Vivid’s Meggan Does Malibu

332181 - CopyChuck Lords (aka Paul Thomas) has created a good  release in the form of Vivid’s Meggan Does Malibu.  Although the plot is flimsy, at least the acting  and the sex more than makes up for it. For those  wanting a break from gonzo videos, then this is  just the ticket for you!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 33 minutes

Starring: Meggan Mallone, Gianna Lynn, Jennifer  Dark, and Holly West

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded  in MPEG-2 at 5-6 Mbps while the audio is encoded in  the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps.  Visually speaking, the composition is good and the  lighting is controlled. There are no issues  regarding graininess or major fleshtone problems.  In the audio department, the dialogue and sex  sounds come in clear without distortion.

The extras include an average ~8 minute BTS, photo  gallery, several trailers, and five bonus scenes  (~17 minute scene from Faithless starring Jennifer  Dark, ~17 minute scene from Flashback starring  Meggan Mallone, ~18 minute solo scene from Going  Deep starring Gianna Lynn, ~18 minute scene from  Strictly Conversation starring Holly West and  Carmen McCarthy, and ~18 minute scene from Suck It starring Meggan Mallone and Hanna Hilton).  Personally, I think this is a great collection of  scenes worth watching with standouts including  Jennifer’s and both Meggan Mallone’s scenes.

Meggan and her friend Gianna are on a ladies-only  excursion looking to see celebrities’ homes. But,  they are sadly mistaken that they are in the wrong  city. Thankfully, for them they meet a gentleman  who’s friendly enough to show them around Malibu. He invites them to his houseboat to enjoy some  mind-altering absinthe! While Gianna talks to her  fiancee on the mobile and leaves the room while,  Meggan gets frisky with her new found friend. When  Gianna returns to the room, she plays the role of  sisterly friend. The two discuss and Gianna asks  her if she’s sure she wants to sleep with the  stranger. Undoubtedly, Meggan is feeling and hot  and horny and so her friends leaves her to her  sexual machinations.

I must say that this scene starts out rather  romantically with passionate kisses. I like the  long drawn-out pacing, which is a welcomed changed  from the get-to-the-point fucking. After the  romantic niceties, she gets down to the business of  giving good fellatio. He returns the favor by going  down on her. It’s apparent by now there’s very good  chemistry between the two, which translates into a  great scene. Needless to say, Meggan gets hammered  in several positions and even does some taste- testing in between positions. In the end, he pulls  out of her from the missionary position and dumps a  decent load all over her belly.

Gianna returns to her hotel room so she can please  her fiancee. At first, her fiancee isn’t in the  mood, but that doesn’t discourage Gianna. After  some feigned resistance, he gets around to the idea  of having sex with his beautiful Pinay spinner.  During the foreplay, she treats him to some great  head. After the foreplay exchange, he pounds her  hard in several different positions. However, while  she’s getting fucked Gianna hears someone coming in  and soon she’s not in the mood anymore. Apparently,  Holly the housekeeper let herself in. Anyway,  Gianna’s partner exploits the situation and soon  he’s going down on Holly. Gianna watches from afar  and the scene unfurling right in front of her makes  her juices and mojo flowing again. It doesn’t take  too long before the threesome is in full gear  complete with daisy-chain action. However, as the  scene progresses, he’s more interested in  plundering Holly’s bunghole. By this time, Gianna  notices this and leaves the room. Then, the scene  switches to the bathroom where Holly jerks and  sucks him off until he splooges on her chest and  chin!

Gianna has some unfinished business of her own and  decides to hook up with an old flame. When she  visits him, she gets more what she bargained for  when he has invited a friend along. However, Gianna  is up to the task and getting off both guys. After  the kissing and groping, she gets down to business  and shows off her exceptional fellatio technique.  Soon, she’s the center of attention as she’s  squatting and sucking and stroking them off before  she lets them take turns fucking her Asian pussy.  Needless to say, there’s a whole lot of sucking and  fucking involved. I’d say that this is one of  Gianna’s better performances and it’s just ashame  that she’s been underrated all these years. Anyway,  in the end, she lets them dump their monster loads  on her enhanced breasts!

Meggan decides to stay in Malibu because she’s  fallen for the lucky guy. So, when she visits his  house, she’s treated to a rude awakening when she  sees him getting chewed out by his wife played by  Jennifer Dark. At this point of the video, the plot  borrows a lot from the heated exchange between  Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz from Vicky Cristina  Barcelona. Instead of Jennifer Dark engaging in a  catfight session, she pulls Meggan to the side and  kisses her aggressively. So, the three enjoy some  chit-chat and wine before the threesome begins.  Meggan shows off her fellatio skills while Jennifer  eats her out. There’s plenty of sucking and fucking  throughout the scene, but it’s apparent that  Jennifer Dark gets the brunt of it including anal.  In the end, the ladies line up for the money  shot/facial.

It looks like the couple doesn’t want her to  leaves, but just like Scarlet Johansson she has the  initiative to leave them.

In summary, Meggan Does Malibu is a good release  from Vivid. There’s something for everyone. The  first scene is definitely couples friendly while  the rest is more suited to raincoaters. Although  the plot is admittedly flimsy and is not that  original, the sex in comparison is good! This DVD  definitely deserves a SOLID RECOMMENDED without a  doubt!

RATING: Recommended

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