Mike John’s All-Star Overdose

Mike John’s All-Star Overdose is a good, but not great compilation from one of the best gonzo directors out there. With a storied cast list with the likes of Amy Ried, Melissa Lauren, Teagan, and Naomi it’s almost impossible for this compilation to suck. However, there some hotties that disappoint like Bobbi Starr, Rebeca Linares, and others. Despite that, if you like Mike John’s style, then this compilation is worth purchasing!

Running Length: D1: ~3 hours and 38 minutes; D2: ~3 hours and 51 minutes

Starring: Amy Ried, Melissa Lauren, Jada Fire, Katja Kassin, Bobbi Starr, Gianna Michaels, Teagan, Naomi, Marie Luv, Christie Lee, Rebeca Linares, and Annette Schwarz

The video is presented in pseudo widescreen/fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 3 Mbps while the audio is encoded in the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the lighting and composition is adequate. Furthermore, the audio quality is clear without distortion.

The sparse extras include six trailers, cast list, and photo gallery.

First up is Amy Ried looking hot as in glamour girl Playboy hot. Anyway, it behooves me why such a Playboy caliber girl would go into hardcore. Anyway, she’s wearing a sexy two-piece bikini and starts touching herself in front of the camera. Things heat up when she exposes her awesome breasts and even pushes them up to her tongue for some lovin’! Next, she inserts a pink probe up her ass and goes to work on herself, which foreshadows what’s about to come. But, before that happens her partner Erik Everhard enters the fray and uses his nimble hands to get her moist down there. He gets a lick or two also until he feeds his cock to her. This leads to the fast and furious pussyfucking until she takes it up the pooper. It’s hard to believe that this type of caliber woman would do anal gapes not to mention ass-to-mouth, but this is proof right here. The hot and sweaty scene ends with him cumming in her open mouth before she takes a few post-coital sucks.

Next up is Melissa Lauren in her natural glory before she went under the knife for cosmetic surgery. I don’t know why because she looked hotter before than now. Anyway, she’s playing with her boobs until she’s accosted by three cocks. Soon, she giving grade A sloppy head! Once she gets their cocks all naturally lubricated, she takes their cocks in all her orifices, but not at the start since she takes on two guys. At one point, one of the guys cannot resist the feeling of her tight ass and delivers an anal creampie! Like the French tart she is, Melissa performs ass-to-mouth in between positions. The scene progresses to her being airtight, so to speak. In the end, they reward her performance by dumping their DNA loads on her face and mouth. This is definitely one of Melissa’s best scenes ever!

Jada Fire, the black pornstar is up to bat, so to speak with Erik Everhard. She’s wearing a pink-and-white-striped two-piece bikini.  Her partner eats her out before he goes straight to the intercourse. Jada leaves the fellatio action in between the positions. The scene progresses to the anal including ass-to-mouth until she somewhat unwillingly takes the facial. So far, this is the weakest scene on Disc 1.

The next scene stars Katja Kassin while she was rising in the adult video business. There’s no setup involved since it doesn’t even take a minute before she has cock all up in her mouth. In fact, one of the guys cannot hold his jizz any longer and cums in her mouth before the intercourse happens. After the foreplay, they make good use of both bottom holes sometimes at the same time. Finally, they dump their protein jizz down her throat. It’s a decent scene, but definitely not her best.

The penultimate scene on Disc 1 stars Bobbi Starr partnered with Sean Michaels. She exposes her booty for the camera before she brings out her sex toy. She uses the purple/blue colored anal beads on herself and even tastes the beads after pulling them out of herself. Soon, her friend enters the scene and instantly she gravitates to his cock and sucks on him with reckless abandon. Instead of the usual progression to vaginal intercourse, the scene jumps to the anal right away. In fact, it looks like her hairy snatch is off-limits this time. She takes every thrust into her ass like a champ and in between positions she performs ass-to-mouth. In the end, she takes a meager/pathetic cum shot to open mouth.

Gianna Michaels is up next and as always she’s wearing a skimpy two-piece that show off her busty figure. It looks like this scene was shortened because at first she’s in a scene with a black guy sucking him off and letting him fuck her tits, but without a climax. The setting changes from an outdoor scene to an indoor one where she encounters several other black guys that fuck her hard. The mediocre scene ends with her taking two cumshots directly in her mouth. Gianna has performed in hot scenes, but unfortunately this isn’t one of them.

