Cum For Cover 6

Chris Rolie’s Cum For Cover 6 is not one of the best in the series, but rather it has it’s good moments although the cast list is not impressive at all. Even though I’m not fond of the likes of Kitty Brown, I can appreciate that she brought a certain fierceness or energy throughout the entire scene. Although this volume is not the best, it warrants a closer look.

Running Length: ~3 hours

Starring: Anabel, Candy Cat, Helena Sweet, Kitty Brown, Petra Pearl, and Pink Pussy

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is good. There are no visible graininess or pixelation noted. In terms of the audio quality, the dialogue and the oral sex sounds come in clear and crisp.

The extras include a photo gallery and a ~20 minute bonus blowbang starring Jessica Brooks. She’s a tall and lanky woman, but one thing that annoys me is her disproportionately small mouth. Anyway, she handles the mopes like a pro showing off her oral talents. In the end, they spray her face with adequate amounts of population pudding!

The brunette Anabel or should I say Micaela shares the scene with fellow Czech Candy Cat. The ladies are polar opposites with Anabel playing the sultry type while Candy Cat looks innocent. The cameraman as always gets slightly frisky with the ladies with groping and slapping action before he lets the ladies become the centers of attention of the six mopes. Apparently, one of the guys knows who the better cocksucker is because he goes to Anabel. So, it becomes a skewed two-woman blowbang until the ladies take three guys each. After the standard circle jerk, the guys lay on the floor and get sucked by the ladies in assembly-line fashion. By now, it’s clear that Anabel is the better knob-gobbler. The blowbang returns to the circle jerk configuration until Anabel takes all six loads resulting in her face being a biohazard. She’s a sport though because she has the courage to open her through the facial demolition. Candy Cat halfheartedly provides some clean up of jizz on Anabel’s face.

Next up is Helena Sweet wearing a white top and slutty neon pink fishnets. For Eastern European standards, she’s not at all attractive. The cameraman as always is touchy-feely while he follows her to the backyard at the pool side. This is where she encounters her partner. At first, it looks like it will be a standard blowjob, but it progresses to a blowbang when two other meat puppets enter the scene. They do a number with her, especially when she’s on her back and getting throatfucked hard. The only thing she has going for her is her sexy aquamarine eyes, but other than that she’s plain with droopy tits. Despite that, she handles the three cocks like a seasoned veteran and it looks like she knows how to ski if you know what I mean . . . when she uses her two hands two cocks while sucking on another dick. The scene ends with the three guys getting off average loads on her average face before opening up a bottle of bubbly and spraying her with it!

Kitty Brown has some meat on her as compared to Helena Sweet. Although she’s European, it’s apparent that her heritage is mixed. Anyway, the cameraman, does his spiel before he starts groping her. Then, he sends off to play with four cocks. It’s safe to say that this is probably not the first time she’s sucked multiple cocks in one sitting. After going through them in assembly line fashion in different configurations, the guys take turns fucking her mouth as if it were a pussy. This leads to the common circle jerk where they wait for their turn to fuck her experienced mouth. But, her mouth takes a hard fucking when she’s getting skullfucked while she’s in the prone position while pulling at her heels. The four guys thank her for efforts by laying waste to her face with loads of protein juice. Although Kitty is just average-looking, I do appreciate her high energy throughout! So far, this is the best scene on the DVD in terms of rawness!

Linda looks like a hybrid of Marilyn Chambers and Sierra Sinn. She’s wearing a white top and a plaid miniskirt. She lets the cameraman expose her tits for the camera before letting him pull down her panties. Now, off she goes to a fence and behind the fence are four guys waiting for their cocks to be sucked. Then, the real throatfucking occurs when she’s sitting on the grass. The guys jockey for position while in the circle waiting to fuck her face. The best angle is when the camera captures her getting throatfucked in the topdown angle while she spreads her legs. The circle jerk and assembly line throatfucking resumes before they glaze her face! Although she doesn’t have the same vigor as Kitty Brown, at least she’s not a cum dodger!

The penultimate scene stars Petra Pearl. She’s a blonde that looks slightly better than Helena Sweet. Like Helena, she has some great-looking aquamarine eyes. The scene changes things up with her getting her juices flowing by getting off manually. By the time she’s ready, she has five cocks to service. She blows them in assembly line fashion first when they are sitting on the couch and then when they are on in the supine position. She has some great skills and she takes the throatfucking like a true professional. Even before they go into the traditional circle jerk, her mascara is already smeared. The smearing increases, especially when she’s upside down and getting her mouth fucked as if it were pussy! The scene ends with the guys dousing her face with lots of jizz, especially her forehead. She weathers the storm by keeping her eyes open during the post-interview as the jizz on her forehead slowly drips down her face!

Last up is Pink Pussy who is aptly named considering she has pink-colored slutty gear on. It doesn’t take too long before she exposes her naughty bits for the camera. This dirty blonde isn’t all that unless you like tanned blondes with tiny tits. Anyway, thankfully there’s not so much groping by the cameraman as in other scenes. It doesn’t take too long before a mope shows up to have his cock sucked and another, so on so forth until she has four cocks to pleasure. Out of all the ladies on this DVD, it’s apparent that she’s the least talented in the fellatio department. There’s really not much energy or enthusiasm at all and the entire blowbang scene came off as being dull. In the end, the at best average scene ends with four average facials on her average face.

In summary, Cum For Cover 6, has some really good moments despite not having a very good-looking cast. This is especially the case for extreme scenes like Kitty Brown’s. Perhaps the only lady that was attractive and performed well was Anabel. In the end result, this DVD scrapes by as a RECOMMENDED.

RATING: Recommended

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