds. He returns the favor by eating her out. Apparently, he’s doing a great job because she’s squirming with delight. The lucky guy penetrates her bare pink pussy in several positions. In between positions, she lets him fuck her throat. In the end, he gets off a decent cumshot on her face.

The busty Brit Kerry Louise is at home waiting for the pizza man to deliver her pizza with extra sausage, so to speak. There’s only one problem . . . she doesn’t have any money to pay him. He questions her how she can pay for a pair for breasts, but cannot pay for her pizza. However, they soon come to an arrangement, so to speak. Soon, he’s oiling up her tits before he fucks them. This leads to some oral before the actual sex. In between the sex, she shows off her decent fellatio skills. Finally, he jizzes on her tits. It’s a decent scene, but it would have been better if the positions were more varied.

Tori Black is up next and she’s spending her time studying at her home. After she comes from the bathroom, a guy “breaks into” the house in what appears to be a home invasion. However, it’s just her horny boyfriend playing with her. The initial moments of fear soon die down in favor of passionate kisses. This leads to the foreplay where they work on each other’s naughty bits. The hot foreplay leads to the torrid sex romp, especially when she’s on top in the reverse cowgirl position. In between positions, they engage in some 69 action. After more fucking, he finally unloads a nice protein shake on her open mouth. It’s a very energetic scene from Tori Black and it’s no wonder she’s been tearing it up in the industry racking up awards for her accolades!

The penultimate scene stars Vanessa Leon who’s getting tutored by a very lucky guy. She wrestles for her tutor’s attention and finally wins when she takes off her top and goes for a brief swim. Soon, he drops the books and eats her out nicely. She returns the favor with great head. This leads to the intercourse where he jams his member into her in various positions. She’s especially active when she’s on top! In the end, he gets off a nice protein blast on her lovely Latina face of hers! She’s not done yet because she gives him some post-coital head! I would say that this scene is one of Vanessa’s better scenes as of late.

Finally, Jesse Jane ends this Blu-ray on a high note when she and her study partner go astray from hitting the books in favor of the horizontal mamba. Jesse Jane dominates the foreplay action giving some devastating fellatio even performing some major deepthroat action! She maintains the high energy when her partner fucks the daylight out of her in several different positions. Jesse Jane further one ups her past performances by taking a very messy facial and following it up with excellent post-coital suction!

In summary, Digital Playground’s Home Work is a great release with a seasoned cast headed by Jesse Jane and Tori Black. The rest of the cast contribute to the Blu-ray and make it worth watching over and over. What surprised me the most is how extremely sexy Franziska’s solo scene was! It’s no wonder that this Blu-ray deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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