Big Butts Like It Big 3

The third volume in the Big Butts Like It Big series just doesn’t have enough consistent firepower to match against the first two. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t good scenes. Rather, there are two scenes worth mentioning and those are Phoenix and Ricki’s scene as well as Bobbi’s scene.

Running Length: ~3 hours

Starring: Phoenix Marie, Ricki White, Angel Dark, Felony, Britney Stevens, and Bobbi Starr

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is good and the lighting is decent. However, the colors are inconsistent throughout the different scenes. For example, the colors in the Angel Dark scene are dull. In terms of audio quality, the sex sounds and dialogue come in clear and crisp without distortion.

The extras include a photo gallery, a cumshot recap, six trailers, and a decent ~33 minute bonus scene starring Ana Nova. She’s a decent-looking blonde who performs okay and for her reward she takes a facial at the end.

The first scene starts like an x-rated version of the horror movie SAW. The lucky guy  wakes up in a stupor when he realizes he, along with Phoenix Marie and Ricki, are chained up. They are spooked out by the audio cassettes especially made for them. After reading the clue on one of the lady’s notes, the guy goes to the dirty toilet to look for a key. Instead, he finds a bag containing a huge dildo. After playing the audio tapes that reveal graphic sexual content, the ladies are at first panicking, but they are ready to face their predicament head on. They crawl to him and before he knows it, he’s receiving a great tag-team blowjob. Then, Ricki takes it up the ass while Phoenix relaxes her ass muscles by sticking the dildo up her bum! The camera captures Ricki actively riding in the doggie position while she kisses Phoenix Marie. Now, it’s Phoenix’s turn getting drilled in the ass with her ass up and face down. Things get pretty hot and nasty when Ricki spits into Phoenix’s gaped hole before rimming her. Now, Ricki gets the anal probe treatment and take it like a champ while shaking her booty for good measure. As the scene pans out, we get to see the lucky guy fucking Phoenix Marie in the ass thereby completing the daisy chain. The hot anal action continues with some taste-testing by the ladies in the form of ATM and ATOGM with Phoenix performing the latter as well. The hot anal threesome ends with him pulling out of Ricki’s ass cheeks and cumming resulting in the jizz dropping onto her snatch. Phoenix shows that she’s no slouch by licking some jizz from Ricki’s cheeks.

Next up is Angel Dark playing a bitchy woman always complaining to her helpers about how incompetent they are. She notices that the pool isn’t cleaned properly and starts chewing out the pool guy and eventually she tells him that he’s fired. There’s a little bit of wrestling involved, but Angel Dark seems to thrive with the aggression. It doesn’t take too long before Angel Dark sucks his cock before taking it up her pussy and then her ass. She even does some ass-to-mouth for good measure. In the end, he thanks her with a cum streak on her face. I don’t know about this scene because it lacked genuine chemistry and it looked like Angel was just going through the paces. This was definitely not one of her best performances.

Felony just finished cheerleader practice and is in the locker freshening up when she finds the mentally challenged guy jerking off. At first, she’s about to turn him in to the proper authorities until she notices the size of his cock. Soon, her curiosity gets the better of her resulting in her locking her lips on his dick. This leads to the nice vaginal sex before she introduces an anal dildo. The guy helps with easing Felony’s ass muscles through the use of the sex toy. Once her ass is primed and ready, he fucks her hard and fast especially in the doggie position. She does some taste-testing before letting him fuck her ass again. After several other positions including wheelbarrow and reverse wheelbarrow anal, he unloads his DNA juice on her bottoms holes. There is definitely good chemistry between the two, but I’m not turned on by Felony as I’m not turned on by Britney Stevens.

The penultimate scene starts with two guys burglarizing a mansion. What they don’t know is that Britney Stevens is an unexpected guest. When Britney finds out that something is not right with the room, she’s about to call 911 when she gets accosted by the two guys in a compromising position. Instead of being afraid, it looks like Britney is turned on by the situation and in fact wants to get fucked hard by the men. The scene quickly turns XXX-rated when she locks her lips on their fuck sticks. After the decent fellatio, she takes it up her pussy before she takes it up her ass. Despite taking it hard up the ass, she’s still able to entertain the other guy with her mouth. Although, there’s no double penetration, she does do ass-to-mouth. At one point, her so-called mom rings her iPhone while she’s being tag-teamed in the ass and in the mouth, but she decides to not answer it. One of the guys cannot take it any longer and bust his nut all over her face. The scene continues with the other guy ploughing her pussy until he jizzes on her pock-marked face. Sexwise, this is a great scene, but Britney doesn’t do anything for me.

Finally, Bobbi Starr plays a cheating girlfriend who gets her just desserts after her partner finds out that she’s two-timing on the internet. Bobbi Starr thinks she’s going to have a romantic love session when she visits her boyfriend’s apartment and see rose petals covering the bed. She opens up her present and puts on the kinky corset. Soon, her partner enters the scene and instead of being gentle, he manhandles her, especially when he fingers her bottom holes. This leads to the extended blowjob with her showing off her throatfucking skills. She takes almost every inch of him into her mouth and holds it there for a couple of seconds. This leads to the anal-only fuckfest where Bobbi literally gets hammered. In between the  different positions, she gives some grade A ass-to-mouth. In the end, he jizzes all over her face before telling her the bad news. But, apparently this was Bobbi’s way of letting her beau take the initiative in breaking up! This is a decent Bobbi Starr scene, but it definitely doesn’t push her limits as she has done in other releases. Even with that said, the scene is pretty rough compared to the other scenes.

In summary, Big Butts Like It Big 3, doesn’t rekindle the same energy consistently as the prior two volumes. Despite that, there are good scenes turned in by Phoenix Marie, Ricki White, and Bobbi Starr. The two scenes starring Britney Stevens and Felony were great sex-wise, but I don’t find both particularly attractive. The only scene that disappointed was Angel because she’s performed better in other scenes. Nevertheless, this DVD scores enough to earn a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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