Digital Playground’s That’s My Girl (Blu-ray)

Digital Playground tries its hands in the cuckold genre for That’s My Girl. It’s a decent release for this genre and although it’s in this specific niche, the way it’s presented should appeal to the mainstream adult audience. There were a couple of excellent scenes include the one with Jesse Jane and other with Krissy Lynn. This Blu-ray is definitely worth checking out!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 5 minutes

Starring: Riley Steele, Jesse Jane, Brandy Blair, Juliette Bardot, Yurizan Beltran, Brandy Talore, and Krissy Lynn

The Blu-ray is presented in widescreen HD 1080p and is encoded in H.264 with a bitrate of 17 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 5.1 at 448 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is outstanding with very little oversaturation issues. In terms of audio quality, the sound comes in clear and crisp without distortion.

The extras are sparse with a photo gallery and seven trailers of past Digital Playground releases.

The busty blonde Brandy Blair watches Jesse Jane and her beau exchange passionate kisses before Jesse heads to Brandy and helps her undress. Soon, Jesse, is sucking on Brandy’s luscious tits, which makes her beau hornier than he already is. He watches them engaging in sapphic sex before he joins in the fun! The lucky guys goes down on Brandy and eats her out while Jesse looks on and masturbates. Things get kinkier when he rims her! I definitely liked the buildup of the impending full-on hardcore threesome. There’s plenty of chemistry between them and it definitely shows. The Frenchman has his way with their mouths and pussies in different configurations. First, he focuses on Brandy and then he turns his attention in fucking Jesse Jane. At one point, he fucks Brandy in doggie style and it looks like he’s going to have the opportunity to fuck her ass, but to no avail because he inserts a finger or two in her tight ass.  In the end, he thanks the eagerly awaiting ladies with jizz on their faces.

The brunette Juliette Bardot and Yurizan engage in some small talk in the kitchen before Juliette heads to the living room where she and a guy explore each other’s naughty bits. Yurizan hears what’s going and gets wet from the scene unfolding right in front of her. Meanwhile, Juliette gets down on her knees and delivers a good blowjob. We get to see Yurizan’s luscious lemons as she gets turned on by the sex. Juliette gets royally fucked in several positions before getting him off using her mouth and hands. It looks like Juliette is surprised on how much jizz came out of him, but she takes it all in stride. It was a nice scene, but it’s too bad Yurizan was not an active participant.

The third scene is probably the weakest of the Blu-ray. This scene stars the busty, yet pendulant Brandy Talore. She really doesn’t do anything for me. Anyway, her beau just invited his friend over and before you know it his friend has his cock all up her mouth and her lovebox. As far as the sex is concerned, there doesn’t seem to be the same intense chemistry as in the prior two scenes. Anyway, the tepid scene ends with him blasting his load on her breasts.

Next up is Krissy Lynn, an attractive short-haired blonde, who gets frisky with her French lover. She looks the sexiest I’ve seen her in her purple top and tight jean shorts. He carries her over the threshold and the two go at it like wild animals. He performs some ass worship on her while before he helps her out of her jean shorts. Then, he wastes no time eating out her bare pussy. The bright-eyed Krissy Lynn returns the favor with great head. The foreplay leads to the intense ses, which happens in different positions. There’s a bit of an intermission when Krissy puts her sexy jean skirt back and shakes her ass before sitting on his face. However, she’s back on the saddle so to speak before he splooges his load on her tummy! This is another good scene definitely worth watching, especially if you are into sexy blonde spinners!

Finally, Riley Steele ends the Blu-ray with a good cuckold scene. The plot is very similar to Brandy’s scene, but Riley Steele makes it interesting because she is definitely a stunner. After the decent foreplay, Riley takes it hard in several different positions. Although it’s not her best performance, she does try to sell the scene. Despite that, the scene ends with an excellent heavy jizzing on Riley’s face!

In summary, That’s My Girl, is Digital Playground’s foray into the cuckold genre. With a cast of ladies led by Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, and company, there’s guaranteed to be some outstanding scenes. That’s definitely the case for Riley Steele’s and Krissy Lynn’s scenes. This Blu-ray has enough to get a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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