Magmafilm’s Die Versuchung

Nils Molitor’s Die Versuchung (The Temptation) is a great release with a skilled cast headed by Wanita Tan, Tarra White, Black Angelika and company. Although this video is far from perfect, it has some volcanic scenes that should provide lots of re-playability!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 2 minutes

Starring: Wanita Tan, Uma Masome, Tarra White, Lea Lexis, Angela Pink, Black Angelika, and Alysha Laine

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting is optimal, but the composition is a little waning as compared to other Moli features. At some points, it seems that some parts of the sex is capture for an R-rated audience. Anyway, the sound comes in clear and crisp without distortion.

The extras include a Ken Burns style slideshow and several trailers.

Wanita Tan starts things off right by relieving her boyfriend from all his stresses. The Asian has a tight body with perfectly sized tits. The scene starts with passionate caresses until he gets down on his knees and eats her out. She returns the favor giving him some good head. This leads to him fucking her from behind in the doggie position before the sex heads indoors. The vaginal fucking continues until he jams his cock up her ass in the reverse cowgirl position. In the end, Wanita jerks him off onto her hand. It was a nice scene with a letdown ending.

The Czech blonde Tarra White shows off her bilingual tongue by delivering some impressive German lines albeit with a Czech accent. The scene takes place in a seedy bar on a pool table. It doesn’t take too long before she’s on her tummy on the table giving some sloppy head. He returns the favor wetting her bottom holes for the impending penetrations. At first, he fucks her pussy, but spends most of the time fucking her tight ass! Things get really active when she’s on top taking it in the pooper. The excellent scene ends with him getting off a super-soaker of a facial before she gives some Grade A post-coital suction!

Next up is the mature-looking blonde Uma Masome having a day of gourmet food with a sexual twist. Their servant, Black Angelika, serves them some delicious food like lobsters. Suddenly, things get x-rated when Uma backs her rump against his cock. The intercourse begins with vaginal, but then it progresses to the hard anal. The scene becomes a threesome when Black Angelika gets her tight body fucked first in the pussy and then in her ass. In the end, the hot brunette takes the majority of his population pudding before she shares it with Uma.

Uma Masone and company arrange an orgy-filled night with the likes of Lea Lexis and Wanita Tan. Despite that, Wanita isn’t as active in this one because Lea steals the show from her by taking it up the ass, getting DPed, and taking facials. Wanita does her fairshare of sucking and fucking, but needless to say, she plays second or third fiddle. Meanwhile, Uma watches the two ladies getting fucked and also helps out as a fluffer. It’s a decent scene, which could have been better if the participants were more active.

The next scene is even kinkier than the prior ones with this scene set in a German sex club. Uma Masone escorts her male companion so they can watch Tarra White and Angela Pink go at with each other. The sex toys come into play while Uma grabs his cock while the two watch the girl/girl action. Things get kinky when a guy enters the sex room and takes on the two ladies for some vaginal and anal fucking. Meanwhile, Uma drops down and gives her partner some great and sloppy head. The other guy cums on both ladies while Uma receives a sloppy facial for her efforts. This is a good scene with a good kinky buildup.

There’s one more sex scene in the club starring Alysha Laine. It’s a rather quick scene and is the only scene with a condom. Anyway, after getting fucked hard, she sucks them off before they thank her by spraying her face with population pudding. It’s a decent scene, but it seems like they just added this scene in for filler.

The last scene stars Uma Masone in a three man mini-gangbang session. The MILF blonde definitely knows her way around cock. Soon, the scene kicks into high gear when she has herself airtight literally with all her holes sealed with cock. It doesn’t take too long before they spray her with spunk juice. All in all it’s a decent gangbang, but not the best.

In summary, Die Versuchung (The Temptation) is a well-produced porno feature from Nils Molitor. With a good cast headed by Wanita Tan, Tarra White, Black Angelika, and company it would be next to impossible for this video to fail. However, this is not to say it is without fault. There are some questionable filler scenes like Alysha Laine’s. Despite that, this video earns enough to get a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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