Sky Angel Blue Volume 5: Rika Sakurai (Blu-ray)

Sky_Angel_Blue_04-HUFR-M - CopySky Angel Blue Volume 5 is definitely a keeper, especially if you are looking for edgier uncensored JAV releases. Although Rika Sakura is no Spring Chicken, she definitely has the sexual skill set to make this Blu-ray worth owning! This is definitely worthy getting, especially on Blu-ray.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 51 minutes

Starring: Rika Sakurai and Kotone Aisaki

The video is presented in widescreen 1080i and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 15 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the image quality is clear, but I am definitely not digging the overexposed look. In terms of audio, the dialogue and sex sounds come in clear while the soundtrack is definitely worth listening to.

The extras include four HD trailers and two nice photo galleries accompanied by great music!

After the nice vignettes of her in different outfits posing, Rika is a cute JAV idol who is no stranger to anal and double penetration scenes. Anyway, Rika is a little embarrassed when telling how she got into the business. After the interesting interview, she lets them explore her bottom holes with a camera attached to a probe. It sounds like the dude inserting the camera into her is having an orgasm while Rika is playing it cool Things get interesting when he takes a look up her ass where the guy is impressed how clean her insides are. After this kinky, yet interesting segment, the regular vibrators come into play. When her pussy is getting moist from the stimulation, she sucks on a cock until she receives a creamy load in her mouth, which she is all too please to swallow!

Next up is Rika Sakurai getting plugged airtight. Before that happens, the guys have fun fingering her bottom holes so her orifices can take the imminent double penetration. The scene is in full-swing when she busies her hands stroking two cocks as if they were ski-poles while she takes cock up her pussy in the reverse cowgirl position. I have to say that Rika is one of the nastiest (sluttiest) JAV uncensored idols out there! For those who care, there’s selective condom-use as it pertains to vaginal penetration. The scene hits a high note when she takes the double penetration before being airtight! In the end, she takes two anal creampies and one in her awaiting mouth. The post-coital suck sequence would have been hotter if she continued it for a couple more seconds. Regardless, this is the best scene on the Blu-ray.

This wouldn’t be a JAV if there weren’t excessive use of multiple Magic Wand knockoffs. Anyway, Rika looks really sexy in her silver two-piece bikini. Then, the guys pour different colored oils on her before groping her body. Before the jizz all over mouth and face, the guys bring out the vaginal and anal sex toys. It’s too bad that she isn’t a recipient of a bukkake instead of this half-hearted attempt at a mini-gokkun session. Oh well, so far this is the weakest scnene on the Blu-ray.

The Blu-ray takes a breather from Rika to Kotone Aisaki. Apparently, she’s main feature for Sky Angel Blue 5. In this bonus scene, she’s wearing an innocent-looking pink dress to go along with her stylish hairdue complete with bangs. She’s dressed in modern clothes as you would see while walking in Shibuya district. Anyway, she teases herself with a bullet vibrator until she cums. It’s not over yet as she sucks on cock. Her skills aren’t that great, but it doesn’t matter since she gets a monster facial that lands on her hair and right eye! Instead of being grossed out by it, Kotone even opens up her eyes!

The penultimate scene has Rika wearing a sexy two-piece gold swimsuit. She’s looking as good as ever and waiting to have the sex toys jammed up into her bottom orifices. After the sex toy play, she sucks on one lucky guy’s member. As compared to Kotonie, Rika is much better in the oral department. Like a good JAV idol that she is, she takes his creamy load in her open mouth and swallows!

Finally, the last scene will probably offend alot of Catholics since she’s dressed up as a nun. Her partner is able to convince her to drop her knickers so he can finger her. It doesn’t take too long before she’s sucking his cock. The foreplay leads to the actual intercourse where her pussy gets fucked oh-so thoroughly before her poopchute gets a workout. He pumps her asshole until he delivers his load resulting in an anal creampie. You probably don’t want to look any closer at the jizz runoff as it’s stained brown! Despite that as well as the questionable role-playing, this is yet another good Rika Sakurai scene.

In summary, Sky Angel Blue 5 is so far the best in the series. Rika Sakurai is only one of a few top tier JAV idols that actually do anals and double penetrations as well as airtight scenes. For that reason, this Blu-ray deserves a rating of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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