Dave’s Damp Tramps 3

f_13591Dave’s Damp Tramps 3 started with a bang courtesy of Angel’s performance. However, the DVD lost its momentum as it progressed onto the other scenes, especially in the case for Ellouise’s and Masie’s scenes.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 7 minutes

Starring: Tia, Alysha, Masie, Loz, Angel, and Ellouise

The DVD is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is presented in standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition needs some work since there is herky-jerky motion despite most of the scenes shot on a tripod. However, the lighting is decent for the scenes. In terms of audio quality, the nice and humorous dialogue as well as the sex sounds come in clear and crisp.

The extras only include several trailers.

Angel is a decent-looking UK brunette, dressed in a naughty businesswoman’s outfit, catches the old guy using the phone. There’s only one way for her to discipline him and that’s by smacking his arse with a plastic cane. The two go at it with UK slang before she’s down on her knees sucking his cock. He returns the favor by fingering and licking her slit before she resumes the fellatio. It doesn’t take too long for him to fuck her pierced pussy in the missionary position. Then, she bends over takes it up the bum without a hitch! The old guy doesn’t even take a second before he fucks her arse fast. She shows how nasty she is by performing arse-to-mouth. The vaginal and anal sex continues until he jizzes all up inside her arse. For good measure, she gives a post-coital suck or two. Surprisingly, this was a good scene. I liked the naughty talk that led up to the sex, but it got a little stale during the sex.

Alysha is an average-looking blonde bird who is a little fuzzy with her clerical skills as an office clerk. It appears that she’s cost the boss some time and money. He offers her a deal that she literally cannot refuse, that is to have some fun and frolics so she keeps her job. It doesn’t take too long before he helps her out of her dress and bra and licks her tiny tits. This leads to the foreplay where just like Angel, Alysha sucks cock well. He returns the favor by performing cunnilingus on her. This leads to the vaginal sex where she looks the hottest when sitting on his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. In the end, she takes the facial, but does her best to avoid tasting it by spitting the jizz out onto her chest! It’s a decent scene, but nowhere near as good as the first one.

Loz is a below-average blonde that’s too thick for my preference. She plays a spoiled lass who has her butler bring in her freshly pressed clothes. When he leaves her room, she strips down to her birthday suit only to be interrupted by him coming in. Instead of shouting at her butler, she lets him grope her before locking her lips on his cock. He returns the favor with some fingering and licking before he rams his knob up insider her pussy. The shagging is not so interesting even when takes it up the bum. In the end, he coats her tits resulting in a pearl necklace.

Next up is the thin below-average looking waif, Ellouise. She’s accosted by the old guy at a mall parking lot. She agrees to partake in the so-called sex survey. It appears that she scored very well and he wants to test drive her, so to speak. She agrees for the shagging proposal and he drives her back to his place. Soon, she’s all over his cock giving decent head before he returns the favor. This leads to the lukewarm sex. The best part is when she’s gets herself off while he delivers a monster money shot. Even if there’s jizz near one of her eyes, she opens it showing how nasty she is.

The penultimate scene stars the very frumpy-looking Masie being disciplined by the college headmaster. Masie’s grades have been slipping mainly because she’s engaging in extracurricular activities, so to speak. The headmaster offers a very indecent proposal and that is she’ll pass her final exams if she shags him. She agrees to it and soon she’s giving him below-average head. He returns the favor with an extended licking and fingering session. Soon, she has her pussy plugged with cock. Things get kinky when he uses her uniform tie as if she were a horse reigning her in with a good amount of pressure, per se. However, this only occurs for a few seconds before returning to the standard sex. In the end, he unleashes his population pudding on her pubes.

Last up is Tia, an attractive blonde who’s just beyond her peak years, playing the old guy’s customs officer supervisor. She’s there to inform him that he’s passed all his exams except for one. Tia has to test out the goods before she certifies him. At first, he’s surprised, but he’s all for it. She gives some decent head with good eye contact. He returns the favor by giving her a thorough licking and fingering. This leads to the tepid intercourse. In the end, he jerks off onto her mouth. Apparently, he passed his final exam with flying colors and she tells him to report to duty!

In summary, Dave’s Damp Tramps 3 is a decent British porn flick with surprisingly good acting. I only wished that the talent were better-looking. Oh well. The first scene starring Angel is the best on the DVD while the worst would have to be a toss-up between Masie and Ellouise. Needless to say, this DVD is definitely a RENTAL.

RATING: Rent it

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