Swank Digital’s Cotton Panties 7

SNKDVD231_p - CopySwank Digital’s Cotton Panties 7 is a pleasant surprise. I almost lost after reviewing several promising titles from Swank Digital, but thankfully this DVD breaks that streak. This is definitely worth checking out!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 57 minutes

Starring: Madison Parker, Nataly, Angelina Crowe, Cherry, Nesty, and Deniska

The video is resented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at a very low rate of 2 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, there are issues with fleshtone oversaturation resutling in an orange hue. Furthermore, there are times when the colors are depicted inaccurately. However, there are no issues with the audio quality.

The extras include a boring ~12 minute casting session with Cherry Jul and Deniska, a watchable ~8 minute BTS with nice shots of Nataly, a nice photo galery, and four trailers. It would have been nice to see BTS of Madison Parker, but oh well.

Madison Parker is a hot brunette Eastern European. She’s wearing a sexy slip dress, which her partner wastes no time helping her out of. While Madison teases her partner’s cock through his undies, the camera gets a nice shot of her perky ass partially covered by white panties. It doesn’t take too long before she has her lip locked onto his fuckstick. Before the intercourse, he does the gentleman thing by lapping up her natural juices! After getting facesit on, he eases Madison’s pussy on his cock and fucks her hard in the cowgirl position while her panties are moved onto one side! That’s hot indeed! In between the positions, she even tastes her own juices from the pussy-to-mouth. Madison looks great especially when her ass is up as he puts his weight into her with every doggie thrust! The good scene ends with a decent facial!

Next up is Nataly who’s wearing a flourescent yellow top for ultimate contrast against her black skirt hiding her panties. Her partner wastes no time in helping her out of her yellow top thereby exposing her natural rack. Unlike the first scene, the cotton panties don’t stay on during the sex. From the beginning, there’s good chemistry between the two and it definitely shows when she sucks on his meat puppet. During the scene, there’s a whole lot of PTM action in between the vigorous fucking. Nataly is especially feeling it in the missionary position until he uncorks a monster jizz load all over her belly! For good measure, she gives several post-coital sucks to seal the deal!

The blonde Cherry Jul and brunette Angelina Crowe are definitely in their 20s even though they are wearing some questionable clothing to make them look younger. Anyway, Cherry Jul is posing for Angelina while she snaps away using an outdated Sony Digital Camera. It looks like it will just be a lesbian duo session, but out of nowhere a cock appears. Just like scene two, the panties are done away with. Soon, the experienced veterans are taking turns delivering great head! The scene progresses to the actual sex where he fucks both of them thoroughly. There’s even some daisy chain 69 action going on when he plunges his cock into Angelina’s ass while Cherry laps up her pussy. Both ladies are at their nastiest when performing ass-to-other-girl’s mouth. After the thorough anal sex, they jerk him off onto their faces.

The penultimate scene has the blonde Nesty interrupting her partner’s reading session. Nesty is an average-looking blonde wearing a green top and a jean skirt covering her white panties. Nesty takes the initiative and gets him out of his pants to stroke him off. Meanwhile, he cannot keeps his hands off her curves. In an interesting move, she gives up her tits for the tifucking before moving into the 69. After the foreplay, the scene is true to form with her getting fucked while she still has her white panties on! For a tiny European, she definitely has a big ass on her! Although there’s no anal, she gets railed thoroughly in different positions like cowgirl. In the end, she jerks him off onto her shaved pussy resulting in a thick load of population pudding!

Last up is Deniska, who is a better looking blonde than Nesty. If you can get past the questionable attire, then this is a pretty good scene. It starts with Deniska making out with her partner. This leads to the foreplay including some good head and carpetmunching. Once her pussy is primed for action, he puts Deniska’s pink panties to the side and fucks away! However, the panties go away as the scene progresses. Not only does he fuck her pussy thoroughly, he fucks her tight ass especially in  in the spoon position! After fucking her thoroughly, he delivers a nice jizz shot on her face before she provides some brief post-coital cleanup!

In summary, Swank Digital’s Cotton Panties 7 is a good release just hampered by technical aspects regarding low bitrates. However, it shines because of ALL the women’s performances. The only minor issue is that some scenes stuck with the panty theme at least at the beginning of the sex, but others just did away with it. This DVD definitely deserves a SOLID RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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