Sky Angel Blue Volume 9: Rino Asuka

Sky Angel Blue Volume 9: Rino Asuka is another great volume in this Blu-ray JAV series. Unlike prior volumes, there’s definitely theme going on with Rino playing a hostess/bartender at a club. Needless to say, she goes above and beyond her duties! There’s a good variety of scenes on this Blu-ray and that definitely is a plus. If you like Japanese AV without the mosaics, this Blu-ray is definitely worth purchasing!

Running Length: 2 hours and 36 minutes

Starring: Rino Asuka and Natsumi

The video is presented in widescreen 1080i HD and is encoded in the standard MPEG-2 at around 17-18 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is on par with recent releases from this JAV company. However, there are time where there is graininess, especially during low-light conditions. In terms of audio quality, the dialogue and sex sounds come in clear and crisp. The English subtitles are not as amusing as prior volumes, but oh well!

The extras include a photo gallery and several trailers.

Rino’s first scene is somewhat confusing since at the beginning she and her leading man are at the bar at different times, but then the scene resumes with him groping Rino in the bedroom. Rino’s feeling his tongue movements while he sucks her tits. Soon, he works his way down and starts pressing on Rino’s purple underwear. This is just a prelude for what’s to come next. With only a flick of his wrist, her underwear is already off. The fingering leads to all out pussy-licking! She returns the favor with inspired head complete with lots of saliva and gagging! The scene progresses to the intercourse where it just gets better. Rino especially likes it when she’s on top. In the end, he delivers his jizz payload right inside her!

Rino’s now back at the bar where she’s tending the bar. She serves up a customer, but in a different way if you get my drift. She brings customer service to a whole different level! After she licks his chest and his toes, she performs an inspired blowjob captured in POV style. But, the icing on the cake is when she jerks him off into her open mouth! She does a lot of cum play before applying the fresh warm DNA juice to her muff. She begins to diddle herself with her cum-covered fingers to end the scene. I can safely say that I’ve seen this before!

Rino takes a break so we get to see Natsumi. Natsumi isn’t as attractive as Rino, but she’ll do. She’s wearing black lingerie while her costar subjects her to vibrators first teasing her tits and finally penetrating her pussy with them. It looks like he’s prepping her for being fucked in the ass when he sticks the anal beads in her making it a simulated double penetration. However, the actual anal is not to be. Another guy joins in the fun and has his dick sucked on while the sex toy dude continues his hobby! She finishes him off with good head until he cums in her open mouth. Natsumi uses her hand to receive the excess jizz before she takes a lick or two from it!

Rino shows off her kinky side when she pull aside one of her male patrons and puts on a blindfold. She strips down showing off her tits for us, but too bad for him he cannot see her at the moment. Instead, she tortures him by touching herself and making sounds. Soon, she pulls out her zebra-printed vibrator and goes for gold! Then, she oils her body up turning up the kink factor. Finally, she gets herself off with another sex toy. I don’t know if the blindfolded guy is lucky or unlucky, but at least he was able to enjoy the sounds of Rino getting off!

The penultimate scene has Rino being the center of attraction for the gangbang! The six guys jockey for position to grope her naughty bits. This leads to her blowing the lucky guys. It doesn’t take too long before the jizz starts to fly in her mouth and face! There’s no break for her to wipe the jizz from her face as the rest continue to pound her pussy and enjoy her oral skills! The pounding leads to two vaginal creampies in the end. This is definitely one of the best scenes on the Blu-ray and it’s great that they mixed it up creampies and facials!

Rino ends this Blu-ray right with a POV cocktail, so to speak! She ends her hostess functions in the VIP room. She’s not as orally active as in her other scenes, but she gets the job done, so to speak!

In summary, Sky Angel Blue Volume 9 is an exceptional Blu-ray in the series. There wasn’t one bad apple in the bunch. In fact, there were a couple of extremely replayable scenes like the gangbang and the second scene. With that said, this Blu-ray has enough to receive a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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