Inn of Sin’s Black Sperm Receptacles 3

bsr3Inn of Sin’s Black Sperm Receptacles 3 may look like a generic interracial title judging by the looks of the front cover, but don’t let that fool you. With an impressive cast list engaging in hot and sweaty sex, this DVD is not to be missed. Who says that second-tier porn companies cannot compete with the big boys!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 50 minutes

Starring: Chelsie Rae, Veronica Jett, Jasmine, Amber Rayne, Maria Bellucci, Gianna Michaels, Alexis Silver, Nicki Hunter, Kelly Wells, and Simone Riley

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3 Mbps while the audio is encoded in the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting is decent, but the composition could use a little more work. There’s some shakiness and some blown camera angles that don’t fully capture the action, which is the case for the orgy scene. In terms of audio, there are no distortions noted.

Although there are extras on Disc Two, I did not receive that Disc so I cannot comment on that.

Chelsie Rae and Veronica Jett start things right for this DVD. These ladies are known for their great anal scenes, but unforunately their poopchutes are off limits for this scene. Chelsie Rae is sporting long black, which is much more appealing than when she’s blonde. She’s joined by her Lebanese friend, Veronica Jett. There’s very good chemistry between the two. Anyway, the lucky guy enters the scene and instantly is attracted to Chelsie’s ass. He licks away at her pussy before the ladies give him good head. This leads to all-vaginal intercourse complete with taste testing by the ladies. He fucks both of them thoroughly and there’s a lot of daisy chain action including the ever popular face-sitting maneuver. Finally, in the end he cums inside Chelsie’s pussy. Subsequently, Veronica slurps some it up and the ladies share the jizz with another!

Jasmine Byrne is up next and it’s too bad that she’s not in circulation anymore. The petite Latina with the DSLs gave some memorable Anabolic and Red Light District scenes. Anyway, she has longer hair than usual and is wearing some very slutty fishnet lingerie. Her partner wastes no time eating her out before she returns the favor giving inspired head while dishing out dirty talk in Spanglish. This leads to the intercourse where Jasmine is the epitome of a Latina spinner. She’s an active rider, especially when she’s on top. He drills her in several different positions until he cums inside her. He’s not done yet as they clean up and head for round two. He fucks her hard in the missionary position until he dumps his voluminous load all over her face including her eyes! Surprisingly, this was an unexpectedly strong scene.

The next scene stars a pretty interesting combination of Amber Rayne and European pornstar Maria Bellucci. The brunettes are wearing slutty lingerie, but it’s all good! Amber Rayne wastes no time eating out the Hungarian MILF. However, their lesbian session gets interrupted when the lucky guy enters the scene. Soon, Maria shows off her BJ technique, but Amber Rayne steals the show giving some sloppy deepthroat. Soon, the threesome is in full-swing. There is great chemistry between everyone and it translates to some nasty sex in the form of daisy-chaining and anal! Both ladies do taste-testing in the form of PTM, PTOGM, ATM, and ATOGM! The scene ends with him cumming inside Maria’s veteran pussy. Amber is right there waiting to lick the jizz off! The ladies give him a suck or two before kissing each other!

For all you fans of busty women, the next scene starring Alexis Silver and Gianna Michaels is just your cup of tea. The Brit Alexis isn’t impressive in the looks department and that bodes true for Gianna. but one thing’s for sure, these ladies know how to fuck! After the foreplay, the sex is heated and there’s definitely chemistry between Gianna and her partner. In fact, her partner gets two-for-one as he shoots a load inside her and then dumps another load on her tits. Alexis turns up the nasty by doing anal. For her efforts, Alexis gets the money shot on her tits.

The DVD saves the best for last with this dogpile of an orgy starring three blondes, Simone Riley, Nicki Hunter, and Kelly Wells servicing five very lucky guys! The scene has no setup since it stars in media res with the ladies showing off their BJ talents. In the BJ department, Kelly Wells clearly takes first place with Nicki not trailing far behind. Things get really nasty when the dogpile is in full swing. There’s a lot of action and the cameramen do a decent job capturing the hot and intense orgy. In fact, Kelly Wells even takes a double penetration as well as a creampie to the ass. Nicki Hunter isn’t too far behind since she too takes it up the ass and also takes a creampie. Simone Riley is hardly the third wheel since she also does the nasty by sharing a facial with Nicki Hunter. This is another surprisingly excellent scene from the DVD.

In summary, Black Sperm Receptacles 3 may seem like a low-budget production from the front cover. Don’t let this fool you because Rico and company have got some impressive women in the production like Maria Bellucci, Gianna Michaels, Kelly Wells, Jasmine Byrne, and others performing at a great intensity. This DVD has enough to muster a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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