Cezar Capone’s 18 With Proof 3

Cezar Capone’s third volume in this series, 18 With Proof, is an inconsistent title that could have been much better. Despite that, the last two scenes are worth watching, especially if you like high energy action!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 26 minutes

Starring: Ally Ann, Cherry Ferretti, Katie Summers, Niki Fair, and Tessa Taylor

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting is adequate with the colors being accurately depicted. In terms of audio quality, it’s a mixed bag with the dialogue being a little too low while the sex sounds come in crystal clear.

The extras are only a slideshow and four trailers. Hopefully, Cezar Capone and company do a better job in future releases.

The cameraman and his crew follow Ally Ann and watch her pose for the camera in her skimpy white two-piece. She’s an average-looking blonde, but with some genuine spunkiness. After the beach frolic, she returns to her hotel room and shows off her tits. After flashing her ID card, she’s ready to party. Finally, things get X-rated quickly when she squats down and shows off her good flute-playing skills. This leads to the energetic sex, especially when she’s actively taking cock while on top. In the end, she takes a decent facial where she reveals her true colors when she does her best to squeeze out the jizz from her mouth onto her lips.

The next scene stars a below-average brunette Cherry Ferretti. She looks like a low-end version of Rebeca Linares combined with a low-end version of Kacey Kox. Needless to say, I’m not into this scene. Anyway, there’s not much scenario involved since it doesn’t take too long before she sucks and fucks. There’s one nice segment where he drills her like he was drilling for oil, but it’s ruined when we see her unsightly scarred buttcheeks. At least, she’s a trooper giving him some post-coital suction after the facial.

Katie Summers is not your average porn chick in terms of body type because she’s somewhere between the spinner types and the voluptuous ones. If anything, she has more meat than a spinner. It looks as if it will be a boring scene because it starts out with a lackluster blowjob. Thankfully, she gets more into the action and it shows by her expression, especially when she’s on top. Another great position where she’s active in is the doggie. In the end, she takes the facial like a pro even having to wipe the jizz from one of her eyes! This Texan definitely has some potential if she choose to stay in the business.

The penultimate scene stars Niki Fair, an above average Latina, who doesn’t waste any time sucking cock using her DSLs. Her looks rival the looks of Alexis Love, but not as refined. After the great no-hands head complete with jawbreaker action, the lucky guy fucks her in some acrobatic positions like the piledriver. Niki is no stranger at sitting or gyrating on cock, especially in the reverse cowgirl position. The high-energy fucking leads to him dumping his load on her closed mouth. Despite the ho-hum ending, this is the best scene on the DVD.

Last up is the blonde Tessa Taylor who gets accosted at the beach. It doesn’t take too long before the camera crew takes her back to their crib for some X-rated action. Soon, she has her lips locked on his fuck stick. After the foreplay, he fucks her hard in several different positions. Things get somewhat kinky when the scenes goes al fresco on the patio. After several more thrusts into her in the missionary position, he delivers a high-velocity jizz shot that hits her right eye. It’s safe to say that she’ll have pink eye the next day! This easily was the second best scene on the DVD!

In summary, Cezar Capone’s 18 with Proof 3, has its moments, especially the last two scenes with Niki and Tessa turning the energy up several notches! However, the rest of the scenes brings this would-be RECOMMENDED title to be downgraded to a SOLID RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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