Teagan starts off the second Disc of the compilation with a bang. Like Melissa Lauren, Teagan has gone under the knife, but fortunately for us, this scene is pre-plastic surgery. Teagan is wearing a fishnet top and underwear with frills on it. She crawls up the stairs making sure the camera captures every second of it. It doesn’t take too long before she’s being poked and prodded by two very lucky guys. Teagan has the look in her eyes as if she were starved for cock for several months. This leads to the full-on hardcore threesome that starts with a cock up her pussy and one in her mouth. This progresses to the anal including ass-to-mouth in between positions and then concluding with the heated double penetration. In the end, they thank her with two sizable cumshots to her face and mouth. It’s not a surprise that Teagan dominated the adult business in this era because she was an intense performer.

Next up is another hot performer at her peak, Naomi. The brunette with a bodacious booty dominated the industry churning out blockbusters scene after scene and this scene is definitely up there. After showing her ASSets for the camera, she becomes the center of the attraction for two guys. One of guys goes finger crazy fucking her bottoms holes while the other guy face fucks her. Soon, the guy who was prodding her bottom holes finally inserts his member into her bunghole and fucks away signalling the start of the torrid threesome. In between positions, she does some taste-testing in the form of ATM and PTM. Despite being fucked hard and fast, she nevers lets up although they push her to the limits with the fast and furious double penetration. Finally, the lucky guys douse her with loads of jizz on her face!

The DVD shows more ebony lovin’ . . . this time it’s Marie Luv. At least for me, Marie Luv is more attractive than Jada Fire. Needless to say, she’s just as anal-friendly as Jada Fire, if not more since she takes on three guys at the same time. They don’t let up on her throughout the scene. In fact, there’s a whole lot of butt slappin’ going on. For her reward, they cum directly on her open mouth before she swallos! She’s not done yet because Tim Von Swine and company has foru more mopes for her to suck on. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she gets sprayed with lots of jizz making this blowbang scene a certified bukkake one!

Next up is Christie Lee is a cute brunette with a little fat on her in a good way. It’s almost strange to see someone with this natural cuteness in porn, but oh well. Anyway, she pairs up with her dark costar and soon she locks her lips on his fuckstick. After the decent head, he has her way with her fucking her pussy first and then her ass. It’s almost wrong to see such a cute lady doing anal not to mention ass-to-mouth, but she does it. After the heated sex, Sean Michaels gets a good load all over her mouth!

The penultimate scene stars Spanish hottie Rebeca Linares. She looks hot as ever in a cut up jean-skirt and pink top. After cavorting in her skimpy attire, her black partner enters the scene and eats her out and rims her asshole. She returns the favor with decent head before jumping on his cock and getting fucked in the cowgirl position. Rebeca is an active rider and it definitely shows! In between positions, she performs taste-testing! The scene progresses to the anal where he enters her poopchute in several different positions including doggie and reverse cowgirl! She’s not as nasty as her other scenes before she doesn’t do ass-to-mouth. Despite that, Rebeca takes an open-mouthed facial before finishing off with several post-coital sucks!

Last up is Annette Schwarz, the German Frau with the penchant for giving sloppy deepthroat and anal! She’s dressed in some slutty gear in some fishnet body stockings. Soon, her partner shows up and he eats her out briefly before she gives some Grade A+ sloppy deepthroat head! This leads to the hard vaginal penetration before she takes it up her ass in multiple positions. It looks as if Annette Schwarz doesn’t even push her boundaries in this scene and Annette Schwarz makes ass-to-mouth like it’s no big deal. In the end, she takes the cumshot without a problem!

In summary, Mike John’s All-Star Overdose is a good, but not great compilation. It’s true that there are hot scorching scenes from Teagan, Naomi, Melissa Lauren, and Amy Ried, but the other scenes pale in comparison. Furthermore, some of the scenes like Gianna’s and Katja’s where it seemed like the scenes were shortened. Furthermore, I expected more action from hotties from Rebeca Linares and Annette Schwarz, but there scenes fell a little flat. This DVD compilation is a SOLID RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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