Pink’O’s Easy Money (Blu-ray)

Easy_Money_BluRay_HUFR-M - CopyPink’O’s Easy Money (Lo Stallone Infuriato) is filled with lot of hot and sweaty hardcore sex. This is especially the case for Kathy’s scene  as well as Rosella’s orgy scene! If it weren’t for the chintzy Blu-ray transfer, this release would have received a higher rating.

Running Length: ~3 hours and 33 minutes

Starring: Michelle Ferrari, Kathy Campbel, Laura Perego, Rosella Conti, Angelinda Blanc, and Nicole Heart

The video is presented in widescreen 1080p and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at around 20-22 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is adequate, but the lighting could have been much better. Furthermore, the colors are too saturated on the yellow-orange spectrure. Furthermore, the dubbed audio, presented in either Italian or English, is pretty bad.

The extras only include a subpar photo gallery that doesn’t even take advantage of the widescreen real estate.

The protagonist is a lonely movie clerk who fancies the blonde Michelle Ferrari who he meets at the park. He meets his best friend at the cafe where he aspires to be more than just a movie clerk. Anyway, the plot is convoluted and not worth discussing further.

The movie clerk finally has the guts to take Michelle Ferrari home to fuck. In a strange twist, he goes rough on her and slaps her around a bit before forcing her to say what he wants her to say. Then, the foreplay goes to the next level with an insertion of a probe to her ass while he fucks her face. This leads to the hard vaginal and assfucking! She takes it without a hint of pain. In the end, she jerks him into her open mouth! Despite the strange scenario, this is a good opening scene!

Kathy Campbel is up next and this hot blonde is wearing a conservative dress. She heads back home with the protagonist and it doesn’t take too long before she drops the conservative dress. Now, she’s topless and wearing fishnet stockings! All the romance stops in favor of good old fashioned fucking. Before that happens, he digs his face into her pussy and licks away. Then,she returns the favor with some spirited head. It looks as if it will be a one-on-one scene, but her butler joins in making this a threesome. There’s plenty of assfucking for the lovely Kathy. In the end, she takes a frothy facial and a cumshot to her poopchute. He’s not done fucking her yet because he gets a couple of anal thrusts!

The next scene has a social party degrading into an all-out mini orgy session. The very attractive blonde, Rossella Conti, gets tag-teamed by two guys.Meanwhile, the unidentified decent-looking brunette shows off her fellatio skills. The focus shifts from the brunette to Rosella getting plugged hard and deep. In fact, she even takes a hard double penetration. The guys even fuck her tits for good measure. Then, the brunette hops on top of the guy’s fuck stick for some time. Things get really kinky when the brunette straps on a dildo to her mouth to fuck Rossella’s pussy while she gets boffed from behind completing the daisy-chain action. In the end, the brunette takes a cumshot to her asscheeks while Rossella takes a very sticky load on her pretty face! This is another hot and nasty scene on this Blu-ray!

The penultimate scene has an at best average blonde getting banged by two guys. This is yet another scene filled with lots of hard anal. In fact, the black guys fills her ass balls deep while she gets facefucked by the other guy. There’s no double penetration in this scene and that’s okay because they really have their way with her. In the end, she takes a cumshot to her shaved pussy and a cumshot to the mouth. This was a decent scene, but it was too kinky in a bad way, especially when she has a metal clamp to make sure her mouth is wide open to receive the cumshot!

In summary, Pink’O’s Easy Money, has a horribly executed plot, but explosive sex scenes. Specifically, the orgy scene as well as Kathy Campbel’s scene are definitely worth watching. This Blu-ray easily would have been rated a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if the Blu-ray transfer was better. However, for these reasons, the Blu-ray ultimately receives a RECOMMENDED.

RATING: Recommended

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