Magmafilm’s Eine Betrogene Frau

Eine Betrogene Frau, from Magmafilm, is a good European porno with great production quality. But, what makes this worth watching over and over is the two great scenes by the star Tia Carrera, one of which is a hard double penetration! If you like to watch high quality Europorn, then this is a good alternative to Private films.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 46 minutes

Starring: Tia Carrera, Donna Bell, Laura King, Lea Luxus, and Angelica Heart

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is what to expect from classic European porn. In terms of the sound, the audio is dubbed in German without any distortions noted.

The extras include a standard photo gallery and several trailers.

The video starts with the male lead getting run over by a car. Six months later, he’s still in the hospital recovering from his injuries. Meanwhile, the scene switches to a couple having a talk in bed. The couple’s talk leads to some hot and nasty sex starting with exceptional fellation and throatfucking. The lucky guy gets his knob slobbered on by the sexy Tia Carrera. The hot scene progresses to the intercourse that starts off with balls deep vaginal penetration. Things heat up more when she takes him hard up the pooper in several different positions before sucks him off until he gets off a nice load all over her pretty face! This is definitely a good way to begin the video.

The protagonist finally awakes from his coma and has Tia at his side for several moments. He has to stay at the hospital for observation. Things get heated with the nurse and doctor as they disagree on the patient’s management. But, Donna Bell the nurse soon smooths things over with the good doctor at his office. The passionate kissing session transform to a wet bj session. Things get kinkier when the other sexy nurse Angelica Heart joins in the festivities. But, it’s apparent that Donna is the better fluteplayer. Anyway, their is some daisy chain action going around. Both ladies get fucked hard vaginally, but only Donna Bell takes it up the ass. Their are types of taste-testing from PTOGM, PTM, ATM, and ATOGM! In the end, the lucky guy gets off a nice load of population pudding on their faces!

Next up is a decent-looking blonde, Laura King. She’s in a serious conversation with a gentleman before they go at with each other. Her oral skills are not up to par as Tia’s or Donna Bell’s. Anyway, after the foreplay, he has his way with her fucking her hard in several different positions. In between the changing of position, she does some taste-testing. In the end, she jerks him off onto her face!

The penultimate scene stars the euro-brunette Lea Luxus. Her face is slightly on the rough side even for Eastern European standard. Anyway, Lea Luxus definitely has the skills to compensate for lack of great looks. First off, Lea is professional deep-throater and it looks like she has no problem taking him wholly inside her mouth. This leads to the vaginal sex, which then progresses to the hot and heavy anal. Needless to say, she gets railed hard, especially in the doggie position. In the end, he dumps his thick wad of DNA juice on her awaiting tongue. This is a good scene from Lea and is definitely up there with the rest of her performances that I have seen.

The video saves the best for last with Tia becoming the centerpiece of a threesome. She gets all romantic with the male protagonist in what becomes an outdoor sex scene. Tia shows off her oral skills to the very lucky guy. She notices that the gardener who she had sex with from scene one watches on. It doesn’t take too long before he joins them in the fray. Soon, she has one cock in her mouth and the other in her pussy. The scene hits a new level with the anal that progresses into a full-fledged double penetration. They really give her a workout! Finally, they dump their monster loads on her pretty face! What a way to end the movie!

In summary, Eine Betrogene Frau is a good European release. The ladies headed by Tia Carrera are good at what they do. Specifically, Tia’s two scenes were definitely the icing on the cake. Granted, the plot isn’t the best out there, but who cares when the sex is well captured. Without a doubt, this video deserves to be RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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