Big Butts Like It Big 5

Big Butts Like It Big 5 is an excellent all-anal title starring some knockout talent like Rebeca Linares and Hillary Scott. What makes this DVD worth watching more than once is the interesting story lines setting up the hot, sweat, and nasty anal sex! This DVD is definitely worth purchasing if you are a fan of the Spanish hottie Rebeca Linares and Hillary Scott!

Running Length: ~3 hours 3 minutes

Starring: Nikki Benz, Delilah Strong, Rebeca Linares, Jada Fire, and Hillary Scott

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting is adequate and the composition is good. The colors are somewhat dull compared to recent Brazzers DVD, but it’s nothing to be concerned about. In terms of audio quality, the sex sounds and dialogue come in clear and crisp.

The extras include a ~29 minute bonus scene with Jessica Moore, photo gallery, cumshot recap, and six trailers. The bonus scene starts with a group therapy session, which becomes a one-on-one session between the therapist and the Euro-blonde Jessica Moore. Needless to say, Jessica takes it hard up the ass before her decent face gets covered with jizz!

First up is the blonde pornstar Nikki Benz. While in the locker room, she puts on her slutty-looking cheerleader outfit. When she’s in full gear, she stretches out until her male coach barges in. Nikki’s a little freaked out because she thinks that she didn’t make the cut. The good news is that she made it, but she has to go through a hazing session. A couple of her squad mates come in and tell her to change into sluttier gear complete with a neck chain. The coach orders the other ladies to leave so he can have some one-on-one time with Nikki. He worships her ass before eating her bottom holes out. She returns the favor by giving him some head and taking his thrusts into her mouth. Nikki’s no Amber Rayne when it comes to deep throat since she’s only able to get half of him insider her mouth. The scene skips the vaginal sex and goes directly to the anal sex. Nikki seriously gets thoroughly fucked as in balls deep fucked! She’s a trooper and doesn’t even have any trouble. In between the positions, she performs some taste-testing. In the end, he splatters her face with a sizable amount of ball batter!

Delilah Strong finishes up her last few minutes of work diddling herself while she talks to her husband. One of her coworkers is about to enter Delilah’s space, but she’s disgusted to see her masturbating. Anyway, the scene switches to the garage where one of the guy’s has a problem with the parking ticket reader. Things get stressful for the guy when he’s holding up the line of cars behind him. Delilah Strong walks up to his car and gives him some lip, but he won’t have anything of it. After intense arguing, he wrestles Delilah down to one of the cars behind him and licks her crotch. Soon, she doesn’t resist any longer since she’s liking the carpet cleaning. She returns the favor with enthusiastic head. This leads to the vaginal and subsequent anal penetration. In between positions, she does taste-testing. Finally, he gets off a monster facial resulting in a cum mustache on Delilah. Even though Delilah has droopy tits and a little worn out, this is definitely one of her better scenes in her career.

Rebeca Linares stars in the next scene and I have to say that this is one of her roughest scenes, but surprisingly one of her best. It begins with the cops handling a domestic situation. Rebeca’s yelling in Spanish, which apparently disturbed the neighbors enough for them to call it in. Her husband gets put in the slammer or so we thought by the female officer while the male goes into the house to get Rebeca’s side of the story. But, Rebeca’s being very uncooperative during the talk. She finally responds why she was angry at her husband and it’s because she doesn’t like to get fucked in the ass. Things escalate between her and the cop bordering on some risque porn scenarios. Rebeca puts up a convincing fight against his advances, but she soon is liking this aggression. At one point, he even puts some handcuffs on her during the foreplay. After he rims her, Rebeca performs Grade A fellatio for several minutes. The cop takes the handcuffs off her and he’s ready to fuck her ass thoroughly, but she squirms around for a couple moments. Finally, she takes it up her pooper in several different positions. She even does some taste-testing in between the changing of positions. For her efforts, he douses her lovely face full of DNA juice. If you can get past the risque scenario and the scene’s aggressiveness, you’ll be treated to Rebeca at her best!

The penultimate scene stars black porn veteran Jada Fire who plays a day laborer. She’s busy doing yard work until she throws a tantrum that she’s get soiled with dirt. Jada insists in going in the house to take a quick shower even though her boss said that’s not a good idea. When she finishes her shower, the owner of the house is furious that she left dirt tracks in the kitchen. He gives her an ultimatum . . . she can either get fired or she can do something else for him. Since she needs the job, she waivers to his whim. He shoves his cock into her mouth and she’s proves that she’s a true deepthroat artist. This leads to the vaginal and anal penetrations until he messes her face with population pudding! Jada thinks she saved her job, but he fires her anyhow!

Finally, the veteran and former Sex Z Pictures starlet Hillary Scott brings up the video’s rear, so to speak. The scene starts off with her dressing up in front of a mirror in some pink lingerie. She’s off to a big event and she wants to look her best. While she’s driving, she gets stopped by a police officer and instead of keeping quiet after getting a ticket, she keeps on bad-mouthing him. He’s had enough and finally asks her to step out of the car. He takes her to the police station where he and his buddy concoct a scheme to have their way with her. When they take off her handcuffs, she thinks she’s ready to go on her way, but she knows what to expect when they whip out their cocks. Hillary performs some fellatio on both of them before one of the guys eats her out. This leads to the threesome where she has a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. But, Hillary doesn’t forget to show her nasty side off because she takes it up the ass and even gets double penetrated. In between the positions, she performs ass-to-mouth. Finally, the two lucky guys jizz all over her pretty face and chest!

In summary, Big Butts Like It Big 5 by Brazzers, is an exceptional volume in this all-anal series. With memorable performances by powerhouse pornstars like Rebeca Linares and Hillary Scott, it’s no wonder that this DVD is worth watching over and over. But, what makes this video great is the entertaining, yet sometimes risque plot setting up the hot and volcanic hard anal scenes. There’s no question that this video deserves a very solid HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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