Harmony Films UK’s Original Sinners

Tanya Hyde is one of the fetish directors in the porn world having worked for Private, but now directs for Harmony Films UK. With a good cast headed by Black Angelika and Alexa, there are some good scenes nestled in the more fetishy ones. This is definitely one of Tanya Hyde’s more accessible fetish flicks and because of this, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Running Length: ~2 hours 52 minutes

Starring: Alexa, Alexandra Cat, Black Angelika, Donna Bell, Elle Brook, Jasmine Webb, and Kerry Louise

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and lighting is interesting in that the director definitely gives a unique feel. The only thing worth mentioning is that some of the scenes lack that smooth continuity between transitions. In terms of audio, the sex sounds come in clear without distortion.

The extras include a decent ~16 minute BTS, a cumshot recap, photo gallery, and six trailers. The BTS shows the women before, during, and after their scenes. I’d have to say the best part of the BTS is with Black Angelika.

First up is the blonde Alexa dressed as a ballet stretching out for her next big performance. It looks as if Alexa was a ballerina at one point of her life judging by her flexibility and balance wearing a tutu and leotards with her bottom naughty bits exposed. Her partner peeps from the  stairs and his interest piques when he sees her sit down on the couch to rub herself with her thighs wide open. He cannot take it longer just being a passive participant and decides to get more friendly with her. The lucky takes his time making sure bottom holes get fingered and rimmed for the impending penetration. But, before the intercourse occurs, Alexa shows off her decent fellatio skills. After the extended foreplay, he fucks her pussy in several positions before fucking her up her tight ass. Her poopchute doesn’t fully take him, but she looks like she is on the border of pain and pleasure as he pounds her ass in the piledriver position. In the end, the good scene ends with a nice facial. Even with the stylized settings, this is a good start to this Tanya Hyde video.

The second scene starring Kerry Louise is more like Tanya Hyde’s fetish style, especially when the director was still linked up with Private. Anyway, Kerry Louise is a big busty average-looking Euro brunette who has some fun with two masked guys. There is another lady, but she’s there only as a support role performing some PTOGM and solo masturbation. Anyway, Kerry teases their cocks before she goes to work on slobbering on them. Next, she shows them who’s boss when she sits on their faces. The situation changes up when she’s upside down having to suck both their cocks before the vaginal and anal penetration sequences start. As expected, she takes it up the poopchute without a problem. The scene ends with some jizz covering her bum. It’s a decent scene, but it’s slightly too fetish-y for my liking.

Black Angelika is one of the hottest brunette pornstars with her tanned and tight body and pretty face. She plays a naughty maid getting all nice and nasty using her metal sex toy on herself. She’s joined by the blonde Donna Bell. It doesn’t take too long before they engage in sapphic love-making before they are interrupted by one very lucky guy. He has his cock sucked on by these two lovely gals all to himself. But, then he has to share the ladies with another guy. The ladies pair up to suck and fuck. At one point, Donna Bell takes on both cocks with one in her mouth and other fucking her from behind while Black Angelika takes a breather. This leads to the anal penetrations for both ladies, but Black Angelika looks so hot taking it up the butt. In the end, Black Angelika takes a cumshot to her butt while Donna takes a sizable facial! It’s another good scene, but the scene’s shots could have been better placed.

The final scene starring the blonde pony-tailed Alexandra Cat and the ebony pornstar Jasmine Webb is another slightly extreme fetish scene. Alexandra has to endure the dildo piston fucking her pussy while she gets frisky with two guys. It doesn’t take too long before she has her mouth on their cocks. Later, the guys turn their attention to Jasmine Webb and they insert some sex toys in her bottom holes before they continue feeding her cock. This leads to the vaginal and anal sex for both before the jizz starts to flow. As a result, Alexandra takes a facial while Jasmine’s tummy is covered with cum. This scene was too fetish-y for my tastes like scene two, but if you like either women, this scene may do it for you.

In summary, Tanya Hyde’s Original Sinners is a good video, but with some qualifications. I have to say that this one of a few Tanya Hyde videos that I actually like. The reason I don’t like most of Tanya Hyde’s releases is that it’s too fetishy . . . meaning the average viewer may not like it. Howerver, there are enough scenes here to get the average viewer going. This DVD gets squeaks in with a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

  1. I just saw this film and this review was absolutely SPOT ON!! And Black Angelika has to be one of thee most beautiful women ever to walk terra firma!!! Great Review!!

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