Mike John’s Sperm Receptacles 5

sperm_receptacles_5-dvd-thumb - CopyMike John’s Sperm Receptacles 5 certainly had a lot of promise, but in the end it fails to deliver. Despite that, there are strong points like Jessica Bangkok’s scorching blowbang scene. She definitely is an insatiable sex freak and it’s by far one of her best performances ever. There are attractive cuties like Katie St. Ives and Natalie Norton who need a lesson or two from Jessica. Needless to say, Jessica’s scene singlehandedly prevented this releases from being a total wash.

Running Length: D1: ~2 hours and 23 minutes; D2: ~1 hour and 56 minutes
Starring: Katie. St. Ives, Alix Amillion, Sammie Spades, Jessica Bangkok, Natalie Norton, Cali Couture, and Amy Starz

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is what you would expect from a Mike John production, but the lighting is a little off resulting in inaccurate skin tones. As far as the audio is concerned, the sex sounds come in clear and crisp without distortion.

The extras include a decent ~51 minute BTS, a cumshot recap, photo gallery, cast list, and six trailers. I especially liked the snippets of Natalie Norton and her very fine tits. The BTS may be a little bit overdrawn, but there are pearls of segments worth watching.

First up is cute as a button Katie St. Ives. She really fills the void left by Claire Robbins. During the brief interview, she shows off her ass. However, she’s interrupted when a black dude shoves his cock into her mouth. Unlike her performance from Crowd Control, she does a better job with the first blowjob round. She takes an open-mouth cumshot and swallows! In the second round, she has difficulty with a girthier meat puppet. But, in the end like the pro that she’s turning into, she swallows his load. In the last round, she takes on three cocks. When it comes to the fellatio department, she’s no Claire Robbins, but oh well. However, she’s a good sport as she takes their population pudding in her open mouth and swallows. I’m still waiting for her breakout scene.

Next up is ebony-colored Alix Amillion. The scene starts off with an interview inside until she goes pool side and shows off her body to the camera. When she sees the usual mopes staring at her from the inside, she gives them a tease before going indoors to join them. The usual mope eats her out while she takes on the other four guys. The extended blowbang scene is a little played out complete with the circle jerk and some couch action before returning to the circle jerk. In between the routine, they titfuck her as well as fucking her heels and buttcrack. In the end, she takes all five loads with an open mouth and swallows.

The penultimate scene on the first disc stars an average-looking blonde, Sammie Spades. There’s no interview since the four guys are just ogling and groping her. Anyway, she becomes the center of the blowbang. It’s a below average scene and she just doesn’t have the necessary skills to keep up. Anyway, at least she keeps her hands busy with the multitasking when she’s sucking on cock. There’s the requisite titfucking and ball-licking. Finally, they dump their loads in her waiting mouth.

At least the last scene on the disc one is a scorcher starring the insatiable Jessica Bangkok. In the looks department, she’s no Nautica Thorn or Charmane Star, but at least her cocksucking skills are up to par with the likes of Bobbi Starr and Jayna Oso. Jessica has a bubbly personality and it’s entertaining how she says how she cannot wait until she swallows their loads. She’s wearing a trashy looking monokini while she teases the camera with the camera. This time her coochie is too spicy for one guy to munch on as another dude takes his opportunity to go down on her. It doesn’t take too long before she’s the center of the five-guy circle jerk. This professional swordswallower shows off her no-hands deepthroat to full effect complete with lots of saliva and aural effects. Her tits also get alot of attention with the titfucking. The Gag Factor alum really turns up the heat in her scene and needless to say it blows the rest of the scenes out of the water. In the end, she shows how nasty she can be by taking three huge loads and between each jizz shot she performs post-coital head. These jizz salvos weren’t your average cumshot, but monster loads, which she proves by spitting the population pudding in her two hands and swallowing it all back! Jessica’s not done yet as she takes two more sizable cum salvos and swallows it without a hitch! Although Jessica’s looks aren’t my cup of tea, I can appreciate an A level scene! 

Natalie Norton is a cute 20 yo blonde that’s no stranger to sucking cock as she has been tested in the Gag Factor series. The blonde is wearing a hot yellow top and jean pants. It doesn’t take too long before she lets her jeanskirt drop down so she can show off her naughty bits to the camera. The same mope from Crowd Control 1 does the pussylicking duties while the other guys grope her. She gives each cock some solo lip service during the four man blowbang. In some parts she strokes two cocks like skipoles while busying her mouth with the third. Natalie has good energy throughout the blowbang, but she never gets deepthroat-nasty until about 12 minutes into the scene. Also, she gives up her titties to the mopes. It ends with four cumshots to her open mouth before she swallows it whole. It’s a decent scene, but definitely not memorable.

Next up is Cali Couture who’s a stereotypical Latina. She looks better than in Praise the Load 3. The Latina with wobby tits takes exposes them for the camera and also takes off her panties. The same mope has the cunninlingus duties. Soon after it doesn’t take long before the five guys crowd her face with cock and she definitely doesn’t disappoint. There some great throatfucking involved where one of the guys use her shoulder as a stepstool while he drives his cock into her mouth. Like Natalie, she gives up her tits for their cocks to fuck. She continues the great fellatio when she’s on the couch. It looks like the guys will penetrate her from behind, but it’s too bad that this is just a blowbang. Then, the circle jerk resumes until they dump their loads in her open mouth. As compared to Natalie’s scene, Cali does a better job, so to speak.

Amy Starz is an average-looking brunette wearing a slutty top and bottom without undies. She’s having fun prancing around the poolside until she settles down on a pool chair. The extremely talkative Amy still goes on and on even when she is nude and in a contorted position. She uses the water hose on her until she supposeldy orgasms from the rushing water. This scene changes it up when Amy goes hog wild and tosses the mope’s salad. Thankfully that stops and she goes into the house where she quickly becomes the center of the circle jerk. Then, the more aggressive cocksucking occurs when she’s on her back. There’s no intercourse involved, but they touch her buttcrack with their cocks. In the end, she swallows several loads all at once after gargling! What a very nasty girl! One thing’s for sure, she is very annoying because she has to verbalize everything. Anyway, she’s not done yet because she performs a decent POV blowjob and tossing of the salad. In the end, she takes a load in her open mouth before swallowing!

In summary, Sperm Receptacles 5 is a disappointment. With the exception of Jessica Bangkok, which is a home-run, the other scenes were at best average. Although there are many pretty ladies like Katie St. Eves and Natalie Norton, their swordswallowing skills aren’t up to par with Jessica’s. Furthermore, the audio/visual quality is disappointing considering it’s from a top tier company. Because of these reasons, this DVD is definitely a rental.

RATING: Rent it

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