Sky Angel Blue Volume 10: Erika Chris (Blu-ray)

Sky Angel Blue Volume 10: Erika Chris is a good release for the series. Not only is Erika Chris attractive, but she definitely has the sexual skills to carry off good scenes. Although I’m not a fan of bondage, I can appreciate good performances. Although this is not in the top three in the series, it’s a solid release. With that said, this is definitely worth purchasing, especially if you like uncensored JAV Blu-ray videos!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 12 minutes

Starring: Erika Chris

The video is presented in widescreen HD 1080i and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 18-19 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is at par with recent releases. In terms of audio quality, the sex sounds and dialogue come in clear. As always, the English subtitles are funny, but not as hilarious as earlier volumes.

The extras includes several trailers as well as plenty of slide shows with two being bonus galleries from two other Sky Angel Blue videos.

Erika Chris is a cute Japanese AV idol who just got back in the saddle after a 2 year layover. The first scene has a bondage/submission theme, which is present in the majority of scenes. Anyway, she’s in sexy and sultry rose-covered lingerie while her partner uses a black rag to rub up against her covered muff. After this, he works his way down to her pussy and eats her out! Next, he ties her hands behind her back for the impending no-hands fellatio. It doesn’t take too long before she puts her lips on his fuck stick and sucks away. There’s even a good amount of throatfucking by the lucky guy. In the end, he pulls out and shoots a high velocity cumshot that lands just below her nose as well as her mouth! She’s not done yet because she sucks him off for good measure!

The second scene carries on the where the last one left off with plenty of kink. This time she’s blindfolded in a a cute white outfit. The two exchange romantic kisses while he helps her out of her clothes. Underneath her outfit, she’s wearing a classy yellow bra, but soon that gets taken off. He works his way down and worships her ass even rimming her for a brief time. By this time, he’s ready to get his cock sucked by her! She proves quite the oral temptress as she manages a deliberate pace with lots of tongue and ball-sucking action as well as some rim action! They get creative going into the 69 before the intercourse starts. When it does, Erika frees herself from the blindfolds so she can she how hard he’s pounding her. She’s an energetic fuck, especially when she’s on top and during the missionary. In the end, he takes off his rubber and launches a nice load of protein pudding on her face before she performs brief post-coital head!

Erika finds herself in yet another compromising position with her bound by black ropes while a Hitachi magic wands that hangs from the ceiling is pleasuring her. Then, a couple of guys grope her wonderfully sized breasts before fingering her. It gets kinkier when the other sex toys tease her tits and her pussy at the same time. Then, before she gets to suck cock, one of the guys eats her out. While the guy receives exceptional head from her, the other guy is busy prepping the massive vibrator that’s attached to the bedpost. He cranks it up to high oscillation and this makes her pussy wet. The good head leads to him giving her face a nice cum coating! By scene’s end, it’s safe to say that she got her jollies off!

Finally, the last scene has Erika bound with red-colored cloth and being suspended from the ceiling. The two guys approach her and start fondling her. The lucky guys take their time and effort to explore and savor her naughty bits. Finally, they help her out and place her on the bed for the impending threesome. Before that happens, she sucks on their cocks like there’s no tomorrow. This leads to the threesome where she has a cock in her mouth and a cock in her pussy. Erika proves once again that she is an active rider, especially when she’s on top. Then, they end the tagteam session so each guy has enough one-on-one time with her. One of the guys fucks her in the missionary until he cannot take it any longer and pulls out his condom and spooges her face. The remaining guy has his chance and also launches a thick wad of jizz on her pretty face!

In summary, Sky Angel Blue Volume 10: Erika Chris, stars a lovely JAV idol who luckily for us has come back to the business after a two year hiatus. Although I’m not into submission scenes, at least Erika Chris made it tolerable enough for the average porn viewer. She definitely has that raw energy, which exudes on-screen that belies her innocent look. This volume definitely deserves a SOLID RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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