Elegant Angel’s Tori Black is Pretty Filthy (Blu-ray)

1022b_elegantangel_toriblackisprettyfilthybMason’s Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy may not have the staying power as her prior masterpiece Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman Volume 1, but it’s still a great release. It would have been better if Tori were surrounded with better-looking female talent on par with a Rebeca Linares. If you want to see Tori Black as filthy as ever, then this is just the ticket for you, especially on Blu-ray!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 17 minutes

Starring: Tori Black, Rebeca Linares, Marie Luv, and Kristina Rose

The video is presented in widescreen 1080p HD and is encoded in VC-1 at around 13 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 256 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting was adequate while the composition was exceptional. Up till now, I still think Elegant Angel’s Glamour Girls 2 still has the cleanest image of all Elegant Angel Blu-rays. In terms of audio quality, the music, dialogue, and sex sounds come in clear without distortion.

The extras include a nice photo gallery, cumshot recap, a decent ~10 minute BTS, and a promo trailer. The BTS is not really worth watching unless if you want to see more candid scenes from the Tori’s anal scene with Manuel.

Tori Black starts things off right when she poses seductively wearing a sexy, but not over-the-top two-piece bikini on a Miami beach. In fact, the intro is the best I’ve seen from Elegant Angel and that’s saying a lot! It only gets hotter when the Spanish hottie Rebeca Linares has alone time for the camera posing in her equally hot two-piece. This is one of those remarkable porno combinations that will be very difficult to match for a long time. The best part in the vignette is when Rebeca walks up to Tori Black in a very seductive way strutting her hips until Tori acknowledges her presence. After the vignette intro sequence ends, we see Tori and Rebeca getting to know each other intimately indoors in a very sensual shower sequence. The ladies take turns helping each other get the sand off their sexy curves. Before the shower sequence ends, Rebeca gives exceptional extended cunnilingus on Tori. Anyway, the lesbian segment ends and the threesome starts when the ladies starts sucking on cock. Rebecca seems to have taken the secondary role with the oral, but that’s okay since both ladies take the hard vaginal fucking. There’s a lot of chemistry between the ladies and it definitely shows, especially when Rebeca’s getting fucked and at the same time she services Tori’s muff. Things get a little kinky when the ladies line up on top of each other so the very lucky guy has carte blanche at fucking them at his leisure. In the end, the ladies take his adequate jizz shot before they start seductively kissing each other. It’s not over since Rebeca goes above and beyond the call of duty and uses her nimble fingers to make Tori cum!

Before her first non-POV anal scene, Tori talks about how she’s originally from Washington State and how she ended up in Los Angeles for porn. The interview continues when Tori comments on the upcoming scene with Manuel Ferrara and how she didn’t think she could take his girthy cock all the way up her poop chute. But, when she realized she was able to take him fully in, the anxiety went away so she could concentrate on getting on the anal. The scene begins with Tori looking anxious like a college girl with her first credit card. For me, she doesn’t look as good as the first scene because the makeup is too caked-on. There’s some horsing around with Manuel Ferrara who looks very please that he’ll be one of the firsts to tap her ass on camera! Soon, they go back into professional mode as he caresses her body as if it were a priceless Stradivarius. Tori shows off her above-average fellatio skills on Manuel and tries to get it as far down her throat as she can for a couple seconds. Manuel worships her ass before getting her juices flowing using his nimble fingers. It doesn’t take too long before he’s fucking her pussy hard in several positions including doggie. Now, it’s for the main event, Tori’s first non-POV anal! He enters her poopchute in the spoon position and it looks like Tori’s writhing in pain. After the several minutes of easing his girthy dick in her ass, he hammers her hard balls deep, which figuratively turns on her porn whore switch. By now, Tori’s taking it as if she were a seasoned professional even doing ass-to-mouth to boot. Finally, he pulls out and gets off a decent load into her open mouth. They aren’t done yet since both of them still have energy in the tank for round two!

Tori talks about orgasms and her perspective about them and how she couldn’t imagine if she never had an opportunity to experience. After that interesting insight, she delivers a hot striptease for the camera donning some 1920-1930s gangster inspired attire complete with matching hat. This is another great tease sequence worth watching over and over, especially the first few seconds. The actual scene starts in media res with Marie Luv and Tori getting it on with each other with Tori eating her black partner out before she brings in the Hitachi Magic Wand! Soon, the scene becomes a threesome when the lucky black guy gets his dick sucked by these two. By now, it’s apparent that there’s more chemistry between Marie Luv and the guy even though Tori Black holds her own during the heated vaginal intercourse. However, Marie Luv swings the scene to her favor by doing some intense anal. Although Tori is third wheel by now, she uses the time wisely by using the Hitachi Magic wand on Marie’s pussy during the anal. Furthermore, Tori also shows her nasty streak with some taste-testing in the form of pussy-to-other-girl’s-mouth and residual ass-to-mouth. In the end, he unloads in Tori’s mouth before the ladies swap jizz with each other. It’s not over yet since Marie Luv makes Tori cum again using her woman’s touch and then some!

Here we have another brief interview where Tori is amazed at where she is now as compared to two years ago. She would have never thought she would be in this A-list position. Anyway, the tease sequence starts with Tori strutting her stuff poolside in a two-piece green bikini. This time she’s paired up with Kristina Rose strutting her extra load from the backside in a two-piece bikini. I’d say Kristina is the antithesis of what Tori represents. Plus, it doesn’t help Kristina’s cause that her cellulite is 100x magnified on Blu-ray. Unlike the other tease sequences, this one has some girl/girl action when the ladies eat each other while leaning up against the pool. By the time they head indoors, the ladies are ready to suck on Manuel’s member. Both ladies spend time sucking his cock, but I’d have to give the advantage to Kristina. This leads to the actual sex where both ladies get dicked hard by Manuel. In between this, there’s some awkward action with the ladies humping each other without a strap-on. Furthermore, covergirl Tori isn’t afraid to rim Kristina. This time Kristina Rose takes the anal with relative ease while Tori waits to perform taste-testing in the form of ass-to-other-girl’s mouth. In the end, they take his meager load before Kristina gets Tori to cum once again.

Before the scene starts, Tori does some commentary about how viewers should approach this rough scene and she argues her perspective with genuine belief. Anyway, Tori is walking around downtown LA wearing a black trenchcoat and fishnet stockings until she arrives at her final destination, a creepy warehouse. Soon, she becomes the center of attention for two frisky guys. Needless to say, this isn’t like Tori’s vanilla scenes from two years back. Rather, they manhandle her as if she were an Amber Rayne. In fact, she gives one of her most aggressive fellatio performances with a lot of slobbering involved as well as her getting throatfucked hard. This leads to the hard and rough sex, which is something new for Tori Black’s repertoire. Others may not like the choking and extreme dirty talk or since they may not be used to seeing Tori in such scenes. She survives the continued abuse and actually feeds on it as suggested by the hard fucking and sloppy throatfucking. In the end, she takes two decent loads on her face before she goes to a seedy toilet and rubbs her muff until she has a mega-orgasm. That solo masturbation is intense and would have never thought she would pull it off, but she did.

In summary, Mason’s Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy is a great Blu-ray, but not a masterpiece. Tori Black really put herself out there with those mini-snippet interviews as well as with the last scene, which is vintage Mason! It’s nice to see this covergirl is game to push her limits by getting out of her comfort zone. Don’t miss out on scenes 1, 2, and 5. With Tori’s performances and intangibles like the very hot tease sequence with Tori and Rebeca Linares, this Blu-ray squeezes in with a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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