Digital Playground’s Fly Girls (Blu-ray)

Following on the grand tradition of high profile releases like Pirates and Teachers, Digital Playground releases a fun and entertaining Blu-ray, Fly Girls. If you like the slap-stick comedy of Airplane! combined with hardcore sex, then this is just the ticket!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 5 minutes

Starring: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Katsuni, Janie Summers, Raven Alexis, Jenna Haze, Lisa Ann, Nikki Benz, and Diamond Foxxx

The video is presented in widescreen HD 1080p and is encoded in AVC at around 11-12 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 5.1 at 448 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and color was a bit skewed, but nothing to get worried about. However, the composition of the scenes in certain parts were in the range of being R-rated or something you would see on Skinemax. There were only a couple of brief segments where there was a graininess noted. In terms of audio quality, the dialogue and sex sounds were clear for the most part. There were times in the food galley where the sounds echoed, but it’s nothing major.

The extras were a little sparse with a photo gallery, trailers, and a decent ~17 minute BTS. The BTS is worthy of watching once, but that’s all. I felt that the extras weren’t up to snuff with prior premium high-end Blu-ray titles from Digital Playground like the Island Fever series. Hopefully, this isn’t a sign of things to come.

The introduction sequence is hilarious making fun of the TSA when they let a guy with an uzi board the plane while they stop a plain chubby Asian woman for secondary inspection. I guess the director borrowed a playbook from the creators of Airplane or the Naked Gun. Anyway, apparently Manuel and Sasha are directing and producing a pornstar reality show in the friendly skies with pornstar flight stewardesses Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Katsuni, and Jenna Haze. The one thing that Manuel and Sasha withheld from them is that they installed cameras on board without a shooting permit, but that doesn’t stop them.

Meanwhile, the head of TSA has gotten word that the first officer had knowledge of this pornstar reality show. He does the proactive thing and tries to intercept the pornstar stewardesses before they go on board. Unfortunately, he detains the real stewardesses, Lisa Ann, Nikki Benz, and Diamond Foxxx. After vehemently denying they are pornstars, they decide to go along with it.

Now, back on the airplane the so-called co-pilot introduces himself to the real pilot. In true Evan Stone style, he does some slapstick physical comedy. The pornstar stewardesses are making their presence known on the flight by not only wearing skimpy uniforms, but also by giving a little striptease in lieu of the standard safety instructions. Jenna Haze even goes as far as giving a simulated blowjob to one of the lucky passengers. Katsuni doesn’t pay attention to the passengers at the peanut gallery and focuses on giving the first class passengers a red-eye flight to talk about.

While all these plot-lines simmer, Evan Stone actually has the first sex scene on the video with the blonde Janie Summers. Janie is wearing tight and sexy jean shorts and a pink top when Jesse Jane accompanies her to see the cockpit for the first time. The real pilot knows what’s up and decides to make a quick exit so Evan can enjoy the fruits of being in the mile-high-club! There’s a whole lot of clothes rubbing and grinding making it look like an R-rated film. But, it doesn’t take too long to quickly discount that impression when she starts sucking on cock. In fact, she slobbers on his cock like there’s no tomorrow before he takes over and throatfucks her! After receiving the head, he fucks her hard in several different positions. In between the positions, she switches it up giving good pussy-to-mouth action. The scene closes with him cumming on her face!

Katsuni now has the attention of the two guys as they follow her into the food galley for some threeway action. Anyway, the Franco-Vietnamese starlet has gone through a name change and enhancements, which may/may not be to your liking. Regardles of that, she still has the fellatio skills to get anyone up, so to speak. After the grade A fellatio, the threesome progresses with one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. The usual anal-friendly Katsuni gives her poopchute a rest in this scene. Although it’s not her best scene, it’s a decent one, which ends with two facials.

It’s time for the other pornstar stewardess to get it on with an unsuspecting first class passenger. Jenna Haze eyes a sleeping passenger who’s listening to his iPod. She decides to make his flight worthwhile by unzipping his pants so she can starting on his cock. For the first half of the fellatio, the guy thinks he’s in a dream, but to his waking surprise it’s Jenna Haze sucking on his member. The veteran pornstar knows her way around cock, but she’s no Bobbi Starr or Dana DeArmond when it comes to deepthroat. Despite that, she shows her tried-and-true handjob-blowjob technique. When he finally is awake, he sticks his cock into her pussy and fucks away. Things get ultra-nasty when he briefly eats her out before plunging his cock in her nether hole. After plundering her bung-hole, he gets off a sticky and thick load of jizz in her mouth, which she swallows! So far, this is the best scene on the video!

Jesse Jane and Riley Steele surprises the pilot who fruitlessly attempts to ward off their advances, but finally caves into their demands. However, it’s all for naught as he faints.

Meanwhile, things get intense in the holding room between the TSA guard Raven Alexis and the two detainees Manuel and Sasha. Soon, the seasoned pornstars rub her pussy and suck her tits.  The foreplay continues with Manuel eating out Sasha first before going down on Raven. There’s a whole lot of dirty talk from Sasha Grey and it works effectively. This leads to some very sloppy head and deepthroating by the multi-talented Sasha. The first half is mostly all Sasha with her getting fucked, but Raven holds her on as she gets to ride the schlong express! In between the positions, there’s plenty of pussy-to-mouth and pussy-to-other-girl’s-mouth. But, probably the best segment is when Sasha facesits on Raven who is literally getting fucked so hard completing the daisy chain! In the end, he cums on both ladies with plenty of cumswapping involved before Raven swallows his jizz!

The real stewardesses are in quite a pickle with the head TSA who keeps on accusing them of being pornstars. Finally, they decide that the only way out is to play along with him. They are going to give an audition that he won’t forget. Soon, the ladies scour over him and shove their tits and ass all over his face. This leads to them taking turns sucking on his cock with Nikki Benz getting top honors. Even the famed 69 position gets some on-air play with Diamond Foxxx and her lucky partner. This leads to the foursome romp complete with dirty talk, especially from Lisa Ann. He gives his time and his cock to fuck each lady thoroughly, but he does an exceptional job boning over the sexy Diamond Foxxx! When they aren’t daisy-chaining each other, the ladies pair up eating each other out while odd woman out gets fucked hard. Finally, he rubs an average one out all over their faces before they engage in a few seconds of post-coital oral!

Jesse Jane and the rest of the flight crew are left with the burden of landing the plane since the real pilot fainted. Jesse contacts the air traffic control tower only to find out that the one answering the distress call is the janitor since the controller was taking a smoke-out break, so to speak. Unbelievably, with the help of the pigeon English janitor, Jesse manages to land the plane. When they are on the ground Jesse Jane and her pal Riley Steele want to thank him in their personal way! It doesn’t take too long before Riley Steele shows off her Grade A fellatio. Her partner Jesse Jane shows that her oral skills are not too far behind. Although Jesse Jane is the more energetic during the fuck session, I enjoyed Riley Steele’s performance a little bit more. There’s a point in the scene in between the fucking where he enjoys more fellatio by the two ladies! By scene’s end, he gets off a decent load between the two of them!

In summary, Robby D’s Fly Girls, is an entertaining adult Blu-ray release, especially if you want porn with a plot from the endless grind of gonzo out there. The actors and actresses truly looked like they had fun delivering their lines as well as doing what they do on camera. Performance-wise, I give nods to Diamond Foxxx and Riley Steele. It’s without a doubt that this Blu-ray deserves a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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