Digital Playground’s Jesse Jane: Dirty Movies (Blu-ray)

Digital Playground’s Jesse Jane: Dirty Movies, directed by Robby D., has an entertaining plot to go along with the sex. This release would have scored higher if it weren’t for some bad cast selections in the looks department like Cindy Hope or Krissy Lynn. However, to Krissy’s defense at least she put in a good scene while Cindy did not. This Blu-ray is definitely worth it if you are Jesse Jane fan or if you want to see a new face like Brandy Blair who pulls out a great scene!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 39 minutes

Starring: Jesse Jane, Cindy Hope, Krissy Lynn, and Brandy Blair

The video is presented is widescreen 1080p HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at around 20 Mbps with a lower/upper limit of 16/26 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 5.1 at 448 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is top notch, while the lighting is on the blue end . . . almost having the same issues as in Fly Girls.

The extras include a decent slideshow, seven HD trailers, and an average ~10 minute BTS. The BTS is nothing special unless you like to watch the cast goofing off, but really it’s nothing memorable.

Jesse Jane is caught in the act of playing with herself by her Frenchman. After some convincing small-talk dialogue, Jesse Jane gives her beau something to remember before she heads out of town. The two move to the bedroom where they get more touchy-feely. In fact, the Frenchman feeds his fingers to her mouth while he worships her ass. Things get mighty interesting when he actually fingers her ass while pleasuring her in other ways. It looks like she’s going to get the hot sausage injection in her poopchute, but it’s just a tease. Anyway, she returns the favor with some great head taking her Frenchmen’s girthy cock like it was nothing even almost getting his entire shaft into her accommodating mouth. As always,

Jesse Jane is one active rider, especially in the reverse cowgirl position. You get a sense that she isn’t overacting or being over the top as somewhat like Tori Lane. In the end, she brings out the best of her partner because he gives her an oral creampie! Jesse Jane is a trooper and gives him good post-coital suction. Although I’m not into Jesse Jane per se, I do appreciate a good performance regardless.

But, Jesse Jane doesn’t know that her beau tapes them having sex so he can watch the action with his buddies who do the same with their women. His buddy comes over to show the videotape of his latest conquest, Cindy Hope. She’s a token European pornstar, who doesn’t look her best in this scene. The only thing going for her is her sexy body stocking lingerie, but other than that this scene is pretty unmemorable. They go the foreplay progressing to the lukewarm sex until he dumps a decent load on her mouth and face.

Next up is Krissy Lynn who is a little camera shy, so to speak because her fling wants to make a home sex tape. The blonde isn’t particularly stunning, but she has good onscreen presence even if it’s over the top. That doesn’t matter to the lucky guy because he takes his time eating her pussy out. This even continues when they engage in 69 action. After the tease, things get too over the top in terms of shouting and moaning, but she’s a good lay, nonetheless. The best position for her is doggie style where the camera takes a nice view of her bottom curves. Unlike the prior scenes, he ends it by jizzing all over her lovebox after he pulls out from her in the spoon position.

Jesse Jane’s “gay” friend stops by and chats with the fellas before taking Jesse Jane on to the airport. Before Jesse Jane goes, she hands her Frenchman a card and asks him to open it later on. After they leave, the guys continue the sex tape sharing. Brandy Blair is up next and she has a similar appearance to Sasha Knox including that same insatiable attitude.

Anyway, she’s freakier than the rest because she knowingly participates in sex tape action with two guys at once! But, before that happens the guy needs to position the camera while the other guy receives a nice lap dance. Soon, things progress down the gutter bath, so to speak starting with groping all the way to x-rated action. She sucks on cock while she gets eaten out before giving some ski-pole-dual-blowjob action. Brandy Blair even gives up her tits for some titfucking. The hot foreplay leads to the hotter sex! They waste no time drilling her pussy at full speed in several different position. Brandy is a real trooper throughout and even performs some taste testing in between the action. The two lucky cannot hold their enthusiasm and launch their DNA juices on her chest and face! Bar none, I’d have to say that this is the best scene on the Blu-ray with plenty of replayability.

Finally, the Frenchman opens up the card and finds a video card and thinks it a solo scene, but to his disappointment it’s Jesse with her so-called “gay” friend getting it on. Jesse Jane is a great performer and once again she delivers the goods from the fellatio to the sex and finally to the ending. Although she may not have the oral skills of a Bobbi Starr or Annette Schwarz, she’s almost at that level. What makes the ending really great is when she sucks on his fingers, which is somewhat underrated in the world of porn. It doesn’t take too long after that for him to jizz in her mouth! She’s not done yet because she gives the lucky guy some world-class post-coital suction.

In summary, Jesse Jane: Dirty Movies, is a good release with two great scenes performed by Jesse Jane. Although she may not appeal to everyone, she is a solid A-class performer in every respect. The supporting cast is not the greatest looking list starting with Cindy Hope and Krissy Lynn, but at least Krissy puts her best effort while the Euro pornstar looks like she was going through the motions. But, Brandy Blair steals the attention with her heated scene, which is definitely the best on this Blu-ray. All in all, this Blu-ray is a SOLID RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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