Sky Angel Blue Volume 6: Rika Kurachi (Blu-ray)

Sky Angel Blue 6: Rika Kurachi is a decent volume in this series. There are a few scenes worth noting, especially scenes three and four. However, the rest of the scenes weren’t as entertaining to watch. With that said, you’re better off purchasing other Blu-ray volumes like Sky Angel Blue 8: Anna Mizukawa!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 49 minutes

Starring: Rika Kurachi and Anna Mizukawa

The video is presented in widescreen 1080i HD and is encoded in the standard MPEG-2 at around 18 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is on par with recent releases from this JAV company. In terms of audio quality, the dialogue and sex sounds come in clear and crisp. The English subtitles are not as amusing as prior volumes, but oh well!

The extras include three photo galleries and several trailers.

The first actual sex scene starts with Rika wading in the bath while she gets interviewed by the cameraman. Soon, her partner surprises her from behind. He gropes her and wanders down to her nether regions where he eats her out. Rika returns the favor with below average head. Fortunately, her partner gives her the old one-two in several different positions. The intercourse is definitely the best portion of this scene and she looks like she’s feeling it in the doggie position. After thoroughly fucking her, he delivers his seed in her vagina, resulting in the ever popular creampie!

In the next scene, Rika is in a compromising position when she’s bound and gagged. The five perverted Japanese guys begin to grope her naughty bits with their greased up hands. Then, the extreme sex toys come out and it doesn’t take too long before they penetrated her bottom holes at once with toys. I have to say that the Japanese love their gadgets and their sex accessories for their Hitachi magic massager! The scene takes it too far with the speculum action. Several of the guys launch their DNA juice directly into the vaginal speculum until it accumulates. Once it does, they give Rika some rubber tubing as a straw so she can literally suck the jizz out of herself. It doesn’t end there because she gets fucked by a sex toy until she cums again!

Next up is Anna Mizukawa who walks into a business establishment where she’s interviewed. As the interview progresses, the interviewee asks her to show off some yoga poses. Before she knows it, she’s in compromising positions. Soon, the guy takes off his underwear so she can suck his cock. After the good head, the guy eats her out intermittently while he brings out an electronic anal probe, which he promptly inserts into her. This gets him horny and it doesn’t take long before he’s fucking her pussy hard in several different positions. Then, he makes his move and takes the probe out and gets his member all lubed up for the imminent anal penetration. First, he takes it easy on her, but as the anal progresses he puts more force into every fuck thrust. Finally, he cannot take it any longer and pulls out to deliver his protein blast all around her anus!

Rika Kurachi walks into a photo studio expecting to do a Gravure photo shoot, but the two guys put a blindfold on her and start to grope her. She’s wearing sexy fashionable nightwear along with fencenet stockings. Soon, they help her undress and even spread her vagina lips for the camera. Anyway, if you can get pass the questionable scenario, then you’ll be treated to some Grade A quality throatfucking and fellatio. One of the guy cums alot on her and insider her mouth, but she keeps sucking away like an Energizer rabbit. Without stopping to clean up, the other guy throatfucks her hard resulting in thick wads of cum/saliva dangling from her chin. Finally, he cannot take it any longer and gets off a high volume cumshot! By scene’s end, it’s safe to officially declare that her cum/saliva smeared face is a biohazard!

It’s Rika again, but this time she’s wearing a trashy looking two-piece. She becomes the center of attraction for the two guys who start to grope her breasts. It doesn’t take too long until they expose her tits from her bra. Next, they work their way down to her underwear where they poke and prod her before eating her out. She returns the favor with decent head before they fuck her like there’s no tomorrow. Rika shows her flexibility with a few acrobatic positions. In the end, she takes two consecutive vaginal creampies. She shows how nasty she can be by tasting the jizz that landed in her hoo-ha.

In summary, Sky Angel Blue 6: Rika Kurachi has its moments, but ultimately there are better volumes in this series. While there were a couple good scenes like scenes three and four, the other ones weren’t as interesting. Because of this, this Blu-ray is a RENTAL at best!

RATING: Rent it

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