Teens Like It Big 5

Teens Like It Big 5 by Brazzers is definitely one of the best in the series. I say this because of the entertaining plots combined with the hot sex! This is the case for the first three scenes, but especially scene two starring Lindy Lane. If you like women like Lexi Belle and Lindy Lane, then this DVD is worth purchasing!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 55 minutes

Starring: Brynn Tyler, Lexi Belle, Lindy Lane, Hailey Young, Pepper Foxxx, and Bella

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is good. In terms of sound quality, the spoken dialogue and sex sounds including the sucking sounds. especially from Lindy Lane’s scene come in clear and crisp without distortion.

The extras include a decent ~35 minute bonus scene with Rachel Milan, a photo gallery, cumshot recap, and six trailers. It’s definitely not the best bonus Brazzer scene I’ve watched.

The blondes Brynn Tyler and Lexi Belle want to go to a party, but one of the requirements for entrance is to bring booze. They concoct a scheme by asking their nerdy next door dorm mate. He accepts the challenge and heads off to the store with his fake ID. The ladies think that he’s ditched them, but he delivers the goods. They are about to ditch him, but they spend the time making fun of him while he dances. However, they cannot believe their eyes as the horny ladies see the outline of his cock through his pants. At this time, they become friendlier with him and start to massage and stroke his cock through his pants. It doesn’t take too long before Brynn and Lexi take turns locking their lips on his fuck stick. In fact, Lexi gets throatfucked for a couple of seconds. The foreplay continues with daisy chain action with Lexi sitting on Brynn’s face while the lucky eats her out. After the foreplay, he fucks them hard one by one. Both ladies do some taste-testing in the form of PTM and PTOGM. In the end, he delivers a massive DNA load on their faces with Lexi even scooping some jizz out of Brynn’s mouth to taste it! This is a great scene to start the DVD because of the scene’s buildup with two sexy blondes.

Hailey Young is about to have some fun with her boyfriend, but he resists while she helps him out of his clothes. When she’s about to suck him, she notices some lipstick on his shaft, which makes her break into tears. Haileys kicks him out and several minutes later she calls her BFF Lindy Lane to comfort her. Meanwhile, Lindy feigns interest in consoling her because her eyes focus on Hailey’s boyrfriend’s cock. She plays with herself until he sticks his cock in her mouth while she passively talks to Hailey. This is just CLASSIC! Hailey notices that something is going on, but interprets the slurping and sucking sounds as Lindy eating cereal and watching television! When Lindy ends the call, she resumes giving some excellent head! Needless to say that this sexy brunette knows her way around cock. This leads to the outstanding sex where he pounds her bare pussy into oblivion. The scene is a little rough with the guy choking her during some of the sex sequences. Finally, he thanks by dousing her pretty face with lots of DNA juice!

The next scene has Hailey Young consoling one of her friends because her dad has been feeling depressed for a couple of weeks. Hailey offers her friend some money so she can clear her head and go shopping. She falls for the trick and so Hailey puts her seduction scheme into play. Hailey watches her BFF’s dad practicing his putting skills. One thing leads to another and soon Hailey gets down on all fours to pick up the golf balls before she sucks him off. That was just a preview for what’s to cum since the brunt of the scene occurs in her BFF’s bedroom. Soon, the two engage in the horizontal mambo in several different positions. In between the sex, she performs taste-testing. Things get acrobatic when she gets fucked in the wheelbarrow position. In the end, he gets off a nice jizz shot all over her face and mouth! Things get awkward when he answers the phone and hands the phone to the Hailey who struggles to clear her throat from the jizz!

The penultimate scene stars the busty Latina Pepper Foxxx. The plot isn’t as interesting as the others. Anyway, Pepper has the house all to her own since her parents are out of town. Needless to say, these are probably the special opportunities for her to get laid. When she helps him out of his clothes, she’s amazed at how big he is even using her arm to gain perspective. After the awe, she goes downtown on him before he does the same to her. This leads to the spirited vaginal fucking and Pepper knows how to put the C in Caliente! In between the sex, she sucks him off. Finally, he gets off a nice load all over face!

Finally, the decent blonde Bella has sex in front of her webcam for the Brazzers site. Her partner shows up and the action begins, but before that happens she measures her partner’s cock with a measuring tape. But, he wants her to measure his cock with her mouth and the rest is history. This leads to the intercourse in multiple positions until he unloads his protein pudding all over her face including her eyes. Although this was the weakest scene in terms of sex and plot, she finishes strong by slightly opening her cum-covered eyes for the camera!

In summary, Teens LIke It Big 5 is an exceptional volume in this series. Although the cast list may not be spectacular with the exception of Lexi Belle and Lindy Lane, the sex and plot make this DVD worth purchasing. The first three scenes were exceptional, but the last two couldn’t measure up. Despite that, this DVD comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Rating: Highly recommended

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