Pink Visual’s Interracial Booty Patrol 8

ibp08_frontInterracial Booty Patrol 8 is far from being mind-blowing. In fact, there’s very little to say about the main feature. However, in terms of DVD extras, this may be the best that I have seen from Pink Visual courtesy of Sierra Sinn’s major blow-up session.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 26 minutes

Starring: Bailey Brooks, Sierra Sinn, Alexandria Sinz, Gretchen Elvgren, and Tawni Ryden

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is good, but the lighting needs a little work. There were no pixellation or compression artifacts noted. In terms of audio, the dialogue came in at a lower intensity the sex sounds. Also, there were no sound distortions noted.

The extras include a ~17 minute five-man gangbang starring Kylie Ireland (from Gangbang Squad 15), an interesting ~6 minute BTS,  a ~6 minute striptease from Gretchen Elvgren, and 16 trailers. I have to say that the extras were worth watching the actual movie. The Kylie Ireland scene is worth watching over and over while the 6 minute BTS is definitely worth watching, especially if you want to see Sierra Sinn blow up! This has probably been the best Pink Visual extras at the expense of Sierra Sinn.

Bailey Brooks is the bearer of bad news and informs them that the guys are about to be evicted. The cameraman smooth talks Bailey into taking off her clothes and then some. Bailey isn’t all that attractive, but she reminds me of a younger and less harsher looking version of Katja Kassin. Soon, she locks her lips on their fuck sticks. The threesome goes full speed ahead when she gets fucked while she blows the other guy. Then, the hard fucking occurs one-on-one until they dump their loads in her open mouth. It’s a decent scene, but something was lacking.

Next up is Sierra Sinn who looks as shitfaced, as in out of it, as usual as in all her scenes. However, she doesn’t look all that attractive with her long hair and pimples on her butt and face. There’s not really a plot here, but needless to say she does several squat thrusts before they shove cock into her mouth.  The three guys have their way with her fucking all her holes even at once. She takes it without any problem, but for some reason the scene felt too mechanical. At least in the end, they coat her face with a serious amount of DNA juice!

Next up is Alexandra Sinz, a below average chunky brunette Texan with DSLs. After the cheesy plot, the two guys lure her into their house where the action starts. The decent fellatio leads to the full-on threesome. There’s nothing really worth noting and it was a bland scene. In the end, they coat her face with jizz after fucking her pussy in succession.

The penultimate scene stars a bland-looking Gretchen Elvgren. The guys solicit her  with some cheesy story about car rims. Anyway, she agrees to go with them back to their bachelor’s pad. Soon, she strips down and sucks on some cock. What she lacks in looks she compensates giving thorough head. This leads to some great fucking on her part with Gretchen being an active rider when on top. In the end, she takes their jizz shots on her face after they fuck her pussy successively.

Last up is pale and average-looking Tawni Ryden where they accost at a local convenience store. They easily convince her to come back to their pad. It doesn’t take too long before she’s in her birthday suit and sucking dick. The decent head leads to the threesome where she is an enthusiastic lay, but I cannot get over her plain looks. At one point, one of the guys attempts to put his cock in her ass and actually does so for a split second. Instead of getting pissed off, she’s all giggly after that. One of the guys creams insider her pussy before having enough juice to muster a cumshot to her face. The other guy also thanks her with a weak facial.

In summary, Pink Visual’s Interracial Booty Patrol 8 is definitely not the best in the series. My biggest issue with this volume is the lack of good-looking talent. Although that may be the case, there were some unexpected surprises performance-wise like Gretchen’s scene. However, in the end result this DVD is at best a RENTAL.

RATING: Rent it

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