Voodoo House’s The Dicksuckers 1

Voodoo House’s The Dicksuckers 1 is a good compilation of scenes from the website of the same name. For the most part, this DVD delivers the goods with massive facials. It would have been nice if the scenes were a little longer. This is definitely a DVD worth purchasing if you want to see some nice finishes, so to speak!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 7 minutes

Starring: Casey Chase, Jenny Hendrix, Miley Ann, Nicole Ray, Charlotte Vale, Daisy Layne, Hayden Night, Abbey Brooks, Adrianna Deville, Anne von Trap, Aliana Love, Jasmine Jolie, Beau Marie, Jayma Reed, Jenni Lee, Miley, Ryan Hunter, Tia Ling, Kiara and Taylor Thomas

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition serves the purpose of this BJ flick. However, the lighting is the mixed bag that varies from scene to scene. In terms of audio quality, the sounds come in clear without distortion.

The extras include a cumshot recap, photo gallery, and several trailers.

First up is Casey Chase, a cute brunette wearing an easy access black top. She has a nice all-American look to her. The only thing that’s a turn off is her belly button. After the tease session, a headless meat puppet enters the scene and she does a great job worshipping the snake. The camera switches intermittently from the POV to third person several times. What’s best about this scene is the great eye contact she gives to the camera. The nice scene ends with a messy facial, which she definitely deserves! She’s not done yet because she scoops some of the jizz up and tastes it!

Next up is Jenny Hendrix, but this time she has long jet black hair. She’s wearing a pink tank top and white hot pants. Supposedly, Ms. Hendrix has some Asian blood in her, but I just cannot see it. Anyway, she takes off her hot pants and gives several booty shakes before she sits down and spreads her thighs wide open. After the tease, she goes to work with the headless meat puppet. The camera pans out showing off thick and firm white ass while she gives good head. The best portion of the blowjob scene is the POV where we get to see her fine ass while she delivers good suction complete with eye contact. I don’t know why but Jenny seems to bring the best out of her partners because he delivers a massive facial!

Miley Ann is getting off at work by watching a porno scene on her computer. She undresses for the camera and shows off her polka dotted bra and matching pink undies for the camera. Miley definitely has the cute vibe going for her. Her meat puppet enters the scene and we are treated to some good POV head complete with great eye contact. Miley does her best at getting inch of him down her sexy throat of hers. The scene ends with her jerking him off onto her pretty face. I’m not sure if she was expecting the monster facial, but she takes it without a hitch!

Next up is Riley Rey who is a decent-looking brunette. The only thing wrong with her is that her nose has that Missy Piggy look. She’s not as good as what she does with her mouth, but it’s all good. One thing’s for sure is that she knows how to deliver the dirty talk! In the end, he shoots his load all over her face!

Charlotte Vale is a decent-looking brunette wearing a rather conservative blue blouse, but things soon get x-rated when she touches herself. Just like Riley Rey, she’s another great nasty talker. Soon, she’s sucking on dick like there’s no tomorrow. Her expression in some of the sequences is disturbing since she has the dead inside eyes look. After the decent head, she jerks him off onto her face! He’s not done yet because he has another load just for her, which she swallows whole!

Daisy Layne is a below average curly blonde who wastes no time exposing her breast buds, so to speak. After stripping down to her birthday suit, she does her thing. After the decent head, he thanks her with a creamy and frothy facial! She’s not done yet because she performs great post-coital head.

Next up is Hayden Night who’s dressed much more conservative than the prior women wearing a black tank top and jeans. But, that soon changes when she reveals her tits for the camera. Things get interesting after she strips down and uses her dildo on herself before giving head. She finishes him off with her hands until he gets off a massive jizzshot that plasters her face. I’m betting that she didn’t expect that, but she takes like a pro even opening her eyes after the facial devastation.

Abbey Brooks feels naughty tonight and decides to masturbate to a porno. She’s diddling herself while wearing sexy pink translucent lingerie. Apparently, this isn’t satiating her sexual appetite, but luckily for her she has cock to suck on. The busty blonde shows off her no-hands head technique. She shows how nasty she is by getting his schlong nice and wet with saliva before resuming blowing him. In the end, he gives her chin and a frothy load of population pudding!

Adrianna Deville is a super cock-sucking temptress. But, despite her great technique, she doesn’t look as appealing as in other videos because she has cake-on makeup, which makes her look like a clown. If you can get past that, you’ll be treated by a good performance from her. In the end, Adrianna takes his jizzshot in her open mouth and swallows like a pro!

