Jules Jordan Video’s Mandingo Goes Deep

Jules Jordan Video’s Mandingo Goes Deep is a decent compilation from this top-tier company. There are excellent scenes put in by Mary Jane and Nautica Thorn, but the other scenes just get by. In other words, this is a competent compilation but there are better JJV compilations out there.

Running Length: D1: ~2 hours and 8 minutes; D2: ~1 hour and 34 minutes

Starring: Julia Bond, Holly Wellin, Katja Kassin, Christie Lee, Nautica Thorn, Luci Thai, Mary Jane, and Lauren Kain

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 3 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, there’s some overexposure issues noted, which was the standard a couple years back. Other than that, the composition is classic Jules Jordan. In terms of audio quality, there are no distortions noted.

The extras include a ~10 minute BTS, photo gallery, cumshot recap, cast list, biography, and several trailers.

First up is Julia Bond, a cute as a button busty Latina, with unsual bearcat tattoos on her titties. She’s dressed up in construction worker gear making her every construction worker’s fantasy. She takes off her utility belt and shows off her great ass for the camera in different angles. Soon, she joins her Mandingo inside and it doesn’t take too long before she’s sucking his cock. It’s not her best performance since she doesn’t even try getting even half of him inside her mouth. This leads to the vaginal intercourse in different positions including doggie and missionary. In between the positions, she performs more average head. In the end, she takes the cumshot to her face.

Next up is Holly Wellin who’s wearing military-themed-two-piece stripper gear. Holly definitely has that raw sensuality that’s helped her maintain an audience. Anyway, after teasing the camera, she gets down to work giving the very lucky mandingo a slobbering blowjob. In fact, she’s able to get almost half of him inside her sexy mouth of hers. Once he’s hard and ready, he mounts her from behind and starts slowly before picking up the pace. But, things get heated during the cowgirl position where she’s very active and vocal! In between the fucking, she does some taste-testing. Finally, he cums inside her mouth. Holly shows plays with the jizz with her tongue before swallowing it down whole! Nice, very nice!

The penultimate scene on disc one stars the extremely slutty Katja Kassin at the peak of her popularity. This German tart definitely made her mark in American porn and this is definitely one of these scenes. She’s wearing a black and hot pink two piece before she shows off her very meaty ass, especially for a white lady. When she’s indoors, she pulls out her studded glass dildo and sticks it inside her pooper. Her black costar joins the scene and begins to caress her body. He gets more active when he takes out his cock for her to suck on. She’s even a better sword swallower than Holly Wellin getting more than half of his schlong inside her mouth! The scene progresses into the vaginal and then anal intercourse. It’s almost unbelievable how easy Katja takes the long-schlonged mandingo up her poopchute! In between the sex, she manages to do some taste-testing in the forms of PTM and ATM! The scene ends with her taking the cumshot in her open-mouth before she swallows! I’ve never been a fan of Katja Kassin, but I do appreciate her efforts in this scene.

Christie Lee closes the first disc out when she visits Jules Jordan and company wearing a sexy silver jumpsuit. Ms. Lee has that all-American look and looks like she would probably get a decent non-nude modeling gig, but oh well. Jules shows her some of his DVDs and starts to play one of them. It doesn’t take too long before her black partner enters the scene. Christie does a decent job with the head before he pounds her pussy in several different positions. I must say that she definitely is one of the most enthusiastic ladies on this compilation. For her efforts, she takes a cumshot to her face and shoulder. Christie tries not to waste any and scoops some up to taste!

Nautica Thorn is a sweet like butter blazing Asian. The native Hawaiian of mixed ancestries wears a sexy monokini and gives erection-inducing poses and stares to the camera. She shows off her tits before her black partner enters the scene. Nautica gives him a lap dance before she sucks his cock.
During the foreplay, he briefly licks her lovebox while she gives him a hand, literally! This leads to the hot and sweaty sex in several different positions, especially during the very active on-top sequences!

The Asian theme continues with the lovely Luci Thai. She’s wearing white stockings and white faux fur draping her awesome tits. She walks up the stairs while the camera takes lingering shots of her. Soon, she has her lips locked onto the black fuck stick. Luci loses the fur when her partner licks her naughty bits before he enters her in the missionary position. At first, she doesn’t seem to like it, but when she’s on top, she becomes more vocal and more aggressive. In the end, she takes a subpar cumshot before sucking him off. Luci Thai is a top performer, but this is definitely not her best performance for Jules Jordan Video.

The penultimate scene from disc two stars the lovely Latina Mary Jane dressed up in a French maid outfit. Anyway, she does a poor job at dusting, but that’s not why she’s there. This one-time Van Styles muse sucks a mean cock complete with plenty of saliva for those who care! In between the fucking, she showcases more of her grade A fellatio. Things pick up when she’s on top in the cowgirl position! Mary Jane finishes him off with her mouth and hand before he cums. For good measure, she tastes some of the jizz and performs post-coital head!

Last up is a sexy blonde stripper named Lauren Kain. She looks extremely hot and sexy in her white business suit and matching white stockings. Lauren drops her office work and turns her attention to her interracial costar. It doesn’t take too long before she exposes her almost perfect breast implants for her lucky partner and the camera. Soon, she’s giving good head with above-average eye contact. The foreplay is easiest the best segment in the scene because the intercourse falls flat on all fronts. In the end, she takes the cumshot like a professional and even gives extended post-coital loving with excellent eye contact! I just felt that Lauren Kain was keeping her enthusiast pent up a little.

In summary, Jules Jordan Video’s compilation Mandingo Goes Deep is an adequate release, but it’s definitely not one of the best JJV compilations out there. The scenes that definitely stood out were Nautica’s and Mary Jane’s. The cast for the most part was attractive, but talent like Lauren Kain and Luci Thai seemed to have not given their 110%. Because of that, this release earns enough for a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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