Big Butts Like It Big 4

Big Butts Like It Big 4 just cannot match up with the first two volumes. First of all, the star power is a bit outdated maybe with the exception of Andi Anderson. Plus, it doesn’t help that Katja’s and Andi’s scenes are a little too rough for the general viewer. It’s a bad sign when the bonus scene is actually better than most of the scenes from the main feature. With that said, it’s best to seek out and purchase the prior volumes of this series, especially volumes one and two.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 53 minutes

Starring: Mya Nichole, Tory Lane, Trina Michaels, Katja Kassin, Cecilia Vega, and Andi Anderson

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is decent and the lighting is adequate. The composition adds a couple moments of POV, which was never seen in the prior three volumes. In terms of audio quality, the dialogue and sex sounds come in clear without distortion.

The extras include a photo gallery, cumshot recap, six trailers, and a ~34 minutes bonus scene starring Tricia Oaks. I hate to say it, but this scene was much better than some of the scenes on the main feature. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Tricia, after all the hard anal, takes a nice facial!

The brunette duo of Tory Lane and Mya Nichole portray flirty prison guards that egg on their inmate. In fact, Tory Lane takes the billy club and shows off her sucking capabilities before walking away with Mya. While the two hard bodies are doing a little strip show at the Brazzers booth, that same inmate knocks down the only male guard on duty. The ladies carry on their routine with Mya swinging her ass while she has anal beads here and Tory shaking her bum. But, the inmate makes sure he has their full attention. After several seconds of shock, the ladies recover and start sucking his cock. The foreplay leads to the anal intercourse and it’s some hot and heavy action. Unfortunately, Tory is over the top again with her dirty talk, which gets old very fast. At least her voice can be quashed by just pushing the mute button. Anyway, both ladies have fine asses that get fucked hard, which the camera shows quite well. There’s a lot of taste-testing performed by the ladies in between positions. In the end, he jerks off on their faces with the majority of the jizz landing on Tory Lane!

Trina Michaels thinks it’s just another day working on the streets. But, she doesn’t know a bounty hunter is looking for her. When she’s on the streets, he spots her and chases. She think she’s in the clear when she breaks into a house and rests on the bed. Several seconds later, the bounty hunter appears in front of her. She asks if he’s going to kill her, but he has other plans for her. He shows her a fluorescent yellow butt plug and summarily sticks into her ass starting the ass worship. After her ass is puckered up, Trina wraps her lips around his fuck stick and goes to work. Also, there’s some rapid-fire throatfucking thrown in for good measure! This leads to the hard anal in several different positions. In between the positions, she performs good ass-to-mouth. There’s a very brief amount of vaginal fucking, but the majority of the sex is anal. After the thorough fucking, he jizzes all over her face. It’s a nice scene, but something was lacking.

The plus-sized German pornstar Katja Kassin is being interrogated by the two cops. They lay out the sex toy evidence on the table. They try to break her, but all she replies that her ass made her do it. The questioning becomes more intense leading one of the detectives to sodomize her ass with the night stick. It looks as if it will be a threesome, but the other guy drops out of the scene. This leads to the cocksucking and the anal intercourse. There is some vaginal fucking sprinkled in the scene as well. There’s plenty of ATM action as well as anal sex toy action. In fact, there’s simulated DP action. This scene ends differently than the rest with Katja frantically jamming a sex toy up her ass before her partner jerks off on her ass cheeks. It’s not over yet as he sticks his cock back into her for a couple of post-coital ass thrusts until Katja does some taste-testing! I’m not really into Katja Kassin and I think she’s one of those pornstars that overstayed her welcome. At least she’s retired now.

Cecilia Vega is a French brunette who definitely is past her peak years judging by her crow’s feet. She’s alone in her house and definitely needs some company. Cecilia decides to call for a gigolo so she can have a proper ass-reaming. In the meantime, she rubs her naughty parts until her hired hand arrives. After taking a slow shower, she goes to her partner and gives him a decent blowjob captured in the scene’s only POV segment. This leads to the vaginal and anal intercourse. The French tart shows her nasty side by performing ass-to-mouth. The scene ends with him giving her an anal creampie. This scene is one of those scenes where something was lacking.

Finally Andi Anderson plays a ditzy car rental employee to a T. It takes one of her customers a few seconds to get her attention. After getting her attention, he’s further frustrated when she tells him she cannot find his reservation. Meanwhile, Andi helps a couple of other clients, which launch the guy over the edge. He’s had enough and gets physical with her and shoves her to the wall while he checks the computer for himself. Apparently, Andi was lying all the time. The pair exchange some aggressive words until Andi demands to see his cock. Soon, Andi gets throatfucked in POV fashion before the camera returns to third-person. Like the other scenes, she gets her fair share of vaginal and anal action. In between the assfucking, her mouth gets a beating during the taste-testing. Finally, the send ends with him delivering his protein load in her poopchute! I’ve seen better from Andi and the rough action was over the top for me.

In summary, Big Butts Like It Big 4, doesn’t match the energy level like the first two volume in the series. Plus, there were a couple questionable vignettes like Katja’s and Andi’s scenes. Specifically, Katja’s scene bordered into German porn territory with the extreme anal. Also, Andi Anderson’s leadup was a little to aggressive with the choking. Furthermore, there really wasn’t a scene that was worth praising highly. This DVD is at best a RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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