Elegant Angel’s Up That Latin Ass 2

1031_elegantangel_upthatlatinass2Elegant Angel’s Up That Latin Ass 2 directed by LT doesn’t have the same polished look as compared to the company’s flagship titles like Big Wet Asses or Glamour Girls. This bodes true with the quality of the talent. Sexwise though, the ladies take it hard up the ass with gusto, especially Bella. This is definitely worth renting if you are into anal-loving Latinas.

Running Length: ~2 hour and 52 minutes

Starring: Mulani Rivera, Cinthia Santos, Jaslin Diaz, Cassidy Day, Sarah Lopez, and Bella

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting is good for most of the scenes except for the threesome where it’s not spot on resulting in inaccurate colors. Also, the composition of the scenes could be much better. In terms of audio, there are no audio distortions noted.

The extras are a decent ~30 minute bonus scene from Latin Booty Worship 2 starring Emma Cummings, an unmemorable 4 minute interview with Jaslin Diaz and Cassidy Day, a cumshot recap, photo gallery, and five trailers.

First up is Mulani Rivera, an average-looking Latina with a titjob. There’s nothing that stands out for her. The camera follows her from behind while she walks into the mansion in her fishnets. She makes herself comfortable so she can use her hot pink dildo first on her pussy and then her ass. After her bottom holes are good and ready, her partner enters the scene and soon she wraps her lips around his cock.  This leads to the energetic fuck session especially in the reverse cowgirl. Mulani opens her thighs wide open so he can fuck her ass in the missionary position. She’s really feeling it now and it shows by her expression. Needless to say he fucks her ass thoroughly in different positions before he gets a very thick load on her face. Although she doesn’t take it with an open mouth, she does open her eyes after the facial demolition.

Next up is blonde haired Cinthia Santos. The Latina looks like she has lots of European blood in, which is definitely the case for Brazilians. For a blonde, her face is not particularly attractive. Anyway, she’s sitting at her desk, but gets frisky when she checks out explicit pics on her laptop. She takes out her handbag friendly pocket rockets and gets off before she has real cock to satisfy her hunger. After the nice oral, she first takes it up the pussy and then takes it up hard in the ass! This is especially the case during the doggie anal! After the extended anal, she takes a thick load into her open mouth!

The third scene stars Jaslin Diaz and Cassidy. Of the two, Jaslin looks more attractive. The ladies strut their stuff outside before taking the scene indoors. There’s some brief lesbian action before they have cock to suck. At first, Cassidy dominates the scene during the oral and vaginal intercourse, but Jaslin Diaz levels the playing field getting much of the airtime during the anal. After he fucks their poopchutes hard, moreso with Jaslin’s he manages a meager load for the ladies to share. It’s a decent scene, but it would have been better if the chemistry was better.

The penultimate scene stars Sarah Lopez striking seductive poses while on some outdated 1980s exercise machine while her black partner strokes off. He decides to be more interactive and worships her ass for a couple seconds before Sarah hoovers him well. This leads to the energetic sex that starts briefly with vaginal before she takes the extended anal. She rubs her pussy to dampen the anal experience. After the lengthy anal, the Latina takes an average money shot before she blows cum bubbles.

Last up is Bella who has a tight body, but a very harsh Latina face. Plus, the bad boob job doesn’t help her cause. Anyway, she makes sexual connotations while she plays pool by herself. Things get heated when she leans over the pool table and shows her ass for the camera. By this time, her partner shows up and soon they are getting it on with each other. The foreplay is heated, especially when’s she’s on her back while on the pool table and getting throatfucked. This leads to the active vaginal sex, especially in the reverse cowgirl position before he wrecks her ass with balls deep fucking. In the end, he dumps a voluminous load of DNA juice on her face before she performs some post-coital sucking. She shows how nasty she is by opening up her cum stained eyes! Hands down, this is the best scene on the DVD even though I’m not digging her harsh looks.

In summary, Up That Latin Ass 2 has some solid anal scenes, but unfortunately the ladies aren’t top notch. Despite that, I was impressed with Bella’s scene and even though I don’t like her harsh appearance she goes above and beyond, especially at the end! This DVD is a RENTAL.

RATING: Rent it

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