Pink’O’s The G.M. Affair (Blu-ray)

The_GM_Affair_BluRay_HUFR-MDenis Marti’s The GM Affair is everything what you would expect from a European production . . . hot women, great sex, and good plot. However, the Blu-ray version is disappointing due to the jagged lines that are more apparent with moving objects. I hope Pink’O fixes this technical issue because as far as I’m concerned this literally is the deal breaker for me.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 3 minutes

Starring: Greta Martini, Regina Moon, Anita Pearl, Britney, and Jasmine Black

The video is presented in widescreen 1080p HD and is encoded in VC-1 at around 18 Mbps with a lower/upper limit of 9/29 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and lighting is adequate. The major problem with the video occurs when objects are moving resulting in jagged lines. This is unexcusable. In terms of audio quality, the dubbed dialogue and sex sounds come in clear without distortion.

Denis Marti has pulled off another big heist. He celebrates the next day with an ultra sexy brunette Regina Moon. The Eastern European beauty with a tanned and tight body doesn’t have time to finish her champagne because he goes down on her. She returns the favor before he slides his member inside her tight pussy. In between the different positions, she does some taste testing, so to speak. After the hard sex, he gets off an impressive load on her face with a thick jizz string running down her chin!

Meanwhile, the blonde protagonist played by Greta Martini has been hired to find out who’s the culprit in the robbery. So, she’s able to maintain a network of informants. One of her informants is the the busty Jasmine Black.

Jasmine Black has sex with one of the suspected robbers. The brunette isn’t as attractive as Regina, but she has a body built for sex. It doesn’t take too long before he’s throatfucking her. After the nice oral, he fucks her pussy and she takes every fast and furious thrust like a professional. He’s not finished yet as he ploughs her ass in several different positions including reverse cowgirl. Despite taking the hard anal, she’s not as nasty as I thought since she takes his cumshot on her tits. Oh well! Jasmine calls Greta informing her that she suspects the guy is involved in that robbery.

After being apprehended, he gets interrogated, but Denis Marti’s henchman doesn’t say much. Anyway, Greta Martini and her colleague narrow down the list of suspects. Now, she targets Anita Pearl. Greta meets the hot brunette and their business meeting becomes much more than that. They go inside where they get cozy with each other. Soon, Anita’s tongue is all up Greta’s pussy when they are on the pool table. Greta returns the favor as she gets to lap up Anita’s juices. Thankfully, there aren’t any sex toys involved so the ladies have to use their fingers and tongues to get each other off. Finally, both ladies are spent from the lesbian encounter. Greta thinks this is the chance to snoop around and checks out her office. However, Anita catches her in the act.

After getting scolded by her superior, Greta tries a different tactic in order to get to the suspected mastermind of the robbery, Denis Marti. She meets him at the country club and they strike up a conversation. Soon, the two get to know each other better. When she has gained his trust, she’s able to infiltrate his office and manages to steal a statue. However, when it’s analyzed, it’s a fake. At this point, she’s frustrated, but she continues to get to know him better.

Greta uses her sexual charm as a last resort to get at Denis Marti. Things take an interesting turn when the innocent chess game becomes much more than that. After the passionate kissing, Greta turns her focus down south and gives him great head. The scene progresses to the intercourse, which starts with the standard vaginal before Denis pumps her ass. She’s really feeling it when she gets fucked in the poopchute in the reverse cowgirl position. In the end, she takes a nice facial and even gives some post-coital suction.

Meanwhile, Denis Marti’s henchmen are suffering from cabin fever and so they order up a hooker to waste the time away. The average looking Britney is no stranger to double penetrations as this scene proves. This is probably the hardest scene on the Blu-ray because all her holes gets fucked hard including her mouth. The threesome ends with an adequate amount of cum on her face! After Britney leaves, one of the crazed robbers points the gun at the other two robbers. They have no choice but to defend themselves.

The lone survivor/henchman gets interrogated by Greta and her superior. It looks like they are going to solve the case and arrest Denis Marti, but there’s a twist, which I won’t divulge!

In summary, Pink’O’s The GM Affair has an engaging plot, hot looking women, great sex, and good production values. BUT, this is all for naught because the Blu-ray has a technical problem regarding jagged lines, especially seen with motion. This would have received a SOLID RECOMMENDED, but as it stands for now, it’s best to SKIP IT until this issue is fixed.

RATING: Skip it!

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