Digital Playground’s So Fine

Digital Playground’s So Fine is a surprisingly good release despite not having a super knockout cast with the exception of Riley Steele. Needless to say, Riley pulls off two great scenes and further reaffirms that she’s hands down currently the best contract star for the studio. Other noteworthy performances include Kiera’s and Madison’s. This is a fun video with entertaining plots and good action!

Running Length: ~1 hour 32 minutes

Starring: Riley Steele, Kiera King, Madison Scott, and Jessica Lynn

The extras include a gallery, slideshow, 8 trailers, and a ~9 minute BTS that’s really not worth watching except for the brief snippets with Riley Steele and Kiera King.

Riley Steele is on her way to work, but before she leaves the house, she reminds her boyfriend that it’s his best friend’s birthday today. He’s at a lost for words because he didn’t buy his best friend anything and so he coaxes Riley Steele for her to be the birthday gift. She can read between the lines and she agrees to fuck her boyfriend’s best friend. When the friend realizes that his present is Riley Steele, he wastes no time eating Riley out. Meanwhile her boyfriend joins the fray making it a threesome. It doesn’t take too long before she locks her lips on their fuck sticks and performs some sloppy head. Riley rises to the occasion and gives her best efforts. The hot and sweaty action leads to her face being plastered with jizz! Wow! All I can say is that Riley Steele is a great performer!

Kiera King waits in the house for her friend to come over. Apparently, her friend will be late and she mentions to Kiera to keep their guest busy. As soon as she hangs up the phone, the guy rings on the bell. She lets him in, but she’s somewhat freaked out when he unwinds and pulls out his schlong and masturbates. Kiera’s friend did tell her to keep him busy so tells him that they can have fun so long as it’s quick, but not too quick because she wants to cum. The action that follows is intense since they skip the foreplay because he wastes no time fucking her pussy doggie style. She leaves the head and taste-testing in between sexual positions. Things get somewhat kinky when she gets fucked while standing on the table. When he’s ready to cum, Kiera jumps off from the table and kneels and awaits for the monster load that’s about to cream her mouth. At first, she looks like she’s going to spit it out, but she shows her nasty streak by swallowing whole in one setting!

Next up is Madison Scott who’s on the phone with her mom talking about the next time that she and her boyfriend will be visiting them. Needless to say, Madison Scott’s boyfriend makes it difficult for her to continue the conversation with the mom, especially when he’s actively eating her out! Madison cannot take it any longer and stops the conversation with the mom. He continues to eat her out until she returns the favor giving him some great head. This leads to the actual intercourse where he fucks her on the floor in the reverse cowgirl position. After several other different positions, he pulls out and jizzes on her belly. She’s not finished yet since Madison performs some excellent post-coital head!

The penultimate scene stars Jessica Lynn checking herself in front of the mirror while her beau finishes showering. He watches Jessica tinkle in the toilet and cannot take his eyes off her ass. One thing leads to another and before he knows it, Jessica has his hands and finally her mouth on his cock. After the decent head, he fucks her doggie style and in other positions where she’s on the bathroom countertop! In the end, he rewards her with a facial. So far, I have to say that is the weakest scene.

Finally, Riley Steele finishes this DVD right where she asks her British sugar daddy if she can borrow his Aston Martin. At first, he refuses, but it’s probably the only way that he’ll have alone time to watch his sports. However, Riley wants to use the 10 minutes before game time to thank him in her own way, so to speak. Soon, she works her mouth all the way down to his cock giving him sloppy head. This leads to the hot and nasty sex in several different positions including doggie, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl to name a few. The good scene ends with him getting off a messy disperse cumshot all over her face. Finally, Riley finishes him off with great post-coital head!

In summary, Robby D’s So Fine, is a good release from Digital Playground. It looks official that Riley Steele is currently the best contract performer for the company. I haven’t seen one bad scene yet from the blonde beauty and I doubt that will ever happen. Anyway, the other ladies do a great job, especially Kiera King. The only downer would be Jessica’s scene, which seemed mediocre. All in all, this DVD is a SOLID RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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