Sky Angel Blue Volume 5: Kotone Aisaki (Blu-ray)

Sky_Angel_Blue_05-HUFR-M - CopyThe fifth volume of Sky Angel Blue definitely  looked promising, especially with a lovely looking  JAV star, Kotone Aisake, gracing the cover. Despite  having two nice scenes, Kotone’s remaining scenes  just fell flat. Plus, the bonus scene with Rino Asuka didn’t help this Blu-ray at all. In other  words, there are better Sky Angel Blue Blu-rays out  there.

Running Length: 2 hours and 45 minutes

Starring: Kotone Aisaki and Rino Asuka

The video is presented in widescreen 1080i HD and  is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 17 Mbps while the  audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps.  Visually speaking, the composition is okay. The only thing is there are contrast issues, but not as bad as prior Sky Angel Blue volumes. In terms of audio quality, the sex sounds and dialogue are without distortion. As with prior Sky Angel Blue releases, the poorly done subtitles are funny!

The extras include 4 HD trailers and two photo  galleries that don’t use all of the widescreen real  estate, which is a real shame.

Kotone Aisaki is a fashionable JAV star and  probably has one of the better looking faces as  compared to prior Sky Angel Blue women. The light- skinned Kotone is wearing a cute pink slip dress.  Then, the scene gets all x-rated when she brings  out her trusted magic bullet vibrator. Kotone  assumes a comfortable position on the sofa and  makes herself wet. This is just the beginning as  her male partner enters the scene. It doesn’t take  too long before he’s performing excellent  cunnilingus! She returns the favor by giving decent  head. Although he doesn’t give her too much to work  with, at least he launches a monster load on her  pretty face!

This time Kotone has hair rolled up giving her a  different appearance. She’s not as good looking as  compared when she had it down. She’s wearing a  gold-colored two piece. After she stares into the  camera, she’s joined by two guys who cannot wait to  grope her and then some. But, before they help her  cum through the use of a vibrator, they dump some  oil on her body resulting. Then, they use the  purple dildo on her until she’s primed and ready to  fuck. Kotone gets them hard with her decent  fellatio until she’s ready to get penetrated. No  one is left behind in the threesome since there’s  some daisy chain action going on! In the end, she  takes a sticky cumshot to her belly and a vaginal  creampie aka nakadashi!

Rino Asuka provides us a break from Kotone. She’s a  sexy lady, but her body is not as perky as  Kotone’s. Things get heated when the guys grope her  and pour oil on her. One thing leads to the other  and soon one of the guys laps up her lady juices.  The scene progresses to the blowbang, but it isn’t  up to par to American/European standards. This  scene looked promising, but because of the  unenthusiastic head as well as blown cumshots this  scene was a disappointment. Anyway, at least they  get her off again with the hitachi magic wand  action at the end!

The next scene is either interesting or is  annoying. I guess it all depends on your  perpective. Anyway, Kotone is tasked to do several  jobs within a certain amount of time. First off,  she jerks off a guy. Next, she takes a break  getting her rocks off using a sex toy. Soon, she  locks her lips on a meat puppet until he blows his  load on her hair and face. The last sub-scene is  probably the most interesting. Kotone is now in a  bathroom and backs her ass up on the lucky guy. It  looks like she’s going to let him fuck her, but  that’s not the case. Instead, she teases him with  her pussy while she jerks him off!

In this scene, Kotone looks freshy and sexy with  her jean skirt. It would have been nice if this was  a sex scene where she would get fucked while still  in the jean skirt, but oh well. Instead, she sits  on the guys lap and one thing leads to another  finally resulting in him eating her out before the  sex toy enters the scene. By scene’s end, he’s made  her cum several times!

The penultimate scene is the kinkiest one on this  Bluray thanks to the whipcream. The scene starts  rather innocently with passionate kissing that  leads to X-rated actions like tossing salad and  fellatio. Soon, he pulls out the whipcream and  applies it to Kotone’s naughty bits like her tits  and pussy. It doesn’t take too long before the  lucky guy goes south on her before they initiate  the 69 position. The foreplay leads to the sex and  for a Japanese woman, Kotone is an active rider! In  the end, he ejaculates inside her.

Finally, Kotone is wearing a conservative school  uniform with her skirt slighly hiked up. Anyway,  she has two dicks to jerk and suck on. One of the  guys changes things up by eating her out while she  blows the other guy. In the end, she lets him cum  on her hand.

In summary, Sky Angel Blue 5: Kotone Aisaki is a  decent Blu-ray release from the company. I would  have to say that Kotone is probably the most  attractive JAV star so far to don the front cover  of the series. Unfortunately, with the exception of  her first two scenes, Kotone falls flat. It doesn’t  help that Rino’s scene was another disappointment.  Therefore, this Blu-ray is a RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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