Cezar Capone’s Oral Assault 1

Cezar Capone’s Oral Assault 1 is a good DVD for its genre. Out of the seven scenes, two are excellent with four being average, and one being lackluster. For those who want a healthy alternative to the Gag Factor series, then this is a good start.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 14 minutes

Starring: Amber Swift, Alexia Sky, Thea Marie, Katie Kayne, Michelle Brown, Michelle Myers, and Holly Halston

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and lighting is on par with recent Cezar Capone titles. In terms of audio quality, the sex sounds and dialogue come in clear. There are a times when the audio is not in sync with the video.

The extras include four trailers and a slideshow. I hope that Cezar Capone addresses this issue.

Amber Swift is an above-average redhead who denies being orally assaulted before. However, that seems to be in question when the lucky guy gets to throatfuck her. At times, he grabs a hold of her hair while he shoves his cock into her mouth. Things get more extreme when she’s on her back, but it never gets too Gag Factor. For the rest of the time, she’s on her knees getting throatfucked. In the end, he jerks off onto her open mouth, face, eyebrows, and chest. She’s not afraid to keep her eyes open. The female director asks her if Amber wants to do it again and she responds with an emphatic no!

Next up is the pale blonde Alexia Sky. There’s not particulary interesting in this blowjob scene. It’s rather on the tame side. The rather lame scene ends with her covering her eyes with her hands as he jizzes on her face.

Thea Marie’s scene more than makes up for the Alexia’s. She’s a cute Latina who has some solo fun in the bathtub. She diddles herself before her lucky partner feeds his cock to her. Thea Marie shows off her impressive deep-throating skills in between the throatfucking. Things get more heated in the throatfucking department when she’s on her back. While her mouth gets fucked, she seizes the opportunity to diddle herself. In the end, she finishes the scene in Gag Factor-like fashion taking an oral creampie! It shouldn’t be a surprise that her makeup is smeared from all the action. She’s not finish yet because she gives excellent post-coital head. This was an excellent scene ending with an outstanding ending!

Katie Kayne is in yet another Cezar Capone release. It appears that she’s the current muse for this company. Anyway, after the brief interview her partner enters the scene. She starts off slowly sucking cock, but as the scene progresses she takes the aggressive throatfucking like a pro. Unlike the prior scene, this ends with Katie’s partner cumming on her face with some drops landing in her mouth, which she eagerly swallows!

Next up is the curly-haired Michelle Brown. The cornfed looking Michelle looks out of place like Alexia Sky. Plus, it doesn’t help her cause that she’s paired up with a guy that just talks too much. The trash talk by the guy borders on Max Hardcore territory, so it’s probably best to watch this scene with the sound muted. Anyway, if you can get past these two issues, Michelle does a good job at getting throatfucked while on her back. In the end, she takes a decent facial.

The penultimate scene stars an attractive brunette named Michelle Myers wearing a classy two-piece bikini. Things look peaceful and serene until her partner shows up to fuck her throat. At first, it looks like Michelle struggles with the oral assault, but as the scene progresses Michelle looks like the consummate fellatio artist. This is especially the case when he fucks her throat when she’s on her back. Finally, the good scene ends with a monster cum blast that lands on her eyes. She gets bonus points for opening her cum-covered eyes!

Finally, the blonde MILF Holly Halston rounds this DVD out. The busty MILF is no stranger at sucking cock as seen by her performance. It seems that this is the same trash-talking guy that throatfucked Michelle Brown, so it’s best to mute this scene as well. Anyway, Holly takes his cock balls deep into her mouth without too much trouble. The good scene ends with him jizzing on her face.

In summary, Cezar Capone’s Oral Assault 1, is a good alternative to the Gag Factor series. There’s a couple of excellent scenes like Thea Marie’s and Michelle Myers’s. The only below-average scene out of the seven is Alexia’s, who definitely didn’t match the energy level of the others. All in all, this DVD deserves a SOLID RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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