Vivid’s Raylene’s Dirty Work

330741Raylene’s Dirty Work directed by B. Skow is supposed to serve as Raylene’s comeback vehicle. But, the question is does this DVD deliver? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, it does deliver because Raylene puts in three performances including one with anal. But, somehow Raylene is just not the same performancewise or bodywise as compared to when she first started in the mid-to-late 1990s, especially when she was still a free agent, so to speak. Basically, this is DVD is a must for Raylene fans, but if you aren’t a rabid Raylene fan, it’s best to check out her earlier releases to appreciate her.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 56 minutes

Starring: Raylene, Gianna, Charley Chase, Kylee Reese, and Evie Delatosso

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and the lighting is good like most of B. Skow’s productions. However, there are many scenes that have saturation issues due to flooding of light. Probably, the only scene where this is controlled rather well is in scene two. In terms of audio quality, the sex sounds come in clear without distortion.

The extras include two bonus scenes (~7 minute scene with Raylene and Laura Palmer from Lap Top and a ~15 minute deleted scene with Raylene from Dirty Work), a ~10 minute BTS, and an average photo gallery. Only the deleted scene is worth watching since the oldie scene is a little too tame for current standards. In the deleted scene, even a porn veteran like Raylene has some trouble taking the balls deep thrusts from her partner. For her efforts, she’s rewarded with jizz on her face. The BTS is somewhat worth watching, especially if you want to see more glimpses of Raylene.

The first scene stars Raylene with the current A-list pornstar Gianna Michaels. The ladies are enjoying getting to know each other with romantic kisses near the back yard. However, the hardcore lesbian action occurs inside the sauna when Gianna goes down on Raylene. It’s apparent that the eight years out of porn hasn’t been kind on her body, but at least her face has aged gracefully. Anyway, Raylene returns the favor eating her out. Things turn automatic from manual when the sex toys come into play, which occurs in the bedroom. At one point, they fuck each other with a two-edged dildo. By scene’s end, they are spent from the action.

Charley Chase makes herself wet and covers herself with suds. She looks like a younger and natural looking version of former pornstar Nadia Styles. The tease sequence leads to getting herself off on the floor until her partner shows up. Once he does, he administers some ass worship including actually sticking a finger up her bunghole. This makes her so horny that she lets him throatfuck her mouth. Charley Chase has proven time again that she’s becoming or is a master sword swallower! After the excellent head, he fucks her balls deep in several different positions resulting in her screaming with delight. She’s really feeling it in the doggie position where she’s an active rider! The nice scene ends with him jizzing on her pussy, chest, and face before reinserting his cock into her several times and then having her perform awesome post-coital head. I’d say that this scene is definitely shaping up as the best on the DVD.

Raylene pulls a double shift in this scene taking on two guys. But, before that happens the scene starts with her performing her MILFY and domestic duties of ironing. However, it soon becomes X-rated as she starts to play with herself. After the quick edit, she’s surrounded by two cocks for her to suck on. After gobbling their knobs, she lets them have their way with her in the full-on threesome. This is pretty much mechanical sex without too much chemistry or since interaction, but it should satisfy raincoaters. Finally, for her efforts they coat her lovely face with jizz!

Kylee Reese is the token blonde in this DVD. She has a revealing pink top and matching panties. Things get raunchy when she stops her dusting responsibilities and strips down to her birthday suit. Soon, she opens her thighs wide and gives the camera a little show with the solo masturbation sequence. But, soon her partner shows up and aggressively eats her out. For his efforts, she gives him some decent head. During the intercourse, her partner never lets up on her as he ploughs her pussy hard. She proves to be quite the moaner with every fuck thrust. Finally, he pulls out of her from the missionary position and dumps a load on her pussy before reinserting for a couple more thrusts. She’s not done yet as she gives him great post-coital head!

The penultimate scene stars Latina Evie Delatosso engaging in the act of cooking pork. She’s wearing a plaid dress, but not for long as the solo masturbation sequence suggests. This is enough for her and so her partner enters the scene and pays some ass worship. She returns the favor with very enthusiastic head including deep throat and it’s apparent there’s genuine chemistry between the two. This leads to the hard vaginal where she’s really feeling it in the doggie position. It looks like she’s loving every minute of it judging by her facial expressions. In the end, he titfucks her until he cums on her chest!

Last up is Raylene cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. However, she seems a little distracted since she knows that a camera records every moment. Soon, she does more than posing for the camera as the solo masturbation sequence suggests. This leads to the decent foreplay, which leads to the heated sex. There’s chemistry between the two, which is apparent. After the vaginal sex, the anal sex starts rather abruptly with the hard edit, but oh well. Raylene looks like she’s really into the sex at this point judging by her facial expression. In the end, he pulls out of her asshole and creams her pussy before fucking her ass again until the scene fades out!

In summary, Raylene’s Dirty Work is a decent release. I was a fan of Raylene back in her heyday, but it’s bittersweet to see her now looking weathered. I would have liked to remember in her better years. Despite that, Raylene still has the face and still has the sexual skill to attract her loyal viewers. Although the cast list isn’t stellar, Charley Chase puts on a great performance. Anyway, for fans of Raylene, this is a RECOMMENDED title, but for general viewers this is a RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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