SkinworXXX/Adam & Eve’s Deviance

Deviance_Cover-286x400SkinworXXX/Adam & Eve’s Deviance is an exceptional release that combines glamour with nasty hardcore sex. With B. Skow as the lead cameraman and with Joshua’s vision, it’s no wonder that the visual eye candy is backed up with great sex! Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a wonderful bevy of beauties! This DVD is definitely worth purchasing!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 50 minutes

Starring: Eva Angelina, Teagan Presley, Shawna Lenee, Sunny Leone, Lexi Belle, Alexis Texas, and Kagney Linn Carter

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is superb and it’s definitely better than what B. Skow has captured for Vivid. In terms of audio quality, the sex sounds from the moans and squeals come in clear and crisp.

The extras include a nicely done ~29 minute BTS, a decent photo gallery, two trailers, and a Digital Copy of the entire movie. The BTS is definitely worth watching with candid moments with all the lovely ladies in the DVD!

Eva Angelina gets this DVD started in the right direction! The busty Latina who has made an impact in the world of porn has just started to get back in the swing of things after her pregnancy. She’s wearing a red fishnet crop top and matching bottom. Eva’s wearing her trademark sexy secretary/librarians eyeglasses. She pouts and poses for the camera as she begins to touch her naughty bits. When she’s on the couch, she prepares to fuck herself with a silver vibrator. It doesn’t take too long before she spreads her thighs and masturbates. It’s a little unsightly since it looks like she has fungal skin infection on her thighs and buttcheeks, but oh well. Soon, her black partner enters the scene. Eva locks her DSLs on his fuck stick and goes to work! After the good head, she hops on his cock for the energetic reverse cowgirl. She proves to be an active rider throughout. In between the fucking, she provides some exceptional taste-testing, which includes deep-throating! If that wasn’t enough, she takes it up her poopchute first while on the couch and then when standing before going back to couch and taking it in the reverse cowgirl. For her efforts, she receives a frothy facial, which she definitely deserves!

Next up is a new porno A-lister Kagney Linn Carter. There’s a fetish aspects involved in this scene since she’s wearing blindfolds, some PVC boots that almost go to her knees and a matching top. She’s n the center of an abandoned room where she plays with herself using a black dildo. She gets herself off all the way to orgasm before she’s joined by her meat puppet. He wanders down to her naughty bits and laps up her juices and throws in a rim or two for good measures. She returns the favor with some head before taking it hard and fast in her coochie! Kagney really feels it when he pumps away at her pussy from behind. They really make use of the swivel chair as she toggles between sucking cock and getting it doggie style. Finally, he pastes her face and open-mouth with population pudding!

Lexi Belle, the strawberry haired spinner, poses seductively for the camera. Soon, she’s out of her matching pink two-piece and into her birthday suit. She gets comfortably situated on a second-hand chair while she plays with her clit. Then, she pulls out a glass dildo and goes to work on herself. This is just a lead-up to the threesome with Eva Angelina. The threesome starts with Lexi priming Eva’s pussy with her hands before Lexi blows the very lucky guy. Soon, the guy puts all of his weight into Eva’s pussy in the doggie position while Eva struggles to continue the daisy chain. Lexi Belle is not to be outdone as she tastes tests the guy’s cock that’s just been in Eva. Lexi has her chance when she take’s the fucking in the reverse cowgirl position. Eva even does some deep taste-testing of her own! Then, the harder vaginal fucking continues with both women’s asses next to and on top of each other’s! Finally, he pulls out of Eva and dumps a load in Lexi Belle’s mouth. However, Lexi Belle cheats a little and lets it drip down onto Eva’s snatch!

Shawna Lenee, the Midwesterner, with bolt-ons is a slutty hottie with her black fishnets. She poses for the camera making sure we get to see her sexy curves before she becomes the center of attraction of threesome. Soon, she’s giving brief fellatio to them before the threesome is in full effect. She takes all the vaginal pounding without difficulty and seems to be in the moment. After all the different threesome permutations, she takes two creamy facials resulting in a cum mustache!

The penultimate scene is perhaps Eva Angelina’s hardest scene yet since her performance in Sez Z Picture’s Upload. Before the festivities, she gets wet and tasty for the camera as she suds up and shaves her bush. After this, the two guys surround her face with cock and she works her magic so to speak. The newly-minted MILF takes the throatfucking and deepthroating without a problem. This enthusiasm trickles to the full-on intercourse. It’s too bad that the image quality is so clear that those fungal skin infections are all too easy to see. Anyway, Eva keeps up the energy throughout and proves to be a VERY active rider! She does everything from PTM all the way to double penetration. One of the guys pulls out from fucking her ass and douses her ass-cheek with lots of jizz. That same guy has enough jizz in reserve to get off a second shot, but this time on her face while the other guy also coats her lovely mug! This is probably the best scene on the DVD just because of the sheer sexual intensity that Eva maintained throughout the scene!

The smokin’ hot DVD ends with a foursome lesbian scene starring Eva Angelina, Alexis Texas, Sunny Leone, and Teagan Presley. Like the other scenes, it starts with lots of eye candy during the tease sequence. Soon, the ladies cannot take their hands off each other. I liked the chemistry between Sunny Leone and Alexis Texas. After the manual play, the sex toys come into play. Things get more aggressive when both Sunny Leone and Eva Angelina put on strap-ons to fuck Alexis and Teagan, respectively. It looks like Sunny has a little too much fucking Alexis’s pussy in the doggie position. B. Skow gives us an almost POV angle of Sunny fucking Alexis’s juicy bottom! It looks Eva took a play right out of Erik Everhard’s book of turbo-fucking since she goes crazy fucking Teagan in her poopchute. By scene’s end, it’s safe to say everyone involved has gotten their jollies off!

In summary, SkinworXXX/Adam & Eve’s Deviance is an exceptional release from the fledgling production company. It’s hard to believe that this Skinworxxx’s second release! If this is any hint of what’s to expect from this company, then I’d say that there’s a new player in town! Eva manages to perform in four out of the six scenes, which is quite a feat for someone who just had a baby. I would have to say that this is one of the better cast lists out there with veterans like Teagan Presley, Sunny Leone, Shawna Lee, and Lexi Belle mixed in with current A-listers like Alexis Texas and Kagney Linn Carter. It’s no wonder that this DVD deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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