Anne von Trap looks like your average corn-fed blonde from the midwest. She’s wearing a 60s inspired tight dress before she strips down to her birthday suit. Don’t let her drab rather average-look deceive you because she knows how to talk dirty throughout the blowjob scene. In fact, she gives a few deepthroats in between the regular fellatio. In the end, he thanks her by plastering her face!

The video switches it up with including women of color starting with Aliana Love. Aliana Love is a light skinned woman looking fresh and spunky wearing a white tank top and a jean skirt. She doesn’t look as fresh when she exposes her droopy breasts. After shaking her tits for the camera, she goes  down on her knees and gives decent head. For a couple moments, she gives some deepthroat before resuming regular head. Finally, he unleashes a torrent of jizz covering her face including her forehead and eyes. She even opens her cum covered eyes for a couple of seconds before closing them.

Next up is the blonde stunner, Jasmine Jolie. She not only looks attractive, but she is also a mean trash-talking cocksucker! She’s wearing a conservative looking purple top before she strips down to nothing. Then, she goes downtown on the lucky bastard giving some head with lots of saliva. Furthermore, she makes the scene hotter by giving him deepthroat for a couple of seconds resulting in a couple of tears. In the end, she sucks him off until he’s about to deliver his monster DNA payload in her mouth. Jasmine plays with his jizz blowing some cum bubbles until she swallows it in one entire sitting! This is easily the best scene on the DVD!

Beau Marie is an attractive-looking stoner-type redhead. Basically, she looks like a cleaned up version of Sierra Sinn. Anyway, things get interesting from the get-go because she becomes the willing participant for the Sybian experience. In fact, things get a little super-orgasmic for her as she tries to concentrate on sucking cock at the same time. Beau screams with high pitch orgasmic sounds making her sound like a JAV star. She takes one cumshot with an open mouth and swallows before letting out high pitch squeals as she cums several times. The meat puppet has one more cumshot for her and he delivers a monster load on her face to end the scene. It was an entertaining scene just because we get to see Beau in her orgasmic face with jizz on her face!

Jayma Reed is a decent-looking curly-haired brunette. Nothing really stands out on this waif except for her pretty eyes, which look even better when she’s sucking on cock. Jayma has some skill at fluteplaying and even lets him fuck her throat for several moments. The nice scene ends with him delivering a massive facial, but she’s game for it because she even opens her eyes after the facial devastation!

Next up is probably the most attractive lady in the bunch, the sexy-looking Jenni Lee. It doesn’t take two minutes before she’s stripped down to her birthday suit. Jenni Lee is a breath of fresh air and she impresses further with the great fellatio performance. There’s one point when she signals him to quiet down when she brings her finger to her lips before resuming the blowjob. There’s also moments of her letting him fuck her throat. In the end, he thanks her with a sticky facial. She even opens her cum-coated eyes before the camera fades out to black!

Miley is an above-average cropped-haired blonde with a nice perky body. She definitely looks like she belongs on the Amateurallure site. Anyway, she’s wearing a sultry turquoise dress that she wears throughout. After delivering decent dirty talk, she gives decent head. In the end, his aim is a little off with most of the jizz landing on the couch instead of her face!

Ryan Hunter is a pixie haired brunette who has a light tan going. Just like Miley, Ryan has a perky and tight body. Her technique is slightly better than Miley’s but Miley had the better-looking face. I like how the camera captures her playing with herself as she busies her mouth with cock. Anyway, this is a decent scene ending with a monster facial that makes her face look like a glazed donut! Unlike the other women, she doesn’t open her eyes after the plastering.

Next is the busty Korean-American, Tia Ling. I have to say that she’s not the most attractive Asian in the biz today, but she definitely has the sexual skill to get people off, especially regarding her DSLs. Needless to say, she puts her lips to good use giving some great head. For her efforts, he rewards her with a massive facial!

The penultimate scene stars Kiara, an average-looking blonde. The scene spends most of the time with talking and teasing moreso than the rest of the scenes. When she finally has her go at sucking cock, her performance is nothing special. In the end, this at best average scene ends with jizz all over her chest.

The last scene stars Taylor Thomas, a decent-looking brunette who definitely has skills at sucking cock. In fact, there are moments where she slobbers on the lucky guy’s dick. It’s a decent scene that ends with him aiming accurately leaving her face a mess!

In summary, Voodoo House’s The Dicksuckers 1 is a great release for its genre. It’s nice to see that tier two companies can compete with tier one companies when it comes to niche titles like this all-BJ flick. Don’t miss scenes from Jasmine Jolie, Jenni Lee, Jenny Hendrix, and Casey Chase. This release earns enough to be rated HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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