Digital Playground’s All Star 2 (Blu-ray)

Digital Playground’s All Star 2 stars a couple of the hottest European pornstars out there including Black Angelika and Aliz who both perform in good, but not great scenes. That honor goes to Collette who really outdoes everyone on the Blu-ray. Although the Blu-ray is far from perfect, this release should satisfy anyone who wants to see Black Angelika doing the nasty in high-definition!

Running Length: ~1 hour 48 minutes

Starring: Colette, Britney, Katrin Wolf, Ella Brawen, Aliz, and Black Angelika

The video is presented in widescreen 1080i and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at around 20-22 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 5.1 at 448 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is good, but the lighting is something less than to be desired. The main issue is that the colors are oversaturated with some of the scenes having a slight orange hue. Furthermore, there are some instances where it’s a bit grainy. In terms of audio, the sex sounds come in clear while the pigeon English dialogue is somewhat faint. There are moments, especially during the outdoor scenes where there is subtle background noise, but nothing to get too upset about.

The extras include a photo gallery, seven HD trailers, and a decent ~6 minute BTS. The best portions of the BTS are the brief audio snippets with Aliz and the photo shoot of Black Angelika.

Black Angelika pampers the lucky guy with a back massage. She tells him to turn around and as soon as his dick is exposed, the sexy brunette sucks like there’s no tomorrow. The scorching hot brunette even takes the time to lick his balls. After receiving great head, he helps her out of her bra showing off her perfect 10 breasts! I tell ya what a figure on Black Angelika! The lucky guy sucks on her rack before he progresses down her body. After the leg worship, he helps her out of her bikini underwear and licks away! He even uses several digits fingering her before he inserts his schlong into her warm and moist lovebox. She does some brief taste-testing in between positions. It’s hard to believe that someone this attractive would do anal, but she does, especially when she’s in the reverse cowgirl position. The lucky guy alternates fucking her pussy and ass until he cums on her pretty face! Black Angelika finishes him off with decent post-coital head!

The Frenchman picks up two average-looking Euro blondes, Britney and Katrin Wolf, from the street. When they reach his home, they do a little tease for him as he watches them get friendly with each other. In fact, Katrin worships Britney’s ass and eats her out. The guy decides to join in on the fun making it an official threesome. Soon, the ladies suck his cock before he fucks them silly. There’s a fair amount of daisy chaining going on throughout. Katrin Wolf even takes it up the poopchute. Finally, the ladies share his DNA juice all over their faces. It’s a decent scene, but nothing to get riled about.

Colette is enjoying the sun’s rays while she in the pool. For some reason, she’s frisky today and decides to touch herself. She pleasures herself until the pool-keeper/grounds-keeper helps her out using his nimble fingers. Then, he facefucks her like there’s no tomorrow! After the excellent head, he fucks her without even helping her out of her bikini since he just moves it to one side. But, as the action gets more intense, he finally helps her out of bikini undies and continues fucking her. The scene progresses to the anal, especially when she takes it hard in the doggie position. In the end, he pulls out of her ass in the cowgirl position and thanks her with a monster facial! What she lacks in looks, she makes up with a good performance and a perfect facial ending.

The penultimate scene stars the pixie haired Ella Brawen gyrating on top of a transparent structure while the lucky guy watches from below. She gives him the signal to come get some! Ella is average and she has two things not going for her . . . her droopy tits and meaty labia. After eating her out, she returns the favor with more than decent head. The intercourse begins when he fucks her in the cowgirl position. She does some taste-testing in between positions. The scene progresses to the anal where he fucks her in several positions like doggie and reverse cowgirl. Finally, he gets off a decent cumshot to her face before she performs post-coital suction. It’s a decent scene, but it was somewhat of a disappointment because it felt too mechanical.

The sexy brunette, Aliz, interrupts the pool cleaners’ break time. She bitches at them and asks why the pool is still dirty, but obviously this anger is just a ruse because she’s dressed in slutty, yet classy black lingerie. They waste no time letting her know what they want. It doesn’t take too long before one of the guys eats her out while the other feeds his cock to her. The fellatio moves from the poolside to the indoors where the real fun begins! After the excellent foreplay, they take turns fucking her pussy. Aliz proves to be nasty since she not only is she anal-friendly, but she is dp-friendly as well! She proves to be champ throughout taking everything they throw at her without too much of a hassle. For her efforts, they thank her with adequate jizz on her chin and mouth.

In summary, Digital Playground’s All Star 2 is a good, but not great European gonzo release. There are signs of greatness with Black Angelika’s, Aliz’s, and Collette’s scenes, but there are other moments where the video falls flat. All in all, this Blu-ray deserves a RECOMMENDED.

RATING: Recommended

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