MILFS Like It Big 4

milks_like_it_big_4-dvd-thumbMILFS Like It Big 4 has its fair of good scenes as well as average ones. The first two scenes starring Priya Rai and Devon Lee, respectively are definitely the ones to watch on the DVD. In contrast, there are some scenes like the last one that were in need of better talent because Misty Vonage is hardly a looker!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 56 minutes

Starring: Priya Rai, Devon Lee, Puma Swede, Brianna Beach, Monique Fuentes, and Misty Vonage

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is adequate. There were no signs of pixellation or visual grain. In terms of the audio, the dialogue and sex sounds came in clear without any distortion.

The extras include a ~38 minute bonus scene with Brittany O’Connell, photo gallery, cumshot recap, and six trailers. The bonus scene is worth watching because after all these years, Brittany proves that she still brings out the best of her partners as the money shot proves!

Priya Rai is a sexy Indian with enhanced breasts and sexy eyes. She has a different, but still sexy look as compared to Sunny Leone. Priya is having her fortune done, but things take an x-rated turn when she blows the swami. The Indian delivers the dirty talk surprisingly well. It’s not one of her best blowjob performances, but it’s decent enough. He returns the favor for several minutes until he goes ball deep into her pussy doggie style! Like most of her other scenes, she takes most of the money shot on her breasts. It’s too bad because she’s definitely in need of a monster facial.

Next up is the sexy blonde MILF Devon Lee who happens to have sparkling eyes. She drives her car to the repair shop where she instantly has a physical attraction to the mechanic. In fact, she phones one of her best friends about the dude while he surveys the damage. While he goes through the motor-speak; there’s plenty of double entendre being served up. Soon, she squats down and strokes the mechanics schlong before using her mouth. After the foreplay, he fucks her in several positions, but things get interesting in close-quarters while he bones her in the reverse cowgirl position. I’m not sure why the guy takes an inordinate amount of time to jerk off on her pretty face. However, I don’t think she’ll be pleased that some of the jizz landed on her hair!

Puma Swede, who’s notorious for her mile-high helicopter session as reported by TMZ, is enjoying ladies night. After a few drinks, she needs to go to the toilet quickly, but soon discovers the women’s toilet stalls are all occupied and so she tries her luck at the men’s room. Luckily, she’s able to finish her business without anyone in there. However, she hears the door open because two guys are about to take a leak. While they are talking, Puma eavesdrop and misunderstands one of the guys. Apparently, the talk has gotten the blonde lush horny. When the other dude leaves the men’s room, Puma makes her move. Soon, she makes his cock stiff through the use of her hands and mouth. After the decent head, she first gets boned from behind before she takes the hard vaginal slapping in the missionary position. For her efforts, she receives a messy facial!

This scene uses the tried-and-true pool cleaner porn scenario, but with a twist. Anyway, Brianna Beach is recently divorced and spending time with her dear friend Monique Fuentes. The Latina spots the pool cleaner from the windows and so the horny ladies come up with a plan. Brianna lures him inside because a light fixture needs to be replaced. It doesn’t take too long before the ladies take advantage of him. After the foreplay, he bones both ladies thoroughly. Finally, he cums on their faces.

Last up is Misty Vonage who looks too manly and the overtanned complexion doesn’t help her cause. She and her hubby are at marriage counseling where she admits that she likes big cocks. Then, her old sugar daddy storms out the room and so the counselor takes advantage of the situation. Soon, the MILF Misty has her lips locked onto his fuck stick. This leads to the tepid intercourse until the decent money shot.

In summary, MILFS Like It Big 4 has some hot ladies like Priya Rai and Devon giving great performances. However, some of the ladies like Monique Fuentes and Misty Vonage are at best average and this bodes true for their scenes. For these reasons, this DVD edges by with a RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

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