Mike John’s Praise the Load 4

praise_the_load_4-dvd-thumbMike John’s Praise the Load 4 is a great blowbang release marred by two at-best-average scenes from Lily and Sierra. Despite that, there are very exceptional scenes from newbies Gracie Glam and Andy San Dimas as well as from veterans like Kristina Rose. This is definitely worth purchasing, especially if you like sexy brunettes getting covered in you know what!

Running Length: D1: ~2 hours and 15 minutes; D2:  ~1 hour and 39 minutes

Starring: Kristina Rose, Gracie Glam, Lili Lovely, Sierra Skye, Andy San Dimas, and Vanessa Leon

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the composition and lighting is optimal for this genre. Although, it’s true that the image quality could be a little sharper. In terms of audio quality, the aural sounds and dialogue come in clear and crisp.

The extras include a decent ~21 minute POV bonus scene with Sierra Skye, a nice ~53 minute BTS, cumshot recap, photo gallery, cast list, and six trailers. The BTS is worth watching if you want to see more candid moments of cuties like newbie Gracie Glam and A-lister Kristina Rose.

Kristina Rose starts this blowbang title right! Tim von Swine engages in small talk with her while she’s decked in sexy and sparkly two-piece American flag themed bikini by the pool. When she goes indoors, she becomes the center of attraction for the four very lucky meat puppets. She services the cocks one at a time before they crowd her face with cock. She maintains the energy throughout and she doesn’t showboat with the dirty talk. Things get nasty when she asks them to slap their dicks on her face at the same time. Kristina busies her mouth while she strokes on two cocks like sliding up and down on ski poles. Then, she gets royally face-fucked, but doesn’t go all out as an Annette Schwarz or Bobbi Starr. There’s great buildup in this blowbang and it just gets better when she’s on her back and getting facefucked. Several of the guys take turns fingering/licking her while she gets throatfucked. There’s some quarky action like one of the guys looks like he’s going to fuck her, but he only fucks her asscheeks while another guy fucks her heels. Anyway, the blowbang returns to the throatfucking and cocksucking action performed by this A-list pornstar. Things get really intense when she rubs herself off to orgasm! That was pretty impressive and quite convincing making this moment one of the best in this scene. In the end, she begs for their jizz and they deliver! She opens up her eyes despite having so much jizz on her face. She gets a plus for that gutsy call!

Gracie Glam is a cute 18 yo who gets interviewed at the very same poolside as in Kristina’s scene. She’s wearing a rather blue conservative top and white hotpants. She goes indoors where she shows off her nice ass and her okay tits. Soon, one of the meat puppets enter the scene and seizes the opportunity to eat her out. Then, one meat puppet becomes two, then three, then four! Despite being new to the business, she has exceptional cocksucking skills to go along with her quiet confidence. It’s safe to say that she’s had plenty of experience before the scene since the blowbang never phases her. There’s more zany antics by the mopes with one guy that fucks her ass cheeks. Soon, she’s on her back giving sloppy head while one of the mopes has the impulse to eat her out again. The blowbang resumes in the circle jerk position until they unload all over her face. All the jizz on her pretty face never makes her close her eyes! This is a great scene that ends superbly with jizz covering her hair, face, chin, and chest!

The penultimate scene on Disc One stars a busty Lily Lovely who looks like a hybrid of Casandra Calogera and Angelina Valentine sans tattoos. The cameraman does his small talk before she goes to work on cock, then two, and then all the way to four. This is a below average scene because Lily just doesn’t have the enthusiasm as the prior two. Plus, I’m not into this overly-trimmed eyebrow style that Lily has. After the cocksucking and titfucking, her faces gets literally plastered and at least for her sake the fake eyelashes prevent the jizz from getting into her eyes completely! Unlike the prior women who opened their cum-soaked eyes, Lily has to be urged by the cameraman to at least open up one eye with a split-second wink!

The next scene is another lukewarm one starring the busty, yet pendulant Sierra Skye whose face reminds me of the late Lea De Mae. Anyway, there’s nothing special to report about this scene except she takes on five guys instead of four. After the titfucking and fellatio, the meat puppets dump their thick DNA juice on her face making it literally a biohazard. Unlike Lily, Sierra Skye opens both eyes and giggles of what just happened to her.

Thankfully, the video is back on track with Andy San Dimas. This sultry brunette from Baltimore, Maryland has the looks, skills, and performance to go very far in this industry. Anyway, she’s wearing a matching salmon colored two-piece before she takes the bra off. Soon, she’s surrounded by two extremely lucky meat puppets. She shows off her great wet blowjob technique complete with good eye contact. One of the guys takes a break from getting head and decides to eat her out. Then, another two guys enter the scene and it doesn’t take too long before they experience her hot warm mouth! Then, she becomes literally the center of the blowbang in the circle jerk configuration and changes her blowjob technique closely resembling Aurora Snow’s two-hand flute-playing blowjob. Also, she lets them titfuck her. Like in several prior scenes, her throat gets fucked while on her back, but too bad it’s too brief. The blowbang returns to the circle jerk until they paint her face with jizz. At first, it looks like she’s going to leave her eyes open throughout all four money shots, but that plan soon changes after two jizz shots! Literally, she is covered with jizz, which she deservers given her great performance. After cleaning up and taking shower, Tim von Swine has the brunette all to himself in a well-shot and intense POV session with Andy. After the sloppy head, he fucks her hard and she proves to be an active rider when on top! In between positions, she does some taste testing as well. Finally, she finishes him off with head until he pops his DNA pudding on her pretty face!

Last up is Vanessa Leon, a cute Latina with sexy cropped hair in the style of August Night when she first entered the industry. But, her face resembles a whiter-skinned version of Chiquita Lopez. The cameraman does his small-talk routine while Vanessa shows off her firm tits to the camera. After the introduction, she goes indoors where it doesn’t take too long before she’s sucking dick. She has decent skills, but it looks like she’s holding back for some whatever reasons that may be. Soon, she’s surrounded by five cocks in circle jerk fashion and she does her best to suck and stroke them. Vanessa even gives up her breasts for titfucking. There’s some throatfucking on her back, but it’s brief, which is ashame. In the end, the five guys unleash their cum salvos resulting in several large streaks on her face and hair making her look like a glazed Danish pastry!

In summary, Mike John’s Praise the Load 4 is a great release for its genre. With smokin’ scenes from newbies like Gracie Glam and Andy San Dimas as well as veterans like Kristina Rose, it’s no wonder that this DVD is extremely watchable. As far as the other scenes are concerned, the two scenes that brought this DVD down would be Sierra’s and Lily’s scenes. They definitely could no compete with the top three scenes. Despite that, this DVD has enough to muster a